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Mount Shasta – Second Part

Solar disc saves much information extremely important that we will need to learn as follows. We need to creat a link with each solar disc to receive vibrations and light codes that our vehicles needs to pass these tests.

Ascended Masters says that solar disc Emanashí keeps seven principles:

  • Illumination
  • Transparency
  • Love
  • Cure
  • Unity
  • Reverence
  • Brotherhood

Mount Shasta’s solar disc is divided by 4 parts:

  • Core of Light
  • Intuitional Core
  • Spiritual Core
  • Solar Core

Core of Light express the 1st vibrational level. It is the solar disc Emanashí’s most physical level. In this level, light core represents the physical vibrational scale of light in human beings, always associating the process of retirement to us as light beings. This means that those light core represents the physical aspects of our heart.

That means that on this scale, Emanashí directs, leads and transforms the material light levels in all creatures.

When we contacted the Emanashí light core, we are contacting a vibration that will allow us to transform our material light levels. Contact with the 1st vibrational level Emanashí, radiates the light pattern intraterrestrial, the light that our major brothers has spoken to us. That light core radiates that vibration towards to us, ie, those consciences, unconscious or subconscious, plunges into the reality intraterrestrial through the core’s intention. Just an internal bridge is enough. This allows light hold demonstrations for the planet and the light between us, between the various creatures.

The core of light is the fundamental vibratory channel more Emanashí key. It is a level of contact between intraterrestrial and cosmic realities. It is a food light on underworld beings, that is, the light heart of the solar disk, radiating toward us and toward retirement, the light intraterrestrial that allows us to transcend our material respects.

The core of light manifests the ultimate symbol of the cosmic light. The solar disk has the ability to canalize cosmic energy and energy from the center of the Earth. That energy is converted into each of the spaces of the solar disk and is transferred to the surface, for different aspects of human being.

The activation of core of light, affects vibrational levels of our conscience. To recognize the realities of that contact, of the universal service provided by the solar disk, our conscience should be deserted and keep in touch with the internal retirement.

Intuitional Core represents the solar disk in the 2nd vibrational scale. On this scale we are faced with a vibration root. Following the vibration on the solar disk is magnetic and telluric vibrations the disk channels as a tool. At this point, the heart intuitional is headquartered in the vibration of the planet. The external vibration is MA. It allows to create a contact condition with the essence of the Earth.

MA is the vibration, the pattern to be activated and potentiated, the planet contribution to the transformation of the mental, emotional, astral and Earthly at the level of the actions of all creatures. As simple as working with the vibration MA.

When mantralizamos RAMA, we are accessing two vibrations. A cosmic through the RA, and other intraterrestrial or the center of the Earth through MA. They are two different codes, one solar and one intraterrestrial which we are all trained. Being able to channel these energies, we are activating those codes that help us transform.

The intuitional core is in the soul level. It is the conducting body of celestial ideas and receptacle of impulses that occur through the inner call. Every time we live in an incarnation that inner call, we are having contact our intuitional aspect. In the same way that the appearance of Emanashí, intuitional core, radiates the vibration so that we can turn that call into our interior. Apparently, the intuitional core as tuning key inside, allows from Emanashí to create new contact conditions with the essence of soul. This permits from the solar disk, to generate the pattern of the soul cure . This pattern is activated in almic essences conducted within the conservatory of the solar disk, and when we connect sincerely with the retirement’s core, our soul is transported there, it can be healed.

The key of the core intuitional, creates a state of cure that represents evolutionary Akashic healing, resolution of past debts. If souls have not yet reached the state intuitional or what we call the connection to the world souled, mean levels of mental awareness or emotional-astral land, reserves are found or discovered or hidden past feelings to be transmuted. The intuitional core conducts reality of the soul body, to the level of vibrational level that manifests the solar disk. If we don’t have the possibility of being permanently connected to our soul, it is because there are strong records of other learning, that don’t keep us from taking steps in evolution. The intuitional aspect, the intuitional core of Emanashí, helps us to deprogram these processes so that our soul is in tune with the whole-body vibration souled.

The spiritual core is the 3rd key that leads the right vibratory awakening of the inner world. In this field, the solar disk of Tayos cave, Jasintah is who commands movements and treatments. Tayos Cave and the solar disk Jasintah organizes the inner world of man. The spiritual core of Mount Shasta is a direct connection with the solar disk and helps Jasintah these internal motions for the man surface. Those who have connected in their work and then Emanashí Jasintah, ie, those who can connect with the two solar discs, receives the benefits that enable collaboration with the opening of our inner world. The spiritual core leads to those beings into a state of continuous ascending, creating favorable conditions for internal vibrating from that scale, the individual does not fall anymore, that is, to remain in the internal vibrational scale and not fall back into three-dimensional process.

In the world of Emanashí, the 3rd level of the solar disk, the spiritual core, gives its vibrational note at the emotional core, the center core. This relationship of the 3rd vibrational level is activated when the internal worlds you create an opening gate to the spiritual law.

What is to get opened to the spiritual law? It seems very complicated, but it is not. When a being is contemplating a beautiful flower, a sunset, a tree, and goes in tune with the universe, is tuned with a law, which is the law of the spirit. We do not need sophisticated procedures, only to be available and believe in what we are doing. Major brothers tell us that it is only an inner attitude, not about complicated exercise.

The spiritual core lead the planet into cosmic divinity. As an activation record for the creatures. It is the intermediary between the heart’s energy essence each being and its relationship to spiritual law. It is the vibrational scale that emits a light pulse on the heart of consciences on this planet school. Is the support for the activation of the awakening process of each being, that connects your spirit with the major divine source. This is one of the humble collaborations that has Emanashí solar disk.

SOLAR CORE represents the scale No. 4 within the disc. This activates the essence of the sun gift to all mankind. The solar gift is a cooperative mechanism that takes place between intraterrestrial people, for subtilization of each solar essence.

The polarity of the solar essence in man is the ego. The ego is a terrestrial aspect, which stimulates the constant transformation. We must educate our ego to assist in our evolutionary process. We must educate it. Its impulses are very useful when we drive to keep going, to persevere and sometimes insist. The intraterrestrial brothers tells us that we have to use that aspect of our lower self, well oriented to the propel transformation.

The solar essence that is equipped and activated in every being, is found in the so-called Light Body. This body, takes solar codes channeled through monadic fluids. The solar core, is the intermediary between the Light Body and the lower being. When that lower being is educated and predisposed to proceed, the Emanashí Solar Core is the link. It produces the link between our solar essence and the lower being that begins to behave better, so to speak.

The impulses sent from Emanashí in this 4th vibrational level, can create conditions for the transcendence of the lower being through the solar essence what we call in every being, the solar core. On this scale vibrational of Emanashí’s solar core is stimulated at every turn, a relationship and communication between the light body and the monad. This is very important because as we work from here down, sometimes unconsciously to what happens with our bodies up there, our light body, our monad, begins to share large information, the same information from which our body of Light is fed and in the future will be where we live great experiences cristics. This is one of the patterns we await to activate in the consciences of civilization on Earth. The solar core.

The relationship between the light bodies with monads, creates the effect of transcendence in lower being. We are working down here trying to educate our lower being for help us, to work in our favor. Between our body of light and our monad, there is a very important working fluid and that working fluid will begin to descend when our soul become active and allow the fluid to enter our lower being and transform. It’s like a great mechanism, a great engineering work that we put to work in the spiritual core of Emanashí. It represents a fundamental key, because the true spiritual attitude is the safe path for humanity to receive the assistance you need. Remember we only have to take a correct inner attitude. From the heart… from the purest of intentions.

All this information is a grain of sand, because as human beings have a limited capacity to understand and receive. We are always with our lower bodies, those we have to focus. We can not be connected 24 hours. So this is a grain of sand, because it is amazing the amount of information that retirements keep inside. We really can not even imagine, and we must assimilate that information slowly. It’s what major brothers have told us always.

The «Book of Love of the White Robes» is the true history of our planet. Is filed within the interior retirements. That is the commitment they have made to the deity. To reveal the true history of humanity, that mankind shall receive the «Book of Love of the White Robes.»

Mount Shasta has 7 gateways, they are called portals Shastar. The term Shastar speaks about a solar and vibrational condition that happens with intraterrestrial beings in this retirement. It is the key to the realities and portals of Mount Shasta. It represents the spiritual identification of the intraterrestrial missionaries .

The Shasta intraterrestrial missions are stellar groups of colonies that reach to the retirements to experience on the knowledge of mankind or to provide as consciences, the knowledge learned in other schools and other stars. Shastar is the key internal communication with these groups intraterrestrial. We also have 3 keys Emanashí.

They are consciences that are owned by the extra-planetary colonies within the new galaxies in our universe. They are beings that vibrate in the 5th dimension and have the skills development and mental potential, such as telepathy. They are inside the Mount Shasta retirement and instructs in the knowledge of telestesy, an intuitive and magnetic state, through the unconscious mental state, which creates conditions of sensory contact and ethereal, with realities that enter from the 4th to the 7th dimension of consciences. All these sciences are tools that the brotherhood is starting to pass us because they are potentialities that we can develop within the human genetic process. One characteristic is that the being who was to be developed on the planets of UR category, was of high quality and development of extrasensory abilities. If we knew what we are capable of we would get to work here and now.

All this information is not only to tell us that major brothers are very developed, it is for identify with them and have the aspiration of that it can be activated at some point, some of these capabilities asleep, to put the service of the Creator, who is reality for which we were designed.

They are beings that vibrate in the 5th dimension and are within the withdrawal of Mount Shasta, who instructs in the knowledge of the telestesy. This intuitive and magnetic state of telestesia is channeled through the palms. The driver channel of discharge that are sent by other dimensions, allows the being to contact with other situations.

There is an extra sensory ability called dermo-optics, that sends that telestesic energy and allows through the touch to receive the records that have been printed on its touches. Those are exercises that human beings should do from time to time. This depends on the degree of spiritual awakening and the degree of absolute love, because telestesy is not related to a personal ability. It is a tool within the local universe for the relationship with the plans, but that is activated according to the degrees of love and true spiritual awakening that being is developed.

The beings of Shastar also lead to the beings in the instructions stellar radiesthesia (dowsing). For the brotherhood, this is identified as the magnetic state for creating an internal condition of contact between the magnetism of the Earth and the solar magnetism.

Broker contact channel in the human being is the heart chakra. This means we can perfectly canalize, use and donate these energies and potentials to the plan and service. This aspect is activated to channel solar codes to the pituitary through the inner channel of the cerebellum during the discharge of the transmutation of the Earth. This channel allows to create a sensory relationship with the 4th dimension.

The 7 gates of Mount Shasta, are guided by beings of Shastar, that through scientific knowledge, potentiate their consciences, the possibility of entering the 7 states or schools of instruction which provide access portals. In the internal layers of the Earth are the 7 schools of science instruction, guided by the 7 Master scientific mentors.

Many Masters are dedicated to education. Some originate in distant stars remain in the 6th state of consciences, into retirement, coordinating these portals. They are scientists mentors, support the central government of the star. We call them the «Nine of Andromeda». Those 9 Masters represent the 9 galaxies that are part of our local universe and form the government of our evolutionary process. These Master mentors are working in the portals of Mount Shasta and are in direct task support to the Nine of Andromeda.

Mount Shasta acts as core of the Network Time It receives the higher impulses of the extra-planetary hierarchy. Therefore, the 7 portals are assisted and supported by highly developed concience, which are in permanent contact with the Nine of Andromeda. These minds are representatives of the sidereal knowledge and are contributing to the cosmic instruction matrix. They were called as members of the confederation, to deposit their experiences intraterrestrial consciences, which must receive the knowledge of distant brothers of other schools of instruction and reveal what those schools and who are those who run them.

-In the 1st layer of the Earth, there is the 1st school. School’s internal radiesthesia. It is knowledge about the movements and lines of the Earth. The Swan Ashter Master, is who canalizes the ubiquity ray and coordinates this 1st school.

-In the 2nd layer of the Earth, is telesthesia school. It is the concentration of the solar flows through the coronary, which is the training school for the being. The Master of the Swan Emack canalizes the will-power ray and coordinates the 2nd school.

