Mount Shasta – First Part

A working group has been invited by the hierarchies to visit Mount Shasta. This has already become a global center. They have gone to the bottom of this great white mountain, with eternal snow. A privileged place in Northern California in the U.S., where life is lived in quiet towns, in a lush beauty of nature, where pines are the rulers of the place.  Apparently, a truly paradise, away from all the infernal noise of big cities.

Hierarchies say, that, to be connected with Mount Shasta, there are clues that are being delivered, to make contact with the retirement as a place, and all that this retirement can provide to us, like information and the possibility of the internal work that our souls need to take the steps that need to be taken at these times, as has been the pattern for each of the withdrawals. Whenever information is received from a retirement, there is something that it’s constant. What the brotherhood gives us, are keys to work so we can take steps in our evolution. These keys are available to all humans. They are simple exercises, the heart line is enough. It is so perfect and so wonderful. It is very easy to perform. We have the information available in this format, CDs and readings to connect again and again, to tune into that vibration and introduce ourselves into the retirements, to share everything that happens inside the earth, and the things we ignore that hierarchies do, so we can take steps at this end of times.

The 1st key to activate the conscience of the withdrawal of Mount Shasta is called Shastay, meaning Path of God in man. Through this word, we connect with the consciousness of Mount Shasta. Is a key that was tuned by indigenous’s ancient colonies, and through that sinthony, they achieved the contact with Mount Shasta. It is a sinthony which attempts to activate our institutional part. Shastay is the call for the withdrawal and the kingdom of Mount Shasta, to enter to our 7 dimensions, as human beings and enter through the sinthony of the heart center.

The kingdom of Mount Shasta is the universal concentration of intraterrestrial light, or the lightening engine which sustain as the coronary, the performances of the remaining intraterrestrial withdrawals in America. This means that Mount Shasta works like our coronary works. through there, enters the cosmic energy to all other intraterrestrial withdrawals. Is the one which canalize from the cosmos, the polar energies that are shared with Cayona’s withdrawal in Antarctica. Mount Shasta and Cayona forms what we call the cosmic scale, that is the balance generated by both retirements for the entire network of time. For this equilibrium is given in thirteen solar disks, Mount Shasta and Cayona represent what are called, major axes on the planet.

That a withdrawal it’s a major axis, means enabling the extension and fluid of intraterrestrial energies, in the different tunnels of the inner world. Cayona is a very important retirement that creates a favorable condition for man, to transcend some of the material life situations. Mount Shasta is its polarity. The two of them together generate a planetary axis made of cosmic and telluric energy, that sustains our planet. Let the energies flowing in intraterrestrial withdrawals, do the same easily and feed the rest of the time network.

The solar disk Emanashí, inside Mount Shasta, in Shasta retirement, is formed by the integration of three bases. Two on intraterrestrial worlds and one on the high mountains. At the top of the mountain there is a base. At the bottom of the mountain, in the intraterrestrial world there are the other two bases, forming the triangulation, which also has a clue which we can access. When tunning with that clue, we’ll tune the three bases that have a special function that works with the subtle bodies of all human beings that are connected with it.

This triangulation is called by the older Shastiuk. It is a vibration that can work as a password to access these three bases of the triangulation. Brothers who took part in this three dimensional world, and other brothers who came from the stars, meet for the operation of the bases and laboratories, which are different fields of action from the level of consciousness. They work on that bases trying to live experiences that supports us, and help them to improve their counsciousness processes. Shastiuk bases are material bases, that remains vibrating in the 4th dimension. This means that there are supraphysical. They are material bases that are inside the mountain and in the intraterrestrial halls.

Shastiuk, is the curator of Mount Shasta center. These three databases are operating in the genetic, cellular, Souled and spiritual cure in human beings, and especially in «Mongoloid» beings. Mongoloid beings have a task on the planet and Mount Shasta as retirement and planetary center deals with monitoring their work, on the surface of the earth. This is very interesting because for us, which on the surface, we have so much prejudice and discrimination in some sectors, is our daily bread that a planetary center deals especially those beings who are learning that lesson. This is a lesson for all.

The three bases are called as Ashta base, which is at the foot of the mountain, Eshta base, which is also at the foot of the mountain and the Rishta base is at the top of the mountains.

