Mount Shasta – Second Part

Solar disc saves much information extremely important that we will need to learn as follows. We need to creat a link with each solar disc to receive vibrations and light codes that our vehicles needs to pass these tests.

Ascended Masters says that solar disc Emanashí keeps seven principles:

  • Illumination
  • Transparency
  • Love
  • Cure
  • Unity
  • Reverence
  • Brotherhood

Mount Shasta’s solar disc is divided by 4 parts:

  • Core of Light
  • Intuitional Core
  • Spiritual Core
  • Solar Core

Core of Light express the 1st vibrational level. It is the solar disc Emanashí’s most physical level. In this level, light core represents the physical vibrational scale of light in human beings, always associating the process of retirement to us as light beings. This means that those light core represents the physical aspects of our heart.

That means that on this scale, Emanashí directs, leads and transforms the material light levels in all creatures.

When we contacted the Emanashí light core, we are contacting a vibration that will allow us to transform our material light levels. Contact with the 1st vibrational level Emanashí, radiates the light pattern intraterrestrial, the light that our major brothers has spoken to us. That light core radiates that vibration towards to us, ie, those consciences, unconscious or subconscious, plunges into the reality intraterrestrial through the core’s intention. Just an internal bridge is enough. This allows light hold demonstrations for the planet and the light between us, between the various creatures.

The core of light is the fundamental vibratory channel more Emanashí key. It is a level of contact between intraterrestrial and cosmic realities. It is a food light on underworld beings, that is, the light heart of the solar disk, radiating toward us and toward retirement, the light intraterrestrial that allows us to transcend our material respects.

The core of light manifests the ultimate symbol of the cosmic light. The solar disk has the ability to canalize cosmic energy and energy from the center of the Earth. That energy is converted into each of the spaces of the solar disk and is transferred to the surface, for different aspects of human being.

The activation of core of light, affects vibrational levels of our conscience. To recognize the realities of that contact, of the universal service provided by the solar disk, our conscience should be deserted and keep in touch with the internal retirement.

Intuitional Core represents the solar disk in the 2nd vibrational scale. On this scale we are faced with a vibration root. Following the vibration on the solar disk is magnetic and telluric vibrations the disk channels as a tool. At this point, the heart intuitional is headquartered in the vibration of the planet. The external vibration is MA. It allows to create a contact condition with the essence of the Earth.

MA is the vibration, the pattern to be activated and potentiated, the planet contribution to the transformation of the mental, emotional, astral and Earthly at the level of the actions of all creatures. As simple as working with the vibration MA.

When mantralizamos RAMA, we are accessing two vibrations. A cosmic through the RA, and other intraterrestrial or the center of the Earth through MA. They are two different codes, one solar and one intraterrestrial which we are all trained. Being able to channel these energies, we are activating those codes that help us transform.

The intuitional core is in the soul level. It is the conducting body of celestial ideas and receptacle of impulses that occur through the inner call. Every time we live in an incarnation that inner call, we are having contact our intuitional aspect. In the same way that the appearance of Emanashí, intuitional core, radiates the vibration so that we can turn that call into our interior. Apparently, the intuitional core as tuning key inside, allows from Emanashí to create new contact conditions with the essence of soul. This permits from the solar disk, to generate the pattern of the soul cure . This pattern is activated in almic essences conducted within the conservatory of the solar disk, and when we connect sincerely with the retirement’s core, our soul is transported there, it can be healed.

The key of the core intuitional, creates a state of cure that represents evolutionary Akashic healing, resolution of past debts. If souls have not yet reached the state intuitional or what we call the connection to the world souled, mean levels of mental awareness or emotional-astral land, reserves are found or discovered or hidden past feelings to be transmuted. The intuitional core conducts reality of the soul body, to the level of vibrational level that manifests the solar disk. If we don’t have the possibility of being permanently connected to our soul, it is because there are strong records of other learning, that don’t keep us from taking steps in evolution. The intuitional aspect, the intuitional core of Emanashí, helps us to deprogram these processes so that our soul is in tune with the whole-body vibration souled.

The spiritual core is the 3rd key that leads the right vibratory awakening of the inner world. In this field, the solar disk of Tayos cave, Jasintah is who commands movements and treatments. Tayos Cave and the solar disk Jasintah organizes the inner world of man. The spiritual core of Mount Shasta is a direct connection with the solar disk and helps Jasintah these internal motions for the man surface. Those who have connected in their work and then Emanashí Jasintah, ie, those who can connect with the two solar discs, receives the benefits that enable collaboration with the opening of our inner world. The spiritual core leads to those beings into a state of continuous ascending, creating favorable conditions for internal vibrating from that scale, the individual does not fall anymore, that is, to remain in the internal vibrational scale and not fall back into three-dimensional process.