-In the 3rd layer of the Earth is the school of curators and scientists. It is a reservoir of knowledge and experience in other stars. Rubrak, is a being which is from the Swan, canalizes the ray of love, wisdom and coordinates the 3rd school.

-On the 4th layer of the Earth is sodoesthesia school. Is the relationship between intuitive knowledge in people and communication with solar realities. Is the school of soul and solar awakening. Anitel, a female being, was one of those who contacted us in Mount Shasta. She is Pleiadian in origin but lives in the Swan and Mount Shasta. Through the process of omnipresence, conveyed the ray of harmony through love and coordinates the 4th school.

-In the 5th layer of the Earth is the school of wisdom. It is the center of sidereal knowledge through activation of the 2nd ray of love-wisdom. Umak from Orion, is a being that canalizes the ray of the order and ceremony on the 5th and coordinates the school.

-In the 6th layer of the Earth is universal irradiation school. Is the state in one or more beings intraterrestrial that create equilibrium conditions with the planets and through its relations with the sole source or the 9th dimension. Anak is a being from Sirius, which canalizes the ray of knowledge and science, and coordinates the school on the 6th.

-In the 7th layer of the Earth school is operational and sidereal. Work with the contact of the universes and management of governments and the stars through the base of Mount Shasta, as experiences and spiritual contact with the Source. It is a school of divine recognition between the planes. Lublak, is a being from Swan, conveyed the ray of intelligence through intuition and coordinates the 7th school.

The mirrors on Mount Shasta need to be activated by us so they can carry throughout the world, new patterns of GNA. We have 7 mirrors in Mount Shasta, 3 projecting into Lake Siskiyou, a lake in the mountain base and the other 4 at the base of the mountain. We have:

  • The mirror that canalizes the energy of grace, and works the first 7 bodies.
  • The mirror that canalizes the energy of healing and working with the subconscious.
  • The mirror that canalizes the energy of piety and works with our solar plexus.
  • The mirror that works with the energy of sublimation and physical level, our pituitary and mental material that enters through our crown.
  • The mirror work in the dissolution of emotion inappropriate to enter our heart and that canalizes the energy of the unit.
  • The mirror works with deprogramming in our throat, for the dissolution of the words that are misplaced, obtuse words that are not useful. She also canalizes the energy of the fraternity.
  • The mirror that canalizes the energy of forgiveness and working with our thyroid gland and the possibility of expressing gratitude.

What you save in the history of Christ within the solar disk? Remember that aspects of this process are distributed on all sun dials.

The mystery of the incarnation of Christ on Earth and its importance in the Universe, still take time to be comprehended by the human mind from the 3rd dimension. The various passages of the Master described in the Gospels and other passages only found in apocryphal documents, embodied in the universal life, light codes, redemption and healing in this cycle so we are beginning to live, are the antidotes to unlock the evolution of the universe. In other words, the story of Christ incarnate in Palestine 2000 years ago, can be understood as a great and profound cosmic laboratory cure. Situations like the bond between human consciousness and the archangel for baptism, the victory over temptation and evil for 40 days in the desert, the transfiguration, the consecration of bread and wine at the Last Supper, the acceptance of the calyx suffering in Gethsemane, the sublimation of suffering during the passion, the contact of the material substance of the planet with the sacred blood, the forgiveness on the cross, the descent into the infernal planes after the death and resurrection, each of these passages, corresponding to the creation of balms of love and universal forgiveness.

Codes of light produced by the Christic experience on the planet are distributed by withdrawal intraterrestrial and planetary centers within the solar disk information. Correspond to the most valuable treasures that saves the planet. These words of our elder brothers. Emanashí keeps in its records, codes of dissolution and importance of the energy of fear, suffering and pain Christ lived for his passion. Light codes were generated by him in the process of crucifixion. Since the solar disk, these codes of light irradiated to the planet, along with the energy of the mirrors, will be crucial for the acute phase of rescue begin to live on Earth.

Big and dense is the cloud psychological fear, pain and suffering, than a dark plate stifles all our planetary life. Power is a mass formed by the continuous destruction of the animal kingdom, the historical process of the destruction of peoples (as the Indians and Africans), by the wars of mass destruction, by the pattern of immediate fear, All this is irradiated on every continent through the media.

In the solar disk of the Network of Time, are kept vital clues to our human and planetary process. Ulimen, Aurora solar disk, disk is not only a high concentration of information for a cure. Corresponds to a global tool, designed to receive the coupling of information from the other disks cure. We could compare it to a big board ready to receive the different pieces of a puzzle, in which the entire image is reconstructed heritage formed by the energies and knowledge of healing and redemption distributed to all withdrawals. The complete picture of the puzzle, is cosmic and planetary healing for the Earth, so the disk must compose the healing power represented by the incarnation of Christ and to gather and unite the energies of the consecration of planet earth as sacred.

We are beginning to organize this puzzle, to have all those codes, the source of suffering, pain and fear that Christ lived for his passion, which is probably one of the most brutal transgressions that humans can receive. There is medical research, anthropologists who have studied what is it you can feel a human being to be crucified? There are even scientists who had to leave the study, the research they were doing why they could not endure, could not understand how a human being could inflict such pain to another.

The significance of all this suffering, of being able to bear, is an experience that has been recorded in the solar disk Emanashí and available for us to transcend our fears, our sorrows and our pains.

There was also a proposal by the Brotherhood to the base of Mount Shasta, to develop a community that will shaft, a monastery that will work with the verb to keep the engine running, a community that will have some special connotations and individuals and we are definitely committed as a working group to that place that seems so distant, or in a near future time is coming also with Grace Mercy order to northern California, where he will work closely with the deva world with the world of sound, the science of sound and where they can develop a community that can create a condition for support and help the American people to transcend.

Sananda has put in his heart the entire planet and is prepared by all who wish to follow, for transcending the planetary population, and things for us as far as those living worlds great polarities, as American society and African society, are undoubtedly its great features. Surely we have ever offered to be with him, we arrive at some point to all those places.

Of course we invite you to participate from wherever they have chosen to work and join us and accompany him in this rescue effort with Mainhdra that he has put in his heart, so that as many souls can be transcended into the light and our planet can live in a future that promised land we have been waiting for so long.

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Mount Shasta – First Part

A working group has been invited by the hierarchies to visit Mount Shasta. This has already become a global center. They have gone to the bottom of this great white mountain, with eternal snow. A privileged place in Northern California in the U.S., where life is lived in quiet towns, in a lush beauty of nature, where pines are the rulers of the place.  Apparently, a truly paradise, away from all the infernal noise of big cities.

Hierarchies say, that, to be connected with Mount Shasta, there are clues that are being delivered, to make contact with the retirement as a place, and all that this retirement can provide to us, like information and the possibility of the internal work that our souls need to take the steps that need to be taken at these times, as has been the pattern for each of the withdrawals. Whenever information is received from a retirement, there is something that it’s constant. What the brotherhood gives us, are keys to work so we can take steps in our evolution. These keys are available to all humans. They are simple exercises, the heart line is enough. It is so perfect and so wonderful. It is very easy to perform. We have the information available in this format, CDs and readings to connect again and again, to tune into that vibration and introduce ourselves into the retirements, to share everything that happens inside the earth, and the things we ignore that hierarchies do, so we can take steps at this end of times.

The 1st key to activate the conscience of the withdrawal of Mount Shasta is called Shastay, meaning Path of God in man. Through this word, we connect with the consciousness of Mount Shasta. Is a key that was tuned by indigenous’s ancient colonies, and through that sinthony, they achieved the contact with Mount Shasta. It is a sinthony which attempts to activate our institutional part. Shastay is the call for the withdrawal and the kingdom of Mount Shasta, to enter to our 7 dimensions, as human beings and enter through the sinthony of the heart center.

The kingdom of Mount Shasta is the universal concentration of intraterrestrial light, or the lightening engine which sustain as the coronary, the performances of the remaining intraterrestrial withdrawals in America. This means that Mount Shasta works like our coronary works. through there, enters the cosmic energy to all other intraterrestrial withdrawals. Is the one which canalize from the cosmos, the polar energies that are shared with Cayona’s withdrawal in Antarctica. Mount Shasta and Cayona forms what we call the cosmic scale, that is the balance generated by both retirements for the entire network of time. For this equilibrium is given in thirteen solar disks, Mount Shasta and Cayona represent what are called, major axes on the planet.

That a withdrawal it’s a major axis, means enabling the extension and fluid of intraterrestrial energies, in the different tunnels of the inner world. Cayona is a very important retirement that creates a favorable condition for man, to transcend some of the material life situations. Mount Shasta is its polarity. The two of them together generate a planetary axis made of cosmic and telluric energy, that sustains our planet. Let the energies flowing in intraterrestrial withdrawals, do the same easily and feed the rest of the time network.

The solar disk Emanashí, inside Mount Shasta, in Shasta retirement, is formed by the integration of three bases. Two on intraterrestrial worlds and one on the high mountains. At the top of the mountain there is a base. At the bottom of the mountain, in the intraterrestrial world there are the other two bases, forming the triangulation, which also has a clue which we can access. When tunning with that clue, we’ll tune the three bases that have a special function that works with the subtle bodies of all human beings that are connected with it.

This triangulation is called by the older Shastiuk. It is a vibration that can work as a password to access these three bases of the triangulation. Brothers who took part in this three dimensional world, and other brothers who came from the stars, meet for the operation of the bases and laboratories, which are different fields of action from the level of consciousness. They work on that bases trying to live experiences that supports us, and help them to improve their counsciousness processes. Shastiuk bases are material bases, that remains vibrating in the 4th dimension. This means that there are supraphysical. They are material bases that are inside the mountain and in the intraterrestrial halls.

Shastiuk, is the curator of Mount Shasta center. These three databases are operating in the genetic, cellular, Souled and spiritual cure in human beings, and especially in «Mongoloid» beings. Mongoloid beings have a task on the planet and Mount Shasta as retirement and planetary center deals with monitoring their work, on the surface of the earth. This is very interesting because for us, which on the surface, we have so much prejudice and discrimination in some sectors, is our daily bread that a planetary center deals especially those beings who are learning that lesson. This is a lesson for all.

The three bases are called as Ashta base, which is at the foot of the mountain, Eshta base, which is also at the foot of the mountain and the Rishta base is at the top of the mountains.

The Ashta base works with the soul healing. Tries to reveal into the human being the pattern of cosmic love. The deprogramming that is done on the Ashta base is based on the removal of souled registers that conditionate the potential of awakening and evolution in each individual inside the cosmic life. Is a base which is characterized by the integration of light crystals, inside the souled cores, through irradiation of beings working in it. In this base acts the counsciousness of Sirius and Venus. This meansthey work with our souled core, with our souls, deprogramming through them the line that we perform on that basis, all registers that prevent us from taking steps in evolution. For those who work seriously and sincerely, placed inside us, in our souled core , small crystals so that we can tune better, and the irradiation of these etheric crystals, can enable in us their patterns.

Eshta base acts on the spiritual plane. Its location at the foot of the Shasta mountain to create a fluid connection to the center of the earth, reconnecting with the sources of the cosmos. Is close to the kingdom of the solar disk that enables you to act inside the spiritual monadic plane, activating the pattern of Transcendence.

It is very important to us all that they can provide. Transcendence pattern develops inside us to transcend those constraints that prevent us to take the steps that we need. The most interesting part is that all these tools are absolutely available to all of us, but only receives its radiation, those who work out or who you want. This qualification is very important, because everything is available to all of us, only that we have to practice, because practice turns one individual into a master.

On this base acts the energies concerning the glass center of the earth, which projects a connection to the center of the solar disk. The Eshta base is the intermediary between the realities of magnetic fluids in the heart of the earth and is the communicator of the retirement with solar sources of the cosmos. This means that it channels the cosmic energies and the energies of the center of the earth, for the retirement to feed the others retirements of the net of time. As each of the retirements from the net of time has its own channel of cosmic energy and energy from the center of the earth, Mount Shasta it’s up the task of being the engine that channels these primordial energies.