The Ashta base works with the soul healing. Tries to reveal into the human being the pattern of cosmic love. The deprogramming that is done on the Ashta base is based on the removal of souled registers that conditionate the potential of awakening and evolution in each individual inside the cosmic life. Is a base which is characterized by the integration of light crystals, inside the souled cores, through irradiation of beings working in it. In this base acts the counsciousness of Sirius and Venus. This meansthey work with our souled core, with our souls, deprogramming through them the line that we perform on that basis, all registers that prevent us from taking steps in evolution. For those who work seriously and sincerely, placed inside us, in our souled core , small crystals so that we can tune better, and the irradiation of these etheric crystals, can enable in us their patterns.

Eshta base acts on the spiritual plane. Its location at the foot of the Shasta mountain to create a fluid connection to the center of the earth, reconnecting with the sources of the cosmos. Is close to the kingdom of the solar disk that enables you to act inside the spiritual monadic plane, activating the pattern of Transcendence.

It is very important to us all that they can provide. Transcendence pattern develops inside us to transcend those constraints that prevent us to take the steps that we need. The most interesting part is that all these tools are absolutely available to all of us, but only receives its radiation, those who work out or who you want. This qualification is very important, because everything is available to all of us, only that we have to practice, because practice turns one individual into a master.

On this base acts the energies concerning the glass center of the earth, which projects a connection to the center of the solar disk. The Eshta base is the intermediary between the realities of magnetic fluids in the heart of the earth and is the communicator of the retirement with solar sources of the cosmos. This means that it channels the cosmic energies and the energies of the center of the earth, for the retirement to feed the others retirements of the net of time. As each of the retirements from the net of time has its own channel of cosmic energy and energy from the center of the earth, Mount Shasta it’s up the task of being the engine that channels these primordial energies.

Our call divine core, or essence, is placed, through the transfer of the astral body in a container of blue glass and amethyst quartz inside the base to receive the radiation pattern of transcendence. This means that through our astral body, at some point our essence enters to the retirement and it’s placed in a quartz crystal and amethyst place to receive the pattern of transcendence. This happens when we tune. Our astral body is a body that, if it’s well educated, is very flexible and has the ability to travel through time and space coordinates, which open when you are tuned and it’s moved into a retirement for assistance and be the vehicle for other subtler bodies. You just have to do it correctly.

Humanity has not learned to use their bodies to work and the key to go to a Safe place and being with secure companies to work strongly in prayer, and in mantras, protecting (with the tools they learn), our being to come into actual contact with older brothers.

Eshta base inside the retreat, is the integration with the wisdom in the spiritual plane, expressed in the intuitional body through the soul. Each of the spaces inside intraterrestrial retirements, is like a living creature which has several dimensions, several bodies where several aspects of ourselves are working. retirement is a reflection of our own or we are a reflection of the retirement. Therefore, each base, each space inside the retirement represents one of our aspects.

At heights of the mountains in the top of Mount Shasta, is what is known as the Rishta base, which is the other side of the triangle. It is the 1st station base which remains in the land of the 144 bases admitted in the early foundations of building intraterrestrial retirements. This means that before starting work inside intraterrestrial retirements, and the planetary centers, older siblings brought to the planet 144 bases.

Bases mean all those consciences which will begin to develop a task inside the planet, and entering intraterrestrial spaces, begin to refurbish that spaces until it becomes material. A base that enters the planet is a set of consciences donated for this work, entering a specific place and begin to acondicionate their spaces to develop a task.

These 144 bases were removed from the planet and its tasks because of the end of their collaboration inside the plan. This means that these 144 bases of the beginning, they’re gone except Rishta, which has remained as the executor of polar energies for the entire network time. They continue their operation from the beginning. Shamballa was the planetary pole and monitored the 144 seasonal basis inside the retirements, and still remains, and will remain, until in the surface of the earth, human beings can keep in touch with Mount Shasta and we complete this task.

An extension of the Rishta base in Mount Shasta is a database called Arabi, is in Aurora, and projects into Aurora. Represents an minor extension which has remained as a remnant of the Rishta base. After this event, the base will be out of the planet, she can return to its origins when we begin to develop this work they develop today.