In the world of Emanashí, the 3rd level of the solar disk, the spiritual core, gives its vibrational note at the emotional core, the center core. This relationship of the 3rd vibrational level is activated when the internal worlds you create an opening gate to the spiritual law.

What is to get opened to the spiritual law? It seems very complicated, but it is not. When a being is contemplating a beautiful flower, a sunset, a tree, and goes in tune with the universe, is tuned with a law, which is the law of the spirit. We do not need sophisticated procedures, only to be available and believe in what we are doing. Major brothers tell us that it is only an inner attitude, not about complicated exercise.

The spiritual core lead the planet into cosmic divinity. As an activation record for the creatures. It is the intermediary between the heart’s energy essence each being and its relationship to spiritual law. It is the vibrational scale that emits a light pulse on the heart of consciences on this planet school. Is the support for the activation of the awakening process of each being, that connects your spirit with the major divine source. This is one of the humble collaborations that has Emanashí solar disk.

SOLAR CORE represents the scale No. 4 within the disc. This activates the essence of the sun gift to all mankind. The solar gift is a cooperative mechanism that takes place between intraterrestrial people, for subtilization of each solar essence.

The polarity of the solar essence in man is the ego. The ego is a terrestrial aspect, which stimulates the constant transformation. We must educate our ego to assist in our evolutionary process. We must educate it. Its impulses are very useful when we drive to keep going, to persevere and sometimes insist. The intraterrestrial brothers tells us that we have to use that aspect of our lower self, well oriented to the propel transformation.

The solar essence that is equipped and activated in every being, is found in the so-called Light Body. This body, takes solar codes channeled through monadic fluids. The solar core, is the intermediary between the Light Body and the lower being. When that lower being is educated and predisposed to proceed, the Emanashí Solar Core is the link. It produces the link between our solar essence and the lower being that begins to behave better, so to speak.

The impulses sent from Emanashí in this 4th vibrational level, can create conditions for the transcendence of the lower being through the solar essence what we call in every being, the solar core. On this scale vibrational of Emanashí’s solar core is stimulated at every turn, a relationship and communication between the light body and the monad. This is very important because as we work from here down, sometimes unconsciously to what happens with our bodies up there, our light body, our monad, begins to share large information, the same information from which our body of Light is fed and in the future will be where we live great experiences cristics. This is one of the patterns we await to activate in the consciences of civilization on Earth. The solar core.

The relationship between the light bodies with monads, creates the effect of transcendence in lower being. We are working down here trying to educate our lower being for help us, to work in our favor. Between our body of light and our monad, there is a very important working fluid and that working fluid will begin to descend when our soul become active and allow the fluid to enter our lower being and transform. It’s like a great mechanism, a great engineering work that we put to work in the spiritual core of Emanashí. It represents a fundamental key, because the true spiritual attitude is the safe path for humanity to receive the assistance you need. Remember we only have to take a correct inner attitude. From the heart… from the purest of intentions.

All this information is a grain of sand, because as human beings have a limited capacity to understand and receive. We are always with our lower bodies, those we have to focus. We can not be connected 24 hours. So this is a grain of sand, because it is amazing the amount of information that retirements keep inside. We really can not even imagine, and we must assimilate that information slowly. It’s what major brothers have told us always.

The «Book of Love of the White Robes» is the true history of our planet. Is filed within the interior retirements. That is the commitment they have made to the deity. To reveal the true history of humanity, that mankind shall receive the «Book of Love of the White Robes.»

Mount Shasta has 7 gateways, they are called portals Shastar. The term Shastar speaks about a solar and vibrational condition that happens with intraterrestrial beings in this retirement. It is the key to the realities and portals of Mount Shasta. It represents the spiritual identification of the intraterrestrial missionaries .

The Shasta intraterrestrial missions are stellar groups of colonies that reach to the retirements to experience on the knowledge of mankind or to provide as consciences, the knowledge learned in other schools and other stars. Shastar is the key internal communication with these groups intraterrestrial. We also have 3 keys Emanashí.

They are consciences that are owned by the extra-planetary colonies within the new galaxies in our universe. They are beings that vibrate in the 5th dimension and have the skills development and mental potential, such as telepathy. They are inside the Mount Shasta retirement and instructs in the knowledge of telestesy, an intuitive and magnetic state, through the unconscious mental state, which creates conditions of sensory contact and ethereal, with realities that enter from the 4th to the 7th dimension of consciences. All these sciences are tools that the brotherhood is starting to pass us because they are potentialities that we can develop within the human genetic process. One characteristic is that the being who was to be developed on the planets of UR category, was of high quality and development of extrasensory abilities. If we knew what we are capable of we would get to work here and now.