Our call divine core, or essence, is placed, through the transfer of the astral body in a container of blue glass and amethyst quartz inside the base to receive the radiation pattern of transcendence. This means that through our astral body, at some point our essence enters to the retirement and it’s placed in a quartz crystal and amethyst place to receive the pattern of transcendence. This happens when we tune. Our astral body is a body that, if it’s well educated, is very flexible and has the ability to travel through time and space coordinates, which open when you are tuned and it’s moved into a retirement for assistance and be the vehicle for other subtler bodies. You just have to do it correctly.

Humanity has not learned to use their bodies to work and the key to go to a Safe place and being with secure companies to work strongly in prayer, and in mantras, protecting (with the tools they learn), our being to come into actual contact with older brothers.

Eshta base inside the retreat, is the integration with the wisdom in the spiritual plane, expressed in the intuitional body through the soul. Each of the spaces inside intraterrestrial retirements, is like a living creature which has several dimensions, several bodies where several aspects of ourselves are working. retirement is a reflection of our own or we are a reflection of the retirement. Therefore, each base, each space inside the retirement represents one of our aspects.

At heights of the mountains in the top of Mount Shasta, is what is known as the Rishta base, which is the other side of the triangle. It is the 1st station base which remains in the land of the 144 bases admitted in the early foundations of building intraterrestrial retirements. This means that before starting work inside intraterrestrial retirements, and the planetary centers, older siblings brought to the planet 144 bases.

Bases mean all those consciences which will begin to develop a task inside the planet, and entering intraterrestrial spaces, begin to refurbish that spaces until it becomes material. A base that enters the planet is a set of consciences donated for this work, entering a specific place and begin to acondicionate their spaces to develop a task.

These 144 bases were removed from the planet and its tasks because of the end of their collaboration inside the plan. This means that these 144 bases of the beginning, they’re gone except Rishta, which has remained as the executor of polar energies for the entire network time. They continue their operation from the beginning. Shamballa was the planetary pole and monitored the 144 seasonal basis inside the retirements, and still remains, and will remain, until in the surface of the earth, human beings can keep in touch with Mount Shasta and we complete this task.

An extension of the Rishta base in Mount Shasta is a database called Arabi, is in Aurora, and projects into Aurora. Represents an minor extension which has remained as a remnant of the Rishta base. After this event, the base will be out of the planet, she can return to its origins when we begin to develop this work they develop today.

The Rishta base is a base monitored by the consciousness of Pluto and other stars as the constellation of Taurus. They are basis of surveillance, monitoring and reordering of intraterrestrial functions, conductor of the energies of the confederacy to the planet, precursor of the fraternity, agents of teleporting to other worlds in cosmic astral and mental planes. This means that they can also lead to other stars some learning to live in our bodies cosmic, astral or mental bodies. This is possible through the tune and the key to heart as we said at first. The Rishta base, is currently acting as a substitute for tasks that do not happen by humans. The tasks of maintaining constant connection to Mount Shasta. While there are not many humans willing to develop this type of work, it is important that everyone become aware, because at some point all older siblings will be removed from the planet and the functions they develop need to stay, so we we must give to be in those places, learn to perform these tasks and to deepen our inner contact with the bases because they need to continue working with us. It seems very distant, very abstract, but it is not. It’s as easy as inner tuning. What happens is that people think that some tasks have to be terribly sophisticated, complicated, impossible. Not so. It’s as simple as the transformation, we only must be willing to it.

Mount Shasta holds a key of access into the retirement. For the meeting with an immaterial reality closest to us, participate of the encounter with bigger intraterrestrial retirements which forms part of astronomical operations, in different degrees of consciousness. This area is according to the cosmic plan, prepared for extra-planetary contacts with intraterrestrial brothers that lie ahead for some time, as well as with indigenous brothers keepers, called by the brotherhood of Ishta.

This means that place at the foot of the mountain, is prepaired by the older brothers for us to contact them. It is a strategic location, where many conditions can be gift for contact with intraterrestrial Indian brothers, who the greatest call íshkas. They are ancient Indian settlements, which surrounded Mount Shasta, and have accessed from the soul level surface, to be guardians of the retirement.

Indigenous consciousness needs to transmit to humanity a key they have to evolution. Most were able to access the 4th dimension and could connect with his soul permanently, through the profound contact they had with kingdoms and with older brothers. They try to convey how simple it would be that man could take the same step. They were named by us «civilized ones» of «animals without tails.» They have managed to walk into the sacred retirements, being in company of the hierarchies and we do not, therefore, it is important that we open our minds and hearts, to try to understand what it is. What did they do to access the coordinates of time and space?

The symbol of the Ishtas represents for us the possibility that the soul is elevated by the constant pulse of the monad. This means that if we connect with our soul, our monad automatically starts sending impulses. When we close the channel that connects us with our soul, there is no chance that the monad send impulses to our whole being. We are inside our lower bodies. our lower self heads our lives, carries us as best it thinks and everything from here on, is offline. When we begin to connect with our soul and live according to it, this is what governs our lives and begins sending monad impulses that has an open channel into the lower dimensions and thus allows all our ways, our intuitional aspect , our spiritual side, to operate and comes in contact with us.

What the Indians discovered inside their understanding is that they were connected with the soul, which was connected with the kingdoms, which were connected with the hierarchies inside its simplicity. That was the triangulation. Soul, kingdom, hierarchy, is something we have lost and have to recover.

In the form of communication and contact with the Indians had their hierarchies through mantras. The living soul transformation, entered in the state and in the inner realm of his debt before the law. Being in contact with the kingdoms, to be inside the law and in contact with the hierarchy, began to receive absolution from their karmic processes, their debts to God and the law.

The path of this community of fraternal souls has placed human transcended level almic, within the continuous protection task. The degree of vigilance of indigenous peoples has been one of the principles of its culture and initial root. The path of the own internal surveillance has represented one of the possibilities to truly create what we call in the land, «the fraternity». This means that to be in contact with his soul in the triangulation, it allowed stay in constant internal monitoring. They knew that the law should live. That law was the harmony between all of the things of creation. This harmony that they developed through contact with his soul, which allowed them to live the law, allowed to live what we know as the fraternity. This principle of relationship of soul to soul, Indians have found a way that as guardian community could enter the State of sublimation of consciences and transcendence through contact of soul to soul, they managed to sublimate their consciences and to channel the energy of transcendence to thus be able to transcend their most planetary energies.

Reverence to knowledge, signs and symbols perceived and received from distant universes created in them a fraternity with the goal of watching over and protecting each element of this land, as well as to the consciences in honor of the law, are conducted in communion with the kingdoms. They adopted the surveillance and protection not only kingdoms, but also of all those living in the same Act and also reverencing each signal, each symbol receiving of distant worlds, that they had no doubts about what it meant to be connected with his soul.

In the contact of the purposes of the light, gathered around the solar disk, every moment observed and witness their activation. Each key of the solar disk light activated by the Ishtas or by us when we are in the correct line, represents an opportunity for redemption for a consciousness in this universe that surrounds us. Remember always to work, we know that you have a good tuning, a prayer of the heart, rescues a soul in this universe. In this communion they aspire see every human being, even more to the human who recognize the existence of one of the planetary kingdoms, as it is Mount Shasta, that in the next steps of their evolution can walk within the sacred precincts. They aspire to that we definitely understand what means that task and that in our next evolutionary step, in our next incarnation we walk with them into the sacred retreats.

They said something like this:

Never suffer that the Temple of the solar disc, the Sun in you, that whole dark lit, decrease in intensity.

At this point the message of an indigenous Warrior is:

If you are In the light of the universo, not even the largest battle will decrease the internal light.

There are many things to consider, that in retreats, we have the same pattern, with the indigenous process.

The keeper of the records of Mount Shasta is a remnant Atlantean called Ranés. It is a member that works in conjunction with the 24 elders. Those who are form the Government of our Galaxy the milky way. The Council of the Confederation of advanced worlds, is an adviser to support the teachers who works and lives in Mount Shasta.

The custodian of records is a being that it’s up keep or care much i nformation.That trust it’s placed in him, he keeps;

? The records which makes reference to the civilization of Sirius.

? The development of retirement as a consciousness.

? Part of the planet’s history.

? Some of the records of the Adamic civilization.

? Part of the genetic project records.

? Some of the records of Atlantis

? Part of the workmanship in the Land of Elam.

? Part of the rise of the Lemurs in what is now Australia.

? Part of the development of yellow civilization in Asia.

? Some of the information about the distribution of the solar disk in the North and Central America.

? Records that relate to the civilization of Venus.

? Part of the scientific knowledge about quinestesia, dowsing and telestesia, which is not necessarily what we know on the surface.For older siblings some things are different.

? Part of the information about the command of the warriors which is a line of Venus.

? Part of an information center referred to Lemuria.

? primary records about the emergence of Iruncar, that retreat there in Ushuaia.

? Some of the information on the initial cure Licancabur.

? Some of the information of the dimensional and physical access to Miztlitlan from Mount Shasta.

? Some information about conclaves occurred in Mount Shasta.

? Some of the information on the councils and meetings of the 24 Elders.It is the gathering that information and distributes it to the other announcing it as a retreat inside information.

? They keep records a part of the information on colonies Celea,

? Keep records on the next steps in the final moments and the final time were always features of this recall.It’s going to happen.

? Save as access record for humans to be rescued and will live for a long time in this state of consciousness.

Ranes is a being from Venus. It is androgen with male characters and masculine energy. This is one of its fundamental aspects. He has been instructed by Oxalc, that is who is in charge of the process of contact towards the planet and was initiated with Alcir. Alcir is a master of the White Fraternity and a remnant atlantean which does the same job in Miztlitlan. The two were instructed in the final times of Atlantis. Ranes is a being that vibrates in the 5th dimension and lives within the withdrawal of Mount Shasta. Your single ticket incarnated on Earth was in Atlantis where needed to embody to recognize and live by that process.

Mount Shasta is a school for beginners, messengers and prophets. These three lines form a lineage, a school which has Mount Shasta, which is still unknown by humans.

Beings from SIRIUS collaborate in this task in Mount Shasta and are those who prepared the messengers to announced the coming of Christ, in the inner planes and the physical plane Sananda. They are beings who work at the almic level, tuning the frequency of the divine core. That is the sign of contact between the reality of Mount Shasta and the inner self, be embodied. It means that we know that we are in contact with Mount Shasta, we must be really tuned with our soul.

The solar disk of Mount Shasta was one of the last tools transported towards the location of different retires. This is the region that connects with the intraterrestrial world of Greenland, the Pacific Islands, Antarctica and the heart of Miztlitlan. It is an area of irradiation of the planetary Center. There are 133 dimensional and underground roads that connect all these points. From each withdrawal of the time network, arises a series of tunnels and intraterrestrials roads. In total there are 133, reconnected to all retreats throughout the Americas. The intraterrestrials tunnels have 3 functions:

1.              Communication

2.              Transportation within the 4th dimension

3.              Channel of intraterrestrial energies.

Something Interesting that they have transmitted the hierarchies is what is intraterrestrial energy, what is, is different to the surface energy and cosmic energy?

Mount Shasta saved as registration information on intraterrestrial energy. It is energy found in the subterranean levels close to the surface. It is nearly material energy etheric, which has a mineral compound and a terrestrial compound. It is created from the magnetic vibration of the planet and the current circular rotating pole to pole. It feeds through the cosmic energy and vibrates near the walls of the land and limestone which forms part of the intraterrestrial withdrawal. It is one of the foods for the lighting of intraterrestrial beings.

Elders explained, that human beings can display at other intraterrestrial levels, very enlightened beings. Its irradiation is not only brilliant by its vibratory state, but for the food that they receive from that intraterrestrial energy. It is energy that creates sendras. A sendra is a cut in the space and time are carried out through light energy. It can be done by the ships on the outside of the surface of the planet or beings from withdrawals through that intraterrestrial energy. It is energy that sustains the materialization of beings when necessary, and saves the decline of his years in the service with the 4th dimension.

When the elder brothers, need to materialise by some task of the plan, including Astral levels, for them it is a great effort and lost years of life due to poisoning affecting our planet. All those older brothers that through the service they offered to contact us in any way we can perceive, feel and see, lost years of their lives in this offer and intraterrestrial energy supports so that this situation is not severe enough.