The Rishta base is a base monitored by the consciousness of Pluto and other stars as the constellation of Taurus. They are basis of surveillance, monitoring and reordering of intraterrestrial functions, conductor of the energies of the confederacy to the planet, precursor of the fraternity, agents of teleporting to other worlds in cosmic astral and mental planes. This means that they can also lead to other stars some learning to live in our bodies cosmic, astral or mental bodies. This is possible through the tune and the key to heart as we said at first. The Rishta base, is currently acting as a substitute for tasks that do not happen by humans. The tasks of maintaining constant connection to Mount Shasta. While there are not many humans willing to develop this type of work, it is important that everyone become aware, because at some point all older siblings will be removed from the planet and the functions they develop need to stay, so we we must give to be in those places, learn to perform these tasks and to deepen our inner contact with the bases because they need to continue working with us. It seems very distant, very abstract, but it is not. It’s as easy as inner tuning. What happens is that people think that some tasks have to be terribly sophisticated, complicated, impossible. Not so. It’s as simple as the transformation, we only must be willing to it.

Mount Shasta holds a key of access into the retirement. For the meeting with an immaterial reality closest to us, participate of the encounter with bigger intraterrestrial retirements which forms part of astronomical operations, in different degrees of consciousness. This area is according to the cosmic plan, prepared for extra-planetary contacts with intraterrestrial brothers that lie ahead for some time, as well as with indigenous brothers keepers, called by the brotherhood of Ishta.

This means that place at the foot of the mountain, is prepaired by the older brothers for us to contact them. It is a strategic location, where many conditions can be gift for contact with intraterrestrial Indian brothers, who the greatest call íshkas. They are ancient Indian settlements, which surrounded Mount Shasta, and have accessed from the soul level surface, to be guardians of the retirement.

Indigenous consciousness needs to transmit to humanity a key they have to evolution. Most were able to access the 4th dimension and could connect with his soul permanently, through the profound contact they had with kingdoms and with older brothers. They try to convey how simple it would be that man could take the same step. They were named by us «civilized ones» of «animals without tails.» They have managed to walk into the sacred retirements, being in company of the hierarchies and we do not, therefore, it is important that we open our minds and hearts, to try to understand what it is. What did they do to access the coordinates of time and space?

The symbol of the Ishtas represents for us the possibility that the soul is elevated by the constant pulse of the monad. This means that if we connect with our soul, our monad automatically starts sending impulses. When we close the channel that connects us with our soul, there is no chance that the monad send impulses to our whole being. We are inside our lower bodies. our lower self heads our lives, carries us as best it thinks and everything from here on, is offline. When we begin to connect with our soul and live according to it, this is what governs our lives and begins sending monad impulses that has an open channel into the lower dimensions and thus allows all our ways, our intuitional aspect , our spiritual side, to operate and comes in contact with us.

What the Indians discovered inside their understanding is that they were connected with the soul, which was connected with the kingdoms, which were connected with the hierarchies inside its simplicity. That was the triangulation. Soul, kingdom, hierarchy, is something we have lost and have to recover.

In the form of communication and contact with the Indians had their hierarchies through mantras. The living soul transformation, entered in the state and in the inner realm of his debt before the law. Being in contact with the kingdoms, to be inside the law and in contact with the hierarchy, began to receive absolution from their karmic processes, their debts to God and the law.

The path of this community of fraternal souls has placed human transcended level almic, within the continuous protection task. The degree of vigilance of indigenous peoples has been one of the principles of its culture and initial root. The path of the own internal surveillance has represented one of the possibilities to truly create what we call in the land, «the fraternity». This means that to be in contact with his soul in the triangulation, it allowed stay in constant internal monitoring. They knew that the law should live. That law was the harmony between all of the things of creation. This harmony that they developed through contact with his soul, which allowed them to live the law, allowed to live what we know as the fraternity. This principle of relationship of soul to soul, Indians have found a way that as guardian community could enter the State of sublimation of consciences and transcendence through contact of soul to soul, they managed to sublimate their consciences and to channel the energy of transcendence to thus be able to transcend their most planetary energies.