All this information is not only to tell us that major brothers are very developed, it is for identify with them and have the aspiration of that it can be activated at some point, some of these capabilities asleep, to put the service of the Creator, who is reality for which we were designed.

They are beings that vibrate in the 5th dimension and are within the withdrawal of Mount Shasta, who instructs in the knowledge of the telestesy. This intuitive and magnetic state of telestesia is channeled through the palms. The driver channel of discharge that are sent by other dimensions, allows the being to contact with other situations.

There is an extra sensory ability called dermo-optics, that sends that telestesic energy and allows through the touch to receive the records that have been printed on its touches. Those are exercises that human beings should do from time to time. This depends on the degree of spiritual awakening and the degree of absolute love, because telestesy is not related to a personal ability. It is a tool within the local universe for the relationship with the plans, but that is activated according to the degrees of love and true spiritual awakening that being is developed.

The beings of Shastar also lead to the beings in the instructions stellar radiesthesia (dowsing). For the brotherhood, this is identified as the magnetic state for creating an internal condition of contact between the magnetism of the Earth and the solar magnetism.

Broker contact channel in the human being is the heart chakra. This means we can perfectly canalize, use and donate these energies and potentials to the plan and service. This aspect is activated to channel solar codes to the pituitary through the inner channel of the cerebellum during the discharge of the transmutation of the Earth. This channel allows to create a sensory relationship with the 4th dimension.

The 7 gates of Mount Shasta, are guided by beings of Shastar, that through scientific knowledge, potentiate their consciences, the possibility of entering the 7 states or schools of instruction which provide access portals. In the internal layers of the Earth are the 7 schools of science instruction, guided by the 7 Master scientific mentors.

Many Masters are dedicated to education. Some originate in distant stars remain in the 6th state of consciences, into retirement, coordinating these portals. They are scientists mentors, support the central government of the star. We call them the «Nine of Andromeda». Those 9 Masters represent the 9 galaxies that are part of our local universe and form the government of our evolutionary process. These Master mentors are working in the portals of Mount Shasta and are in direct task support to the Nine of Andromeda.

Mount Shasta acts as core of the Network Time It receives the higher impulses of the extra-planetary hierarchy. Therefore, the 7 portals are assisted and supported by highly developed concience, which are in permanent contact with the Nine of Andromeda. These minds are representatives of the sidereal knowledge and are contributing to the cosmic instruction matrix. They were called as members of the confederation, to deposit their experiences intraterrestrial consciences, which must receive the knowledge of distant brothers of other schools of instruction and reveal what those schools and who are those who run them.

-In the 1st layer of the Earth, there is the 1st school. School’s internal radiesthesia. It is knowledge about the movements and lines of the Earth. The Swan Ashter Master, is who canalizes the ubiquity ray and coordinates this 1st school.

-In the 2nd layer of the Earth, is telesthesia school. It is the concentration of the solar flows through the coronary, which is the training school for the being. The Master of the Swan Emack canalizes the will-power ray and coordinates the 2nd school.

-In the 3rd layer of the Earth is the school of curators and scientists. It is a reservoir of knowledge and experience in other stars. Rubrak, is a being which is from the Swan, canalizes the ray of love, wisdom and coordinates the 3rd school.

-On the 4th layer of the Earth is sodoesthesia school. Is the relationship between intuitive knowledge in people and communication with solar realities. Is the school of soul and solar awakening. Anitel, a female being, was one of those who contacted us in Mount Shasta. She is Pleiadian in origin but lives in the Swan and Mount Shasta. Through the process of omnipresence, conveyed the ray of harmony through love and coordinates the 4th school.

-In the 5th layer of the Earth is the school of wisdom. It is the center of sidereal knowledge through activation of the 2nd ray of love-wisdom. Umak from Orion, is a being that canalizes the ray of the order and ceremony on the 5th and coordinates the school.

-In the 6th layer of the Earth is universal irradiation school. Is the state in one or more beings intraterrestrial that create equilibrium conditions with the planets and through its relations with the sole source or the 9th dimension. Anak is a being from Sirius, which canalizes the ray of knowledge and science, and coordinates the school on the 6th.

-In the 7th layer of the Earth school is operational and sidereal. Work with the contact of the universes and management of governments and the stars through the base of Mount Shasta, as experiences and spiritual contact with the Source. It is a school of divine recognition between the planes. Lublak, is a being from Swan, conveyed the ray of intelligence through intuition and coordinates the 7th school.