Intraterrestrial beings do not have state of sleep, simply entering a State of contemplation. That is his resting. They move their psychic, mental and internal harmony raising it towards that State of contemplation and inanimate remain for some time. That is your best night’s rest. They send their bodies to the solar reservatorios to make them retro fed, and use the source of solar energy to live. The food of intraterrestrial beings are simple. Water, as a primary source of life and mana. The food of the exodus of the Jewish people, the 40 days in the desert, which rained manna from the ships. It is a small pipoca which has an energy value very strong, really existed.

Not all humans feed with manna. It depends on the degree of vibration in which they are. It is not that some are simply better than others, they are in different schools and need different foods. The third food depends on the degree of learning and evolution. Be intraterrestrial uses energy to feed on some of the dimensions. There are sources of the stars that provide energy food for humans, both intraterrestrial and extra planetary, and as in all dimensions than the evolutionary process of being is highest, the energy which feed comes from other stars.

All intraterrestrial should visit daily glass of the center of the Earth to radiate it and that it sustains physical magma, magma that circulate through the bowels of the planet and magnetically allow that it is on your workstation right, that the planet is in the right place, where it should be and its vibrating pole in the local universe.

Older siblings explain all this for inviting us to put our hearts to it. They are alternatives for the future. It does not stop eating or eating only with water, because it will not feed us. We only have to perceive that it is necessary to begin to connect internally with this reality. They seek to create a condition inside our someday we can live. If we feed us from energy, did all our spiritual exercises, live from the soul, take water and turnovers mana… what? It is to reflect.

Elders explain, the ships are to create livelihoods through the atmosphere, as well as for the atmosphere of Venus, Pluto, Mars, Neptune and mercury. Initially, the planet was almost all water and as there was a necessity of life, to create a source of life, began to emerge the continental masses to create a polarity between the water and the Earth. There are many intraterrestrial retreats under the continental masses. These are databases of contact for us.

The planet is a great school of learning and Mount Shasta saves all that information. it was always said that our planet was a school planet, and we always believe that the school was for us alone. Sometimes we have a very important limitation. We are all, beginning and end of all axes. But in reality, high school within the planet is in the intraterrestrial worlds, where we do not agree because we are not in good tune. That access, are beings of other stars who come to learn many things by watching us.

The brothers tell us that silence is essential in intraterrestrial beings and telepathic communication is what used. For the learning of this communication, there is a school. This information is provided from an orbital base in Celaenae. Intraterrestrial beings use telepathy as a tool of elevation. In this way they preserve the vibration that emits humanity. They lovingly tell vibration, but we say noise. Why their auras are so lighting not only by their spiritual exercises but also for taking withdrawals etheric energy.

On the planet there are reservoirs. They are the intraterrestrial retreats and surface stations that are on the intraterrestrial such as Figueira withdrawals. Hierarchies have tried to maintain the initial vibration that had these places since the genetic project began on the surface of the Earth and told us the intraterrestrial beings to study all the Gospels, the old and New Testament (not created by the man but he was watched by the prophets, which was written in the Akashic records of the planet)We say that they have read and studied before arriving. They come from other stars to know in depth the essence of humanity and the school. Sometimes, some on offer, have incarnated on the physical plane and have been our colleagues in times of the Lemuria and Atlantis, and now with us in retreats, in this final phase that humanity is living.

We have much to ponder.


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The act of dying. Part I: Introduction to the Act of Dying


In this life, man is prepared for many things: going to school, self-studies, is prepared for various eventualities, learn techniques and many other things. but, why man does not prepare well for death? Even preparing for things that are never going to happen. It learn many things that he won´t need. And meanwhile, man does not remember the fact which is inevitable that sooner or later it will happen to all of us and which no one escapes, which is the process of transition, the passage to another dimension of life that this is called death.

Addresses this issue as an aid to prepare, it will happen one day and can occur in a way not only quiet but smart. In some time you will not see death as it is seen today, as a game over, a breakup, unpleasant. and that is why many people struggle against death. They Do not want to die, or think about that fact. It is a subject that is taboo for some people.

Meanwhile it is planned as part of the development of humanity that individuals have a day which is not far distant, which is called continuity of consciousness. That is, they will be in this physical dimension, emotional and mental, where they live consciously and yet be lucid and aware in other dimensions of life.

This will be in the future, an exchange between the physical dimension and other dimensions of life. And when it comes, when the man with the consciousness can move from one dimension to another, from there the fear of death will disappear.

We can say in principle that the word death, is inadequate, since nothing dies, nothing is finished and there is even a law by which all things change but not finish. What happens is a change of dimension. Even the physical body that remains is in this dimension is disintegrated, and it’s particles, atoms, cells, will not disappear but they will change of state and will be transformed into another material. While the physical body is transformed through decay or through cremation, the individual’s consciousness with their bodies is changing on subtle dimensions.

In the future, through man physical eyeball, man will see the etheric body shedding from the individual’s physical body, and through the development of the inner vision, man will see in the astral dimension and other dimensions also, to where the bodies of men and consciousness are moveing at. Finally, as humans will make contact with one’s soul or higher self, you will see that this contact is also performed and prepared by the science of meditation. Through it we will feel or sense at any time the presence of any being, the one incarnated as a disembodied, an inner presence or an inner event.

Therefore we’ll not depend more of the physical presence of no one, and we’ll not depend on the eyes to see the physical body or to see the etheric body, nor is going to need more of this insight that comes from the astral or mental or other dimensions, because from soul to soul beings are always together and very aware. This union between people, whether embodied or disembodied, is real, only that the man does not perceive it because he lives very externalized and identified with the physical dimension. And as human lives far identified only with that, and it’s not sufficiently interested in inner things, they have difficulties to percieve other’s presences, a fact which fills more than the physical reality.

The subject of death is almost always related to fear. There are some very specific reasons why people are afraid of disembodie. The first reason known, is that individuals may have had an unpleasant or difficult experiences in previous incarnations at the time that disembodied. They may have been disembodied in past lives through painful process and that is stored in the subconscious. And although not consciously remember what happened, the subconscious emerge those old impressions of what happened. But when someone in a past life disincarnated smoothly, so simple and easy, these individuals usually have less suspicion than others to go through that process.

Another cause of people fear on this issue, is that most have terror of the unknown, the mysterious.

Some people have this experience prematurely long before the time comes to his real ticket to another dimension.They are being trained in a special way, are those who during sleep or meditation or during any experience, can pass through events that were included in the process of death. These individuals experience it at some point in their lives and when they return to normal consciousness are ready to move into other dimensions.

Another point that leads people to fear is doubt about his own immortality. As there is no certainty that the human being is immortal, self-preservation and conservation makes people do not want die because they have no certainty that continued after disembodied.

There is another human reason for the fear of death. Some people believe that if they disembodied, those who remain on Earth will feel bad about the lack or are going to need them. There are others who think they can not even disembodied because they are essential. While people suffer from this kind of illusion, fear holds them. Attachment to material life, the things of the earth, attachment to human life, the personality, the pursuit of comfort and the struggle for material goods, places the individual’s mind on things and causes difficult to accept the idea that there are other dimensions of life.

Psychology also cited as one of the reasons responsible for the widespread fear of death, is all religious teaching and speaking of the existence of hell. That teaching was spread over many centuries with persistence, so the idea of ??eternal suffering in hell is a thing entrenched in almost all human beings. In other words, is a kind of description of what happens in the lower astral levels, a dimension of life in which man enters after leaving the physical body. When during the incarnation man have elements of hatred, resentment, anger, selfishness, possessiveness, etc. man is leaved to lower levels of the astral dimension, where these forces have their field. That’s where you will find what is called «hell dimension» created by the own vibration of our thoughts or our feelings.

The man goes to the level at which it is drawn, which corresponds to their inner feelings, his own state of consciousness. Therefore, if you work during the life of pure feelings, there is no reason to be afraid of the lower astral, commonly called «hell.»

Man disembodies when he finish a task to which the soul is prepared to meet on earth, is not going ahead before time and rarely disembodies later. While this happens, it is not normal. In general when the task is completed, the soul has no more reason to stay here. Everything is in large part, predetermined, before the embodied soul and may also be linked to the needs of a group of people they are going to relate in that life.

The soul is in the fourth dimension, is the level where it is fully aware. There it will improve itself and see the new goals, and it can not always send this vision to our personality because it’s not always ready to receive and to be aware of all this you are viewing. At a certain height, certain personalities may even become inadequate to that which the soul could live on Earth. Where lack of an extension of fitness, personality can not follow the evolution of the soul, it can be disembodied because it need to build another more suitable to act more current through it.

Another reason for a disembodied personality is when their behavior and attitude begins to commit a future incarnation of the soul and creates a karma. When the soul is going to incarnate is like a prisoner and must therefore adapt to the limitations and conditions provided by the karma created by a person in a previous life. When you begin to create negative karma too negative, the soul can decide to disembody.

What happens in that period being disembodied, is similar to what happens during sleep, only that during this, the «magnet wire» or energy flow (which maintains consciousness linked to our bodies) is not broken. In contrast, during the dying process that thread is broken and the conscience has no possibility of returning to the body.

Two types of death in general are most feared by people: the violent deaths, and those occurring from cancer. Those disembodied in a violent death, often do not perceive what is happening. The being has an instantly feel of an impending danger, a sense of destruction, but it is very fast and the process is similar to an electric shock and since there, it is already at another level outside the body. Many times this is so fast that it leaves the body, and out of it he can look at what is happening in the physical plane.

This experience will balance many forms of violence committed in past lives or in the very embodiment of which is disembodied. By practicing this kind of energy throughout the past, all this violence is radiated into the universe. One part is worked by the universe, which assimilates and resolves. However, there is a party that issued against the same universe that can not be resolved by it. Then it returned the individual for him to transmute it. That’s why we do not always have the return of a violent act of the same species as that act was practiced in the past.  Sometimes, things that are emitted into the universe does not return immediately, depending on the time that the universe takes to receive them, work them, assimilate, adapt and then return them, and this is also related to many universal cycles.

The second cycle of disembodiment that people fear is death from cancer, which is a global disease. The concentration of human evil lived and practiced by mankind in all ages was transformed in this disease. When an individual goes through the experience of that disease, not only balances its own individual and personal evil but the evil part of a general balance. This desease also release all the light that exists in the center of each individual atom of the physical and even the light of the subtle counterpart of those atoms that exist in other levels of consciousness.

If the human had a clear understanding of what happens during this process, you may feel and receive during the process all the light atoms, all the light in your body to release. When you have the possibility of living intelligently with this disease or to understand everything that is happening in each cell, the human will see that a great deal of physical pain, moral pain will be resolved otherwise. You will see that within that process there is a deep learning and development opportunity.

When the individual changes his attitude and begin to live as opposed to practice acts of evil or selfishness, manages to mitigate this process.

As you work the detachment and do not get involved with material things, disembodiment can be easy and completly natural.

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The act of dying. Part 2: The Three Stages of physical death.


The act of disembodying it’s an universal ritual that also governs the planetary life and the kingdoms that exist in it.All the kingdoms knows this act, but only in the human race and in some animals there is the fear of death. All other realms, including plants, have no fear of death.

In fact when man disembodies, are following a universal law which is represented by well-known words, «Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.» When the law says «Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s» is referring to the physical return to earth from whence it came and restored the astral body to the substance collective emotional and mental body to the mind stuff of the universe. And he gives to God what is God’s, that is, restores the spirit, the soul is allowed to go to the original levels of consciousness, of which it came.

The soul knows when to disembodied, and this date is established even with the consent and collaboration with it.Therefore, it is called «death» as a decision, a determination. It is the result of the will of the soul. What happens is not always the will of the human side, is in tune with the soul’s will or is aware of it.

As the personality will be harmonized with the soul, the person may have a hunch or even have an intuicion regarding the approach of that hour. When this happens, the staff works with the process, prepare your things here on earth and will deliver to the gradual detachment.

The experience of restoring the physical, the emotional body and mental body to the terrestrial reservoirs is a very natural act in the life of the soul because it did many times. When the personality as human consciousness understands that process can work with him, making this transition instead of creating a series of traumas at the end of life.