Reverence to knowledge, signs and symbols perceived and received from distant universes created in them a fraternity with the goal of watching over and protecting each element of this land, as well as to the consciences in honor of the law, are conducted in communion with the kingdoms. They adopted the surveillance and protection not only kingdoms, but also of all those living in the same Act and also reverencing each signal, each symbol receiving of distant worlds, that they had no doubts about what it meant to be connected with his soul.

In the contact of the purposes of the light, gathered around the solar disk, every moment observed and witness their activation. Each key of the solar disk light activated by the Ishtas or by us when we are in the correct line, represents an opportunity for redemption for a consciousness in this universe that surrounds us. Remember always to work, we know that you have a good tuning, a prayer of the heart, rescues a soul in this universe. In this communion they aspire see every human being, even more to the human who recognize the existence of one of the planetary kingdoms, as it is Mount Shasta, that in the next steps of their evolution can walk within the sacred precincts. They aspire to that we definitely understand what means that task and that in our next evolutionary step, in our next incarnation we walk with them into the sacred retreats.

They said something like this:

Never suffer that the Temple of the solar disc, the Sun in you, that whole dark lit, decrease in intensity.

At this point the message of an indigenous Warrior is:

If you are In the light of the universo, not even the largest battle will decrease the internal light.

There are many things to consider, that in retreats, we have the same pattern, with the indigenous process.

The keeper of the records of Mount Shasta is a remnant Atlantean called Ranés. It is a member that works in conjunction with the 24 elders. Those who are form the Government of our Galaxy the milky way. The Council of the Confederation of advanced worlds, is an adviser to support the teachers who works and lives in Mount Shasta.

The custodian of records is a being that it’s up keep or care much i nformation.That trust it’s placed in him, he keeps;

? The records which makes reference to the civilization of Sirius.

? The development of retirement as a consciousness.

? Part of the planet’s history.

? Some of the records of the Adamic civilization.

? Part of the genetic project records.

? Some of the records of Atlantis

? Part of the workmanship in the Land of Elam.

? Part of the rise of the Lemurs in what is now Australia.

? Part of the development of yellow civilization in Asia.

? Some of the information about the distribution of the solar disk in the North and Central America.

? Records that relate to the civilization of Venus.

? Part of the scientific knowledge about quinestesia, dowsing and telestesia, which is not necessarily what we know on the surface.For older siblings some things are different.

? Part of the information about the command of the warriors which is a line of Venus.

? Part of an information center referred to Lemuria.

? primary records about the emergence of Iruncar, that retreat there in Ushuaia.

? Some of the information on the initial cure Licancabur.

? Some of the information of the dimensional and physical access to Miztlitlan from Mount Shasta.

? Some information about conclaves occurred in Mount Shasta.

? Some of the information on the councils and meetings of the 24 Elders.It is the gathering that information and distributes it to the other announcing it as a retreat inside information.

? They keep records a part of the information on colonies Celea,

? Keep records on the next steps in the final moments and the final time were always features of this recall.It’s going to happen.

? Save as access record for humans to be rescued and will live for a long time in this state of consciousness.

Ranes is a being from Venus. It is androgen with male characters and masculine energy. This is one of its fundamental aspects. He has been instructed by Oxalc, that is who is in charge of the process of contact towards the planet and was initiated with Alcir. Alcir is a master of the White Fraternity and a remnant atlantean which does the same job in Miztlitlan. The two were instructed in the final times of Atlantis. Ranes is a being that vibrates in the 5th dimension and lives within the withdrawal of Mount Shasta. Your single ticket incarnated on Earth was in Atlantis where needed to embody to recognize and live by that process.

Mount Shasta is a school for beginners, messengers and prophets. These three lines form a lineage, a school which has Mount Shasta, which is still unknown by humans.

Beings from SIRIUS collaborate in this task in Mount Shasta and are those who prepared the messengers to announced the coming of Christ, in the inner planes and the physical plane Sananda. They are beings who work at the almic level, tuning the frequency of the divine core. That is the sign of contact between the reality of Mount Shasta and the inner self, be embodied. It means that we know that we are in contact with Mount Shasta, we must be really tuned with our soul.