The mirrors on Mount Shasta need to be activated by us so they can carry throughout the world, new patterns of GNA. We have 7 mirrors in Mount Shasta, 3 projecting into Lake Siskiyou, a lake in the mountain base and the other 4 at the base of the mountain. We have:

  • The mirror that canalizes the energy of grace, and works the first 7 bodies.
  • The mirror that canalizes the energy of healing and working with the subconscious.
  • The mirror that canalizes the energy of piety and works with our solar plexus.
  • The mirror that works with the energy of sublimation and physical level, our pituitary and mental material that enters through our crown.
  • The mirror work in the dissolution of emotion inappropriate to enter our heart and that canalizes the energy of the unit.
  • The mirror works with deprogramming in our throat, for the dissolution of the words that are misplaced, obtuse words that are not useful. She also canalizes the energy of the fraternity.
  • The mirror that canalizes the energy of forgiveness and working with our thyroid gland and the possibility of expressing gratitude.

What you save in the history of Christ within the solar disk? Remember that aspects of this process are distributed on all sun dials.

The mystery of the incarnation of Christ on Earth and its importance in the Universe, still take time to be comprehended by the human mind from the 3rd dimension. The various passages of the Master described in the Gospels and other passages only found in apocryphal documents, embodied in the universal life, light codes, redemption and healing in this cycle so we are beginning to live, are the antidotes to unlock the evolution of the universe. In other words, the story of Christ incarnate in Palestine 2000 years ago, can be understood as a great and profound cosmic laboratory cure. Situations like the bond between human consciousness and the archangel for baptism, the victory over temptation and evil for 40 days in the desert, the transfiguration, the consecration of bread and wine at the Last Supper, the acceptance of the calyx suffering in Gethsemane, the sublimation of suffering during the passion, the contact of the material substance of the planet with the sacred blood, the forgiveness on the cross, the descent into the infernal planes after the death and resurrection, each of these passages, corresponding to the creation of balms of love and universal forgiveness.

Codes of light produced by the Christic experience on the planet are distributed by withdrawal intraterrestrial and planetary centers within the solar disk information. Correspond to the most valuable treasures that saves the planet. These words of our elder brothers. Emanashí keeps in its records, codes of dissolution and importance of the energy of fear, suffering and pain Christ lived for his passion. Light codes were generated by him in the process of crucifixion. Since the solar disk, these codes of light irradiated to the planet, along with the energy of the mirrors, will be crucial for the acute phase of rescue begin to live on Earth.

Big and dense is the cloud psychological fear, pain and suffering, than a dark plate stifles all our planetary life. Power is a mass formed by the continuous destruction of the animal kingdom, the historical process of the destruction of peoples (as the Indians and Africans), by the wars of mass destruction, by the pattern of immediate fear, All this is irradiated on every continent through the media.

In the solar disk of the Network of Time, are kept vital clues to our human and planetary process. Ulimen, Aurora solar disk, disk is not only a high concentration of information for a cure. Corresponds to a global tool, designed to receive the coupling of information from the other disks cure. We could compare it to a big board ready to receive the different pieces of a puzzle, in which the entire image is reconstructed heritage formed by the energies and knowledge of healing and redemption distributed to all withdrawals. The complete picture of the puzzle, is cosmic and planetary healing for the Earth, so the disk must compose the healing power represented by the incarnation of Christ and to gather and unite the energies of the consecration of planet earth as sacred.

We are beginning to organize this puzzle, to have all those codes, the source of suffering, pain and fear that Christ lived for his passion, which is probably one of the most brutal transgressions that humans can receive. There is medical research, anthropologists who have studied what is it you can feel a human being to be crucified? There are even scientists who had to leave the study, the research they were doing why they could not endure, could not understand how a human being could inflict such pain to another.

The significance of all this suffering, of being able to bear, is an experience that has been recorded in the solar disk Emanashí and available for us to transcend our fears, our sorrows and our pains.

There was also a proposal by the Brotherhood to the base of Mount Shasta, to develop a community that will shaft, a monastery that will work with the verb to keep the engine running, a community that will have some special connotations and individuals and we are definitely committed as a working group to that place that seems so distant, or in a near future time is coming also with Grace Mercy order to northern California, where he will work closely with the deva world with the world of sound, the science of sound and where they can develop a community that can create a condition for support and help the American people to transcend.

Sananda has put in his heart the entire planet and is prepared by all who wish to follow, for transcending the planetary population, and things for us as far as those living worlds great polarities, as American society and African society, are undoubtedly its great features. Surely we have ever offered to be with him, we arrive at some point to all those places.

Of course we invite you to participate from wherever they have chosen to work and join us and accompany him in this rescue effort with Mainhdra that he has put in his heart, so that as many souls can be transcended into the light and our planet can live in a future that promised land we have been waiting for so long.

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