When it comes to the soul disembodied, sometimes circumstances arise that show the man that will happen. The following describes the three stages that exist in any kind of disembodiment:

1 – The first stage begins when the soul orders the withdrawal of vital energy.

2 – The second stage is called «disengagement».This occurs after the soul orders the withdrawal of vital energy. Then begins a process that involves the physical body and the network of etheric energies.

3 – After that, the third stage comes, the leaving stage itself.When the soul actually makes one of those final efforts and partly to other dimensions of consciousness.

This process of disembodiment or the process of passage of our awareness to other levels has three stages.

When the soul orders the withdrawal of vital energy that animates the physical body, what you feel is an intense pressure on the feets that begins to rise slowly through the physical body and members are becoming heavy, cold and hindered. When the pressure starts to rise through the body, the first place which reacts is the breath, movement, sight and hearing.

When you start to feel a reaction in those sectors and the intense pressure goes up, you can understand that the soul has been already given the order to retreat. From that moment the subtle counterpart of the nervous system, which are called «nadis» etheric level nervous system, begins to organize itself to withdraw from the physical nervous system. The glands of the body begin to be injected into the blood a substance that affects the heart and then you get the feeling of not being identified with the physical body, except the heart region. It is then when very precise things happen, and when it starts the disidentification of the physical body you should not react to that, and not adhere to it. Then there is a kind of psychic tremor, and that tremor can be reflected in the physical, and through that tremor is perceived that the subtle nervous system is detached from the physical nervous system. At that time, if the individual don’t act upon and enters in a state of relaxation, this detachment is given without any pain and without any resistance. This is the first stage of the process.

then it begins the phase of the disengagement. This detachment gives the first signs of their presence in the physical eyes. You begin to feel the separation between the two nervous systems in the region of the eyes. There invades the individual a sense of helplessness, you lose control of what is happening and it’s like no one could avoid this process of disengagement. It is perceived that nothing can be done to prevent what is happening and that feeling of helplessness must be respected and should not react for that detachment not to happen. So if you can not resist the disengagement and if you accept fully this feeling of helplessness, events begin to happen very naturally and you can witness with confidence.

For example, at this point it is perceived that forces of nature drag the individual into a tunnel. It’s as if it’s being carried inside that tunnel to become more narrow and at that time would have to remember that this is the process and would need to go through it without fear and not to hinder this occur with maximum ease. At a certain point within the tunnel, there is a feeling of annihilation and the clear impression that he is going into the unknown. That must be accepted at that time quite calm, in the same way as just accept the feeling of helplessness. Here you have to surrender to the unknown movement, and what is immediately perceived is the inability of mental effort, which is no longer able to make any mental effort and can not spin more thoughts. Then we see that words are not articulated, is not got pronounce more words and then comes the feeling of utter loneliness. The individual is all alone in that tunnel. This is the first time in the incarnation is perceived that loneliness. There is an awareness that no one can accompany to that individual and this is a journey that must be done individually. So here they are aware that you can not take anything into this unknown region. At this point it is essential to be at peace and all thoughts on this part of the process are positive.

As mentioned, no one is able to spin thoughts therefore be careful that any last thoughts are the best, are the most positive, because the quality of these thoughts is what will determine the environmental external training in the afterlife. These thoughts are like a layer of one permanent atom in the organization of the future life, is going to attract all our material parts, our physical parts, because it is the physical permanent atom. And the last thought that clothed the atom, which is a very strong point of attraction for the elements of the next incarnation is going to attract the material it deserves.

This refers to the physical side, it means the environmental side of our life and not other things which are determined in the following phases. After spinning the inability to perceive thoughts, inability to articulate words and then have the feeling of being alone as individuals, to see that at that time can not take anything with you and that you can not share that experience with anyone, there begins the third phase of the physical disembodiment, which is the leaving stage itself.

Having lived through those feelings and sentiments, the etheric body, the power grid which so far kept integrated the physical body begins to be collected as if to concentrate to get the final push. Because this network of energy has to withdraw from the physical vehicle. At that time the physical body is much more concentrated because it carries with the astral body, mental body and all the other elements of Being, all other bodies of consciousness. He retires with all that psychic and spiritual material within it, leaving the physical body, to which greater attention was paid during incarnation.

Those who were always very emotional and did not control their emotions, have the exit door of the physical body, the solar plexus. Those who were mentally, who had a reflective life, they had a mind with controlled and organized thoughts go through your head. And right now that people know that they developed in philanthropy, in good will, are going through a point below the heart.

After the last heartbeat the individual will paint a retrospective, a vision of everything that happened in the incarnation that is ending. It is a synthetic vision which sees all life. There may be a reverse hindsight. Since the last act of life until the first, or you can take this view as if it were a single box, from childhood up to that point. And with this picture before, there is a very interesting experience, because at that moment is a lifetime elapsed from the point of view of the soul. Then they are clearly all faults, defects, all the consequences of actions, we understand the fundamental illusion of life or of that incarnation. In the literature, this is called «Court». There are certain lessons from the past that say that people go through a trial when disembodied, then to see life in a box with its consequences is when we understand how great was the enthusiasm and how many points remained deceived.

If the individual is in front of the box pretty quiet, if it remains impartial and let the effect of the test is firmly etched in the consciousness, that will be printed on the astral body. Then in the next incarnation will have a good quality astral body, it will be a perceived astral body, comprising his own illusion and all illusion of human feelings, the whole illusion of desire, in short, all the illusion of past life.

If this moment was lived with clarity, peace and tranquility can happen in that time by a strong maturation of the astral body and this is printed on the astral permanent atom. This is the permanent atom that will meet all the atoms to the future astral body, which will come imbued with the last check and an astral body that is formed after that experience permanent atom printed on your astral body, will be a much more balanced than before and when the lesson of the experience is well printed in consciousness, that is when the soul has the opportunity to withdraw more easily, because it sees itself and sees that illusion has fallen off of many things that life is ending. At that moment the soul can give one of his final push, you have more freedom, and suffers less resistance from the personality to retire.

This whole process of picture and vision of all these findings is given in minimal time, as if the time between one and another heartbeat. This comes after the last beat of the heart and is passed as if in hundredths of seconds. It is in those final moments where the call physical body consciousness or physical elemental tends to resist and not let the soul detach, since the physical elemental known that at the time that the soul follows the body, this will to begin a process of disintegration.

Awareness of the body by a survival instinct which tries to retain the soul. According to the resistance of the physical body consciousness, the restitution process can last several hours or can last for days or weeks. Then you can have two types of coma, the one who is relatively quickly that you are not giving support to the basic physical and joins in an act of will with the part that is disembodied. If at that moment the soul that wants help from the coma is quiet, smooth and goes like a dream. But if instead of joining the life force that is leaving to other dimensions, and the individual is caught on the side of physical elemental which does not want to disembodied, will be doing the opposite of not wanting to work from and there the coma is not as tranquil.

The other point is that called «restore point», which has all the features described, but he retreats only the thread of consciousness that is attached to the head but not removed the thread of life that is linked to heart. This gives the physical body consciousness the opportunity to review many processes and to fight for life. Then when the soul restores the thread of consciousness of the head, health is reinstalled at the physical body because the physical elemental was stimulated by this threat of departure. This can happen in cases of physical bodies that are less healthy because the physical elemental is a bit lifeless, a little slow in their reactions. Then passing through the process of coma, he is led by his survival instinct to fight. That’s when the soul becomes completely restores the body and health.

Saw the etheric body as it leaves, the physical body is involving other bodies who are disembodied as well. Is wrapping to the soul and into this etheric body is the body of desire, the astral body tends to want to descend to Earth or tends to want not to go to other dimensions to which the soul is trying to carry because it is not elementary only physicist who tries to stop the process, but also the astral body, you want things to remain on Earth.

At that time in which the individual is outside the body, is the union of the physical and etheric force of attraction and is the union of the astral or emotional body with the Earth, this being either the physical body.

If the physical body is cremated, it disappears the possibility of real union, from the moment the physical body is cremated and disintegrates, the astral body does not have anything specific to draw him because fire is used in the cremation, repels one aspect that creates forms, including the aspect that creates forms, our astral or desire body, and that rejection caused by fire waiver of that contact. Completely destroyed the physical body more quickly break those attachments. More easily the soul is withdrawn from both the etheric body and the emotional body and mental body in successive stages.

When the individual is beginning to realize that you are entering another kind of time and in another kind of space, you should stay in front of it with great calm and a lot of equity, without panic, without reacting, simply open to know this other form in which time passes and this other mode in which there is space. This will produce a better quality in our future quality etheric body, and etheric body of the future is critical, both for the health of the physical body but also to higher soul prints, which are printed on the physical brain in a future incarnation.

In dreams there are many experiences with different space and time. In dreams you see things happen in seconds that would take years on Earth and on the contrary, we can sleep for a few moments and dream of things that happen over long periods. During the stages through which it passes in the act of leaving, in all these stages, it is essential to remain calm and have peace, remain totally impassive, neutral, impartial ahead of everything that is happening, both to be in the illusions extensive in life, like being in front of the experience that time does not exist as we think and be very careful about the last thought. Therefore the need for very peaceful, very quiet and little stimulation around us.

When you start these steps to leave the physical body, any movement around any application, any manifestation of the people who are nearby, all that disturbs the quiet need, the need for tranquility and peace. It is the need to be totally focused on the process is developing and not having the attention directed toward external things, to things of the earth, to people, events, circumstances that the soul at that moment wants to leave.

It can really help a person who is disembodied if kept around her an atmosphere of calm, if not requested his attention to Earth, to his personal life, to those levels that the child is beginning to leave.

Thus, this process of returning the terrestrial bodies, terrestrial bodies understand the physical, emotional and mental, is like a renewal of energy and not a death because the soul needs an experience out of these bodies after a certain time in these known dimensions. The soul will now need to renew their full potential, you will need a rest period for this earthly incarnation, you will need to summarize this incarnation, to assimilate the experience and after this synthesis, it displays the next steps. It needs some time to reorganize disembodied including its own incarnation on Earth, if there is a next incarnation shortly.

Outside the body, the soul will go through a renewal process that can, when the time comes, attract new packaging for its next incarnation. If we were identified with this incarnating core, which is the soul or higher self, if during the incarnation the individual is identified or identification for incarnating the spiritual core, this process will happen fairly easily because it will understand their need for renewal and therefore his need to go through a time of such bodies and those known dimensions of the Earth.



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The act of dying. Part 3:When the soul is freed


The soul has a very clear idea of ??when it needs to disembodied and if the individual during incarnation seek to know what plans and what is the will of the soul, if the individual spend more time and energy into this, feel the approximation of the transition time, and could help with that process and could maintain control of many stages of this transition which is called «death.»

Over time humanity is going to learn this technique and at the same time it will be prepaired for this during the embodiment and thus, this preparation may one day be part of education, talks, readings and studies in a natural way.

You have to take this first step, which it is to have death as a part of life. It is clear that fear about this process will make very difficult the hability of understanding and the behavior that should be taken before these facts of death.The attitude of the individual as the people around you is very important and it is critical to be familiar with this topic.

The soul after spending a period embodied needs to disembodied, because it needs to rest from its terrestrial experience, a synthesis of all the experience and then it needs to spend some time contemplating its next steps and visualizing what is its future. Disembodied, the soul can perceive a growing target and can perceive the task which is useful for a general plan of development, in which she can be inserted in a future incarnation. When the soul has these goals clear, while it is disembodied and in contact with the soul groups or soul group to which it belongs, after having clearer the next stage, the soul passes a period preparing its next incarnation. When you understand this process, we see that this is necessary and there is no such resistance to this transition and the necessary change of state which the soul does when it disembodies.

When the soul leaves the physical body and abandons or vacates the etheric body, as a consciousness enters in a sleep state and then it’s like to wake up slowly in that kind of dream and when awakening, it is contacting those areas of the emotional body, where the densest areas are, where the coarser feelings and grounds, and is then in touch with those feelings and that vibration. That period will be developed and slowly going up in level and contacting the superior qualities, with the noble side, brighter, with the best side of the feelings and emotions, and then it will make contact with the world of ideas, and depending on how were these ideas and thought processes during life, the individual will be in their midst. When you reach the highest level of ideas that are cultivated throughout life, we enter a period of unconscious rest , like a dreamless sleep. This is when the soul will be restored and all that being will be disembodied and will rest of the tasks and movements of earthly life that came to the end of its cycle.

Just as the principle of the process of incarnation, the soul leaves the physical body and he left the power grid of the etheric body, at this point after the bodies disembodied, the soul will have to leave what is called «emotional body» or «astral body» and if the feelings, emotions and attachments were not very strong during the earthly incarnation and all that emotional life was properly worked, that abandonment of the astral body will be very simple and quick, and done in less time that if the individual is attached to the land desires and memories. If there was a lot of emotional attachment and long involvement with terrestrial life, with things and people, the soul remains a longer period at the emotional level, in that vibration which is a reflection of everything that happened on Earth.

It is clear that the soul’s goal is to get out. The soul also aims to leave the emotional body. While people who are here on Earth thinks about the disembodies ones, forms a telepathic thread with these individuals that are already on another level, and the telepathic thread makes the disembodied feel so requested and its consciousness is attracted to this request which comes from people who is thinking about them here. it is harder to withdraw from the astral body and leave the body that continues in that dimension, producing and reproducing the facts of the earthly incarnation.

Therefore, in this period in which the individual finished disembodied from the physical body and is found at this stage of the emotional body out there in the other levels, it is very important not to seek contact with him and that we continue this law that is in the New Testament that says, «let the dead accompany the dead.» This is a law known who would follow for the greater good of the dead and for the freedom of those who have Higher Selves disembodied also the subtle bodies.

If people are not concerned about the one who disincarnated, even with the thought, that makes the neglect of the emotional subtle bodies and mainly easier rather than slow. At this point there is a misunderstanding by many people because the individual’s consciousness is doing its best to get rid of the subtle body. Here on Earth, those who claim to be loved ones or acquaintances who think of him or pray for him, send messages of feeling the missing of physical presence and this leads to subtle link that take longer to be resolved and the individual in the other planes have less freedom to follow their true path.

This is a very important point of reflection at the time of transition for those who remain in these dimensions, for those who attend or acquaintances from colleagues to those levels. Then after consciousness leaves the physical body and the etheric body and also manages to leave the emotional body, consciousness does the same with the mental body and it is only when she gets to leave this body, which is really disembodied.

It totally disembodied consciousness can be collected herself and begins to contemplate his own center, which is where the soul draws its own power, it is restored and can have very clear goals for their future on Earth.

The soul when it is free from the control of matter and disembodied happens when all those bodies, physical, etheric, emotional and mental, being free from those ties, is in contact with its own unity with all life and all beings she perceives within his own center. From that moment, the soul can do an activity that is very mysterious to humans, its contact with other regions of consciousness, with other levels where the soul will spend periods in their development process, which is inconceivable in the Earth.

This allows to see that the process of disembodiment is not limited to the output of the physical body or the etheric, since after burial or cremation takes place at other levels of consciousness continuing this process of detachment that is when consciousness leaves the emotional, mental, and then finally out in the center itself. Just as there is an organization and order, planning for each incarnation on Earth and everything that human beings have to live (when the soul already has some change) and for all that human beings have to experience in this embodiment, there is also an order and organization in all these cycles after disembodied soul.

So it is very important to be able to receive in life when it is coming now to go with the consciousness tuned into this new phase of life.

Therefore there is no death. This is an inappropriate word and as people are developed, this word will have no application.

Because there is this organization before and after the transition, and after the transition the soul has to go through other levels, another process that is related to other processes in other souls, would be discouraged cause the incarnation, for example through suicide , because suicide would be an interference with a rhythm that personality is not related. If the individual interrupts its life, not only interrupts this but it comes to other dimensions of life ahead of schedule, so can not always enter into the rhythm that had been prepared and ready for him because he came before. That is why, generally remains experiencing suicidal feelings or acts that he had at the time of suicide until you reach the date on which he should have disembodied and then start the process at other levels. Although there are exceptions to this, you can not judge any case.

In the case of suicide, no one knows what was your last thought and that is why you can not tell what may happen next. Suicide, in general, is an interference of the will of the personality in a plane at a higher rate. The suicidal when he incarnates, you will find a more difficult life situation that he left because he disrupted a number of processes that interference and thus their karmic process becomes much more difficult.

Another fact that is considered an interference in the orderly process of incarnations and disembodied, are the abortions, the provocated abortions.

A natural abortion may be an impossibility of the being that is incarnating to materialize. This being can not have more stamina to get an incarnation on Earth, and when given the natural abortion, it is because be had that intention, but to no avail. Too many people already have at this point the way to other planetary orbits or have their path set to other levels of consciousness, but they want to spend a longer period on Earth, though not always succeed. As experiments on Earth and would be completed over a long period and they should take another direction, this attempt to be born here almost always frustrated.

Another reason for an abortion occurs naturally, may be a karmic reason of the soul who is trying the incarnation or of those who wait. If the individual lifetimes caused abortions or sent back to beings who were seeking incarnation.They can go through the experience of being aborted, but this is a karmic balance that occurs to one who would like to embody and can not because in past lives did the same with another.

Raising an abortion is an act of the personality of those who are embodied. It is an act of interference in a process that perhaps had been organized differently. Those who have gone through this experience and after abortion have become aware that this is an interference, can be balanced and harmonized with this process again.



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The act of dying. Part 4: When the soul is freed

When the person becomes aware of abortion and then assumes to be an act that he wont do againt because he comprises the imbalance that this entails, it enters a state in which you need to restore the situation. In these cases it is not dwell on what happened or feel guilty for causing an abortion recently, but rather to perform an action opposite to that. For example you can help someone to live or help someone come to the embodiment, even helping the other. Finally, be aware of what type of event was held to act in a manner contrary to this act is balanced, acts of love of life, acts on behalf of one’s life or others. All this means that the act of abortion begins to balance.

Reflecting on this, we can see that in cases where pregnancy was unintentional or in cases in which the individual fully rejects this being that is embodied, we can agree to help and if that incarnation after incarnation continues rejection, you can «donate» this individual to someone who wants or is interested in adopting a being, not necessary to kill him. But in all cases, both in the legal adoption and the case of donation of beings with whom we already know in advance that is not going to live, should be regulated through internal consultations and It should not be in lightly or superficially only through decisions of the personality.

Another question that many people often have is regarding euthanasia. At the present stage of human evolution is a state which is not yet very aware of the will of the Higher Self. You can hardly tell if the higher self is already facing life in other dimensions and if the individual is living here for mechanical reflections or purely physical mechanism.Doctors do not yet have a meditative life, today euthanasia would be an interference, because today we don’t have yet the conditions to interrupt this process of disembodiment and to facilitate the departure of the Higher Self, because no one knows the will of this Being Supreme.

If you know the will and know that it would be a greate help to supreme willingness which is definitely trying to disembodiment, and is finding some difficulty or if you could see that the Higher Self is outside the body because it culminated in their process but there is resistance or a mechanical process of elementary physical, then euthanasia may be correct.

But in the future when individuals engaged in the process and knew how to meditate which is the actual process of the Higher Self, this could facilitate and shorten the suffering of the physical individual. That physical suffering can be mitigated by all means but it is not possible to cut the individual’s existence on this Earth. Similarly, it would stop interfering in the physical plane who is disembodied, it means keep artificially running into a physical body, because that would mean an action contrary to the natural movement and inner spiritual self, which would be the disembodied in that time.

Within this text can also refer to the donation of organs, one that is done after the disembodiment of the individual.Donating organs or receiving an organ donation is a matter strictly individual and can only talk about it in generic form. Each individual must find within himself, whether to donate or receive a donated organ of who is disembodied. 

When the Higher Self embodied, it takes many years to adapt to the physical body that was organized for him. Then when we do a physical organ transplant when an organ is introduced into the body of another body, the individual, and spiritual self has to redo this process of adaptation. In cases in which there was interference in cases where the transplant should not have been made, then the spiritual self rejects the organ.

When the medicine gets into another stage of development and more intuitive than it is today, these issues will not be a source of conflict or doubt. One of the changes that makes easy this transition called death, is that the acts and selfish way of living according to the human ego is oriented towards an attitude and a more selfless life and that includes the good of the greatest number of beings even from other kingdoms of nature.

Throughout the Incarnation, when the human being feels, thinks and acts according to his own property and its evolutionary process, will be increasingly identified with those bodies and those dimensions that leave during the transition process. Every time humans feel, think and act on the behalf of the groups of mankind as a whole, is to not identify with the material side and that will influence the final moments of the Incarnation. Being able to reflect on if you expect something in return when he does something on the other. If you are being selfish or being selfless, if you are leaving others free to decide and resolve their issues or if you are manipulating the affairs of others, if you control people or if you are identifying negative events in the lives of others.

These reflections helps the being to raise physicaly and ether, and this makes the detachment at times of transition at the end of the incarnation is more simple. While the individual’s energy polarized in the upper parts of the body, the etheric and physical detachment is simple. With all the human feelings directed towards altruism, emotional detachment from the body after physical disembodiment, it is also simple, and being the conciousness polarized in alturist service, the mental will aimed at leaving all beings free, makes the exit of the mental body easiest, and so this process of disembodiment happens smoothly.

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About the Ascension Secret Doctrine


We all belong to the confederation as the planet intraterrestrial hierarchies, withdrawals and planetary centers, are also part of the confederation, only that they have a mission in the world.Basically all hierarchies belongs to the confederation, as the human beings who work for the light. It is expected that more and more conscious human beings can achieve the operational side of the surface and be contacted by the hierarchies, to carry out the plan that corresponds to the planetary surface.

According to Blavatsky man needs the secret doctrine, as this information is meant to transform both our physical body, mental, astral and soul. When Blavatsky speaks of the soul sometimes means monad, and when he speaks of the monad means soul, so does the same thing with other things, like when talking about the constellations or stars, it did so only to understand the message those who were able to do it, dispersing the attention from those who should not understand, this is a technique that was always used and that is evident in the works of Blavatsky. the one who has eyes to see, will see, and the one who has ears to hear, will hear.

The Secret Doctrine is the meeting of lifting records available in the concentrates and Planetary Akasha, where cosmic files are saved to the planet, this happens at the 5th dimension, forming part of the records or files of the Holy Alliance.According to Blavatsky, these files mean the material aspect of God. This information can only be achieved through knowledge, love and wisdom, understanding can not be achieved through the intellect. Knowledge is information that comes to consciousness being available for deployment, the wisdom is to live at 100% that knowledge. This is something simple that is a reference to the difference between knowing and knowledge, these are two aspects or moments of the internal development of beings, which is reflected in an orderly fashion information in their minds and allows them to take an evolutionary step. Wisdom implies that one who can live entirely that knowledge, that’s when the knowledge becomes wisdom, which is sustained by love, love for the plan, cosmic life, the true evolution.

The knowledge of the secret doctrine lift will be greeted by a few and little, so it can be applied by those receiving the proper understanding, discernment and proper application, which would not happen if the information were descended all at once . Usually knowledge hierarchies are a few, who are prepared to receive, once that knowledge has been correctly applied by those who have received, it is then that hierarchies provide more of the same. Thus, for the descent of this doctrine in humanity, it should have applied some of the secret doctrine given above on Earth before, and that it is useless to humans evolution to receive knowledge if it is unable to put it into practice. Blavatsky says that currently, only 10% of humanity is partially able to receive this knowledge, although it is always possible that the conditions mutate in a way that more people receive it, or perhaps less than this percentage.

The information in the doctrine is found in Planetary Akashic Records. To channel and down to earth material plane was within the Temple of Ives in Omsará, and within the Solar Disc records, the same information into codes.Irradiation of this information within the world affects it positively.

The solar disk and withdrawals are large banks intraterrestrial with high quality information, to the extent that it comes into contact with them, if you have the attitude of reverence and love to invoke the energies of these places, we will respond by returning their lighting code, which will begin to enter our subtle levels, thereby preparing our cars for the next evolutionary steps.

As awareness develops, reaching monod levels and his seven monads together in the evolutionary process, they manage to acquire the status consciousness instruct others who are beginning their evolutionary path. These instructors are called Ascended Masters, they work on the planetary scale from 4 th and 5 th dimension, have the task of educate the ones who were their peers in the past.Thus, every time one of his disciples amounts, they are also moving in its evolutionary path. Blavatsky says that in this period of ascension of the planet many incarnate beings are about to step into the inner worlds, thus creating a major change and restructuring tasks at the most advanced. For them, the ascended masters and the evolutionary path is infinite, can be likened to a ladder in which each time someone moves a step, the other has the ability to move along with it. The basis of evolution and also the key and essence is to deliver the plan, the total delivery which allows beings to open the door to all higher spiritual knowledge and acquire the wisdom to drive it in the evolutionary race.

The Ascension’s Secret Doctrine is the most spiritual part of the secret doctrine. This work will be undertaken by Madame Blavatsky and other members of the hierarchy, as in the previous occasion. Your information will be reflected on the inner planes in the akashic records of the planetary body, so that in due time can be grasped by those who are able to handle it and can manifest in the physical plane.

The announcement of the fall of the secret doctrine was done by Oxalc, who is a «mental confederated doctor,» a Confederate hierarchy whose origin is Orion. This being is in charge of the process of contact with Earth for a long time, he has accompanied the most important instances in the world and has passed through the human experience to understand the human process more optimal on the planet and to assist humanity in a better way.

A mental doctor is a hierarchy educated for a long time in reference to the development of everything related to extrasensory abilities, such as telepathy and other abilities of this kind, the creatures of the universe can come to develop.He says, to give us an idea of ??the instruction he has received that his training on these issues, is compared to a hundred years university in telepathy and extra sensory and mental development. It is part of the so-called confederation, known as the Confederation of the evolved worlds of the galaxy , part of the Grand Council of the Star, this is the universal goberment.

This local universe, to which we belong, is composed of nine galaxies. Andromeda galaxy is located in the center is a large spiral galaxy and the other eight galaxies circulate around one of those galaxies that circulates around Andromeda, the Milky Way. Our solar system is one of the outermost ends of the three arms of the Milky Way.

The confederation, called the Brotherhood of the Star, is the set of evolutionary consciousness that serve the evolving plan of the Creator.Aligned with the light forces which are working towards the development of the universal love. The Brotherhood of the Star has been represented in the great spiritual movements on the planet, for the six-pointed star with a triangle with the apex pointing downward, which represents the spiritual plane descending into the material universe and another triangle with the apex upwards, representing the universe of matter rising to the spiritual plane, joining the two in perfect harmony and sintony through the mental plane. This is the six-pointed star, the Confederated star. Thus, King David, who was a contacted one, perceived the star in his meditations and therefore adopted it as the banner of his people, from that time on Earth is known as the Star of David, but is actually a Confederated symbol, which the hierarchies used as signal representation at creating denser.Hierarchies, to communicate with humanity, manifest the presentation of this pattern as key and ID signal, this signal indicates contact with a confederated being. It is also a symbol of effective protection, since the forces working to darkness, are repelled to some extent, by the vibrational emanation that it radiates.

Oxalc is a highly developed mental being which vibrates in the 6 th dimension of consciousness. He Works for Humanity bringing information to the planet, guarding the human process and assisting in the evolutionary step of humanity.

Nothing is outside the mathematical calculation of the spirit from which all humanity remains ignorant because of the complexity of it and the current evolutionary status of human beings. Our Milky Way galaxy is divided into 24 quadrants, which applies in each of the 24 elders, and our planet is divided into 777 squares. Based on information provided by the Elder Brothers, the genetic blueprint of the Earth hopes that humans can achieve the 7 th physical dimension, the 7 th dimension in the cosmic mental plane, and also aspires to rise 7 dimensions on the spiritual plane. This is the mathematical analogy of the three sevens, the 777, because this is known in some schools as the number of perfection. Of these 777 quadrants, there are 77 colonies grouped monadic beings. The colonies representing 77 different lineages. Both the colonies and lineages, are governed by 77 ranks, each responsible for the colony which is in charge, and print to that colony his energy and education. Between the hierarchies assigned to this task are the 9 of Andromeda, who are the beings who govern our local universe, the great nine galaxies that comprise it. Are the 24 Elders and 12 Minors of Morlen. Morlen is what is known as Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, which in reality for the confederation is a star from an evolutionary standpoint, since there exists the council of the confederation of worlds in our galaxy evolved, here is based the government of our galaxy, which makes about thirty thousand years, moved from one of the stars of Orion to one of the moons of Jupiter, Ganymede, intending to observe more closely the genetic blueprint of the Earth and its Christos evolutionary development. This star is governed by a set of beings, called the 12-Minor Morlen, among which is a human being Juaquel name, who in one of his incarnations on earth was known as Moses.He is one of the twelve hierarchies that govern this moon-star, where there are very important issues for the global evolutionary process. There is also, in the center of the Central Sun the Ionistas Council, they also work with the quadrants of the planet and its lineages.One of 77 strains of the planet is ruled by Sananda, he organized the group of monads. This is part of the vast system of organization of the planet, this information is being dispensed increasingly by our elder brothers of the cosmos, so that man can become aware and begin to aspire to the cosmic life.

There are groups on the planet responsible for receiving all this information from our higher brothers, through the inner knowledge they may have access to that information. All this work is part of the process of Christification. Christic is to achieve unity with the universal consciousness represented by Sananda Christ. To achieve this process is necessary to empty yourself completely to make room so that his conscience and transforming energy can enter in universal instruments, as have other beings, who through their experience with the example, they have shown how to achieve it, this is the case of St. Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio. They went through and managed the process of Christification, becoming instruments , this is what it’s understood by Christification, which is far from the idea of ??being a martyr for Jesus passing through that experience for anyone else to have to go through it. Blavatsky states that in the process of Christification, man can achieve just being the sandals of Jesus, because Sananda is one, because the process is a bit different than any other since his mission on earth, which was to open the door to Christ energy in order to let it in the world. Humanity will be living a process of collective Christification, where it reached many beings thereby creating the condition for intangible energies immaterial rays can enter the planet through these channels, making them universal instruments for the implementation of the plan, this is what is understood as Christification level of humanity.

It is essential not to create obstacles in the development of intuition, because intuition facilitates the channeling of intangible rays. A major obstacle to this development is the excessive use of the thoughts, one must set limits to this trend. Remain silent to achieve stillness of mind and establish a higher level contact with the soul inside, facilitates the development of intuition, because the soul is the ruler of this sense, no contact with the soul greatly hinders this development, the soul tune our intuitive channel. All the hustle and disharmony surrounding everyday life makes working with intuition a very difficult thing. All people have at some point and feel a sense of knowing what to do, but at the moment of perceiving this feeling, it appears the mental voice, logical and reasonable to contradict the Inner Voice, so the opportunity is lost to be guided by intuition. The more vacuum of the personality you are, the more committed to the spiritual development, and especially with the planetary rescue plan, the better chance of accessing the process of the soul exist for you, achieving so a greater harmony of soul and intuitive channel that we all should pay attention to this channel, which we all know it works because everyone has had some intuitive experience, sometimes only notice of intuition brings us to what is apparently logical reason or conveniently organized and controlled by one. It’s only a matter of experience, but it is time that through intuition you can be in a better position thus achieving access to the information which in this way begins to desend, as the linear mind has no real resources to understand certain things. By not tuning to another aspect of being, the information can not be even understood. It may happen that when reading or studying something, five minutes elapsed, come to think it is boring or too complicated, or has no interest or understanding their benefit, this is because the concrete linear mind has no resources to decode the information received. Thus, the mind automatically, set aside. To establish a link with some of the things that will need to be available from the soul tune that, in this way, intuition begins to feel, to decode and to attract the hearts and minds of information, making it possible to feel, perceive and experience. This goes far beyond the thought process or the fact of receiving or assimilate much information.

We know the first 7-rays and in this new work is immaterial lightning talks. Intuition channels immaterial rays, they carry the possibility that bodies can access and dive into other dimensions completely different, where the life that lives in the hierarchy is available to everyone. The only condition to live this immaterial rays is to submit. The Master Akiuk set that to truly understand the word first delivery is to live another two words: Resignation and Sacrifice.These two words are more related to the concept that has the word delivery for hierarchies, ie, men grasp the meaning of these two hierarchies as the first. Many people claim to be delivered, taking a misconception of the meaning of this word, do not want to hear anything about a change in conduct themselves or make any sacrifice for behavior involution. The true meaning of delivery includes the resignation, sacrifice and self-emptying, because otherwise intangible energies can not descend through a channel. Not everyone can channel the energies immaterial for this task, a group of monads undertake self-emptying and thus can descend immaterial rays reaching the planetary surface. So everyone will be permeated by these energies. This is necessary because the world needs to step in evolution, it lives as always from material rays, through them it is organized, but to step upward must experience. For these energies can enter, it is necessary to open the channels which should be emptied and disposed for the reception. Our guides and teachers, who show us the way they have gone through this process, they were opened and emptied themselves completely to start channeling some inmaterial rays, this leads to the path of Christification. Now it is necessary for humanity that are offered to surrender, renunciation, self vacuum for intangible rays to fulfill their role in the world’s evolutionary process that have designated. The planet will channel these rays anyway, but need to find consciousness available to organize the evolutionary step that will provide. We are all part of this plan, because we are already aware and we have the information. is an obligation for consious beings of the plan, to effort themselves to create this condition.

The development of the soul through it’s embodied experience and the service provided by the hierarchies in these times, and all the tools that are awarded for the evolucion, is conducted so that the man really can transcend and unite to monad. Thus the soul will have the chance, with his monad, of joining their other six monads, thus achieving a step towards the process of avatar, something that is not achieved in the course of a single embodiment taking into account the slowness of man to obey the divine laws. But there is at this special evolutive plan of the planet, the possibility that some consciences, some souls, with its monad can melt through the delivery process in the path of ascension, bringing together the other six and being able to step beyond , a step that has not reached so far. The particular moment that passes through the planet gives us great opportunities to all, as humanity, a step that at another time would have been very different and much slower. To seize this opportunity, humanity should be encouraged to consciously live these processes, any human being of this or any group that will meet this process should have clear that what he is doing is on behalf of everyone because we all take the evolutionary leap, the humanity as humanity gives this evolutionary leap, not only this group of monads, this is the most important thing.The group or being that achieves this it does process a single target, but carries it forward to be the door to the human whole, so it is very important that all human work together, because if you do not live directly these processes is very important, at least, support, and we are all part of this task. It must be deprogrammed the crystallization of human individualism, since some players are not not mean in any sense that they are out. Every time we support internally or collaborate with any of these processes we are part of it, that’s what the conscience of humanity must begin to activate, to wake up and start living open to these new patterns, to be the door of achieving the new race, to which all are working.

Regardless of race, anyone who has the opportunity to live their delivery, to experience the emptiness of itself and its offering to the plan, no matter who is tall, short, black, white, yellow, if you are rich, poor, whether healthy or ill, those are specific mental coordinates of humanity, have nothing to do with reality, it is very important that this is present in the knowledge of all.

Blavatsky conveys that is important to form contact groups. Hierarchies have goals to reach for us, we set goals for humanity to work with the planetary and universal process, because although the man does not understand it in its breadth, there are many human experiences that hierarchies are other stars as an example, as an instruction. One might ask, what example could mankind give as an instruction for other stars? Human beings have an almost unique feature in this universe and that is unpredictable, the man may have the most vile thoughts and feelings while the most loving and most employees in these polarities, in those extreme moves all human consciousness and all human learning. It is not wrong to form groups of contact, the danger is what individuals do with this, or in what they want to convert a contact group. First it must be a service group which does not expect anything for itself, that has nothing to gain or lose, that does not aspire to anything, working in a vacuum of self and delivery, try de-program, detach the common life, that the play of energies the stress of ordinary life there is clarity and prevent discrimination in the contact process. Therefore, in order to ensure minimal transmission of information, the channels that are offered to work as a contact group should leave the realm of common life, planetary energies, because it does not allow a channel to have a monadic or certain contact with our superior brothers, because there are many planetary level energies in opposition, this has been transmitted by the hierarchies. Thus they try small groups of beings, groups that because of karma or dharma are committed to work together in recent times,can live these processes and be more present. For some it can become unthinkable, and say, Why me, if I live a common life, I can not have contact with the hierarchy? This is possible, but is not considered as a channel that has certain guarantees for the hierarchy to convey certain information. The hierarchy over their experiences with the civilization has been able to organize contact groups into three types, the first type is called support groups, they are guided by signals from the hierarchy, they support certain planetary processes. The second group is called the Mediation Group, who are contacted to perform a specific task in a particular place and at any given time, serve the plan from that place at special moments and punctual. Finally, there are Contact Groups, these beings live a life dedicated solely to the service of hierarchy, certain patterns of living life to ensure contact, they live a training, formation and preparation. They are small, due to the effort involved in staying detached and impersonal, his mind empty and available twenty four hours a day. At this point global channels are needed that can provide certain guarantees to all due to the large amount of information available, there is much information that humanity understands according to its internal situation, this is not bad, because everyone does their best effort, but that is is not the best for everyone, as it is sometimes very difficult for someone that takes place in the world today, in the rush of everyday life,to keep a faithful contact. Thus, our history, all we know, from the books studied in school, are all interpretations of the information that has been available. All the Masters who are now assended, had to live the vacuum process themselves to be great channels, when embodied in general, most were never understood by the people around them because they lived on another frequency . The real contact groups, which are few in the world, trying through emptying themselves, through their compromise, dedication and preparation, to be, first of all, a service group that serves humanity to be the bridge between the hierarchy and all of humanity, like many we have known throughout history.

Maria, known as the mother of Jesus, is a hierarchy. Her name now is known as Mainhdra consciousness.In its passage through the world like Maria, reached a series of initiations that took her to live a great evolutionary step, which then further developed in other stars, in other civilizations, for development to perform one task at a universal level. The mother is a universal consciousness, the feminine aspect of creation and Mainhdra is who represents the local universe, the feminine aspect.

There are some intraterrestrial withdrawals, which have taken more functions, so call them as hierarchies planetary centers or centers of love, as is the case of Mount Shasta and probably during these times, with so many moves, many Withdrawals take on more functions to render in some way, planetary centers. The connotation of intraterrestrial retirement is not restrictive, is not it less, but it has different functions, is like those who have a compromise with the plan, every time we take more work, more things to do, with withdrawals and planetary centers it is the same. So little by little they move its appearance and the scope of its task, this is what will happen to us all at the end of time.

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Properly asleep and properly awake

When you go to bed and get ready for sleep, our higher self prepares all the energies that are available for him in the region of the heart chakra, and in its periphery is situated all the things that constitutes the automatic forces of the physical body, but the forces of the higher self and energies are channeled and gathered in the heart center, so that you can accompany these movements, internalize and depart towards a peaceful sleep, heading to deep with the higher self.To be harmonious, all the thoughts going through your brain, things that are going through the mind, all this must be transformed into something better, or modified, in a way that everything that happens in our minds, does not generate mental stress or emotional, so you can relax the mind and physical body. It is very important the position in which the task of relaxation is performed, each person must find the position that is most favorable, little by little, one by one, our vehicles physical, mental and emotional will relax as well as our counsciousness will be internalized, and accompanying the motion.

It is important that the last thought before sleep, is a positive thought, a thought of peace, harmony and is also a reflection of our aspiration, our intention to remain at the highest level of our consciousness. In this case we will have really done everything to have a good sleep, we will have done everything to go through quickly, the area of ??the physical brainl, etheric and also the astral and emotional.

If everything stay relaxed, if everything has changed before reaching the dream, we have a real opportunity to have a repairing sleep for the physical body, which stay relaxed and empty minded. This is the optimal state to enter in a dream.

If at the time of relaxation, the concerns of the day or the day’s events begin to come to mind, you can use the resource of the summary of the day’s events, starting with dinner and thus continuing to retreat to when we wake in the morning, it is very important to the summary that you must not get involved with anything of what happened in the day, as if you were watching a movie in reverse. The practical effect of this exercise is that every day spent stays in the memory of the brain and the mental body, like chapters in a film, the recapitulation in reverse, with a lot of equity, is like to unwind that film, thereby releasing the mechanism of memory. Many people when making the journey to the inverse of the facts, they sleep in the middle of the wrap, but this does not matter, as long as you have been meaning to do the exercise, because from the time the work begins, the intention is projected in the dream, and sometimes inside that dream, the person can work in the reverse summary, this shows the effect of the ultimate intention before sleep, affecting the subjective level of the mind.

The moment of awakening, it is also very important, since one usually sums up what happened during the night, more so of course those who are used to dream, recall and recapitulate the dreams.

By the morning at the time we are awakening
, there is a very short time of perception, at this time should be careful not to occupy the mind with the occupations and preoccupations of the new day, at the time, when we realize that we are waking up, we should avoid thinking about anything, not to attract any thought, if at this moment we remain silent, quietly, in stillness, without thinking about anything, we will perceive that we are seeing the body waking up.This is how we finish waking up with that consciousness, so it is important not to move the body, mainly the head, as any movement made with the physical body leads to the disappearance of dream consciousness, mainly to move the head . At the time of awakening is necessary to have the will to remain in quiet, physically, mentally and emotionally, remaining completely awake and still, there is a greater probability to observe if the memory is the memory of that rest’s dream . If you remember only a part of the dream, we must keep that part very much, because this can make the other parts of the dream appeal, to reconstruct the dream entirely. If only we remembered the end, it is better not want to remember at once how it started, but go back little by little to remember the beginning. Sometimes after waking up in peace and quiet, the dream can entirely emerge, in this case is not necessary to the recapitulation of sleep. Even after remembering the complete dream, is still very important to remain still and not make any sudden movements, because you may lose some sleep or completely, we should not worry if you do not remember any part of the dream or just remember a fragment, everything should be calm without getting nervous, because sometimes the complete dream is not good for our task, it is like we have an intelligent mechanism, is like if the consciousness of our body and our higher self memory gave him, only that part of the dream that really has a symbolic meaning, the part that gives us a lesson,
because sometimes the rest of the dream may be a mix, something that has no relevance to our evolution .

Once we have the memory of the dream or a part of it completely embodied in harmony and with full care, we must proceed to express it on a paper. Some people, when they sit on the bed to write, they lose all memory, so it is advisable to have a notepad and a pen handy, and make a habit of taking note of a summary and avoid losing the most important details, after scoring the basics, or the whole dream, we can review and try to remember a second dream, if this comes to mind. If you’re not
quite sure that you remember everything, if we do not remember well, or that something was distorted, if we do not remember it or is
in doubt, do not worry about it, now we can look back again, based on the annotations.If we managed to remember after
practice, after having risen, we must hold, calmly, without worry, the intention to remember, being receptive and willing to eventually receive a message, as this intention, work during the day, while we are doing something else, holding this intention, and you may suddenly remember a dream or an important detail, this is quite common, as also to be remembered a dream you have had a long time ago, because this material does not lose consciousness.Because of this, you have to constantly hold the intention to remember with a positive attitude, giving you the opportunity at any time. Events, or the extra corporeal activity of our higher vehicles, are not reflected in our consciousness at the time of the activity, they are recorded in the time we wake up, because of this, it can not be relied upon a chronological order of these activities.

When the body starts to sleep, in the firsts two or three hours, consciousness is going
through exactly the etheric zone, crosses the physical area and entered the emotional zone, therefore, the dreams of the two or three hours have less symbolic value, there from emerge the projections, or remains of what happened during the day, there are the projections absorbed during the day, and they starts to loose at this time, then one comes into contact with it, or with emotional influences or collective mind, which penetrated into our aura.From this period of two or three hours, consciousness, begins to deepen, and dreams begin to have
more value, until consciousness, comes to the bottom of the unconscious, at that moment, we enter what is called the deep dream, in this state of consciousness very essential things happens to us, we are re energized and contacted with our
inner world, our inner reality, from which we extract all the energy to get through the following day, if we can not reach the deep sleep, we would not get enough energy to sustain our lifes, you must reach deep sleep, so that in those brief moments, we can collect enough energy to sustain ourselves.The continuity of life does not depend on external things, it really depends on this energy that we find in these times when our consciousness enters the deep sleep. After a deep sleep, you can enter another kind of dream, because the first sleep period is a time of recollection, here begins another experience, another movement. We left the deep sleep and are back out, bringing the experience and its results. when we are returning from deep sleep, consciousness goes back through the mental, astral and etheric then, until in the morning, we return to the physical consciousness. It is very important, make the mental, emotional and etheric bodies have had a relaxing asleep, not just to get to the deep sleep faster, but also so that at the back of this, these levels can be found clean, relaxed and in harmony .

When the information is printed on the mental and the emotional use the material found there, so that when the inner experience is brought, it uses the material that already exists in the mind, all that this record and lived for this embodiment, it will use the material to which the mind is adequate, including the cultural and social context, in the same way, acting with the material in the emotional vehicle, and finally, the same occurs with the etheric material. The etheric body can give
more body to these impressions, it can make them more real, and if the physical brain, sleep well, there are optimum conditions for information to be translated into it, but not everything is recorded in the brain, although we are not
aware, this movement was in the inner levels, on the astral plane, on the mental plane, the etheric plane, in the deep plane.A deep sleep, although one is not conscious when awakening, affects, and produces many results, so, our higher self, will worth about that, even though we may not be conscious. Upon waking in the morning, we will receive the benefits of this experience, especially if the deep sleep was very helpful and even more helpful is it the conscious self, has achieves an awareness of the experience, because in this case, the personality can work better, and the outer personality may actually take these messages and not just act on the subconscious level.

It can also happen in the morning when awakening, to receive an instruction of what should be done about a situation that we had to solve during the day or in the course of our lives. Whoever has the tendency to have this kinds of manifestationt, the best, for this to unfold, is that when we know that we face a situation to resolve, we can clearly state this, surrendering completely to the unconscious, as if we deposit the problem into our inner world. After the delivery of the situation at the unconscious level, we should not think about it, so this mechanism is developed, and frees the mind from the stress of the problem and the solution comes in the morning, determined through this mechanism, implemented by the upper inner reality. There is a time during the day, called nap when you can do this same work, on a smaller scale, over this period can also state the issues and present them to the inner world, you can do it like questions or stating the situation to resolve.

It’s good to have a basic schedule for sleeping, and set a pace that is beneficial and facilitates the process.

When sleep is interrupted abruptly, either by an alarm clock, or by some external action, consciousness has to return abruptly to the body, and this virtually eliminates the possibility to remember and do the work in an orderly manner.

the clock is used due to ignorance of the possession of a conscience that serves us, if we ask, to our higher vehicles, the ones who does not sleep all night, staying active, if we asked our consciousness to wake us up to certain time, our counscioussness will wake the physical body up, greatly outpacing the benefits of using the alarm, that disharmony our first consciousness, in physical reality, forceing us to a more extensive alignment of our vehicles.

When someone asks us to wake up, when there is a reason why we should wake someone, this must be done with some care, remembering that the individual’s consciousness, is outside the body, because it is prudent to wake the person in a way that the consciousness can enter gradually into body.

Everything or most of what we do in the moment before going to bed, for example, sitting in front of the TV to watch a newscast or a TV show, this is transferred to the dream, not just this material enters the dream, but we are linked with the quality of mind, with that mental level we absorb. Suppose that before going to sleep, we watch television, read a book or have a conversation, immediately after falling asleep, we tune in our dreams, with that quality, with that vibrational pattern, either in the mentally, emotionally, or in the etheric. So it’s very important what we do before going to sleep, if we carefully select the energies wich we will have contact in the moment before going to sleep, choosing those that cause us the state of peace, harmony, or happiness, when we enter the dream state we will take these energies and join an experience related to the energy we carry.

Levels, where one goes during sleep and what happens there, is something you must give to the higher self, because it is the superior being, who drives the consciousness to that place, is the superior being, who brings energy and leads to the cardiac region, is he who guides us in these experiences.


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