The solar disk of Mount Shasta was one of the last tools transported towards the location of different retires. This is the region that connects with the intraterrestrial world of Greenland, the Pacific Islands, Antarctica and the heart of Miztlitlan. It is an area of irradiation of the planetary Center. There are 133 dimensional and underground roads that connect all these points. From each withdrawal of the time network, arises a series of tunnels and intraterrestrials roads. In total there are 133, reconnected to all retreats throughout the Americas. The intraterrestrials tunnels have 3 functions:

1.              Communication

2.              Transportation within the 4th dimension

3.              Channel of intraterrestrial energies.

Something Interesting that they have transmitted the hierarchies is what is intraterrestrial energy, what is, is different to the surface energy and cosmic energy?

Mount Shasta saved as registration information on intraterrestrial energy. It is energy found in the subterranean levels close to the surface. It is nearly material energy etheric, which has a mineral compound and a terrestrial compound. It is created from the magnetic vibration of the planet and the current circular rotating pole to pole. It feeds through the cosmic energy and vibrates near the walls of the land and limestone which forms part of the intraterrestrial withdrawal. It is one of the foods for the lighting of intraterrestrial beings.

Elders explained, that human beings can display at other intraterrestrial levels, very enlightened beings. Its irradiation is not only brilliant by its vibratory state, but for the food that they receive from that intraterrestrial energy. It is energy that creates sendras. A sendra is a cut in the space and time are carried out through light energy. It can be done by the ships on the outside of the surface of the planet or beings from withdrawals through that intraterrestrial energy. It is energy that sustains the materialization of beings when necessary, and saves the decline of his years in the service with the 4th dimension.

When the elder brothers, need to materialise by some task of the plan, including Astral levels, for them it is a great effort and lost years of life due to poisoning affecting our planet. All those older brothers that through the service they offered to contact us in any way we can perceive, feel and see, lost years of their lives in this offer and intraterrestrial energy supports so that this situation is not severe enough.

Intraterrestrial beings do not have state of sleep, simply entering a State of contemplation. That is his resting. They move their psychic, mental and internal harmony raising it towards that State of contemplation and inanimate remain for some time. That is your best night’s rest. They send their bodies to the solar reservatorios to make them retro fed, and use the source of solar energy to live. The food of intraterrestrial beings are simple. Water, as a primary source of life and mana. The food of the exodus of the Jewish people, the 40 days in the desert, which rained manna from the ships. It is a small pipoca which has an energy value very strong, really existed.

Not all humans feed with manna. It depends on the degree of vibration in which they are. It is not that some are simply better than others, they are in different schools and need different foods. The third food depends on the degree of learning and evolution. Be intraterrestrial uses energy to feed on some of the dimensions. There are sources of the stars that provide energy food for humans, both intraterrestrial and extra planetary, and as in all dimensions than the evolutionary process of being is highest, the energy which feed comes from other stars.

All intraterrestrial should visit daily glass of the center of the Earth to radiate it and that it sustains physical magma, magma that circulate through the bowels of the planet and magnetically allow that it is on your workstation right, that the planet is in the right place, where it should be and its vibrating pole in the local universe.

Older siblings explain all this for inviting us to put our hearts to it. They are alternatives for the future. It does not stop eating or eating only with water, because it will not feed us. We only have to perceive that it is necessary to begin to connect internally with this reality. They seek to create a condition inside our someday we can live. If we feed us from energy, did all our spiritual exercises, live from the soul, take water and turnovers mana… what? It is to reflect.

Elders explain, the ships are to create livelihoods through the atmosphere, as well as for the atmosphere of Venus, Pluto, Mars, Neptune and mercury. Initially, the planet was almost all water and as there was a necessity of life, to create a source of life, began to emerge the continental masses to create a polarity between the water and the Earth. There are many intraterrestrial retreats under the continental masses. These are databases of contact for us.

The planet is a great school of learning and Mount Shasta saves all that information. it was always said that our planet was a school planet, and we always believe that the school was for us alone. Sometimes we have a very important limitation. We are all, beginning and end of all axes. But in reality, high school within the planet is in the intraterrestrial worlds, where we do not agree because we are not in good tune. That access, are beings of other stars who come to learn many things by watching us.

The brothers tell us that silence is essential in intraterrestrial beings and telepathic communication is what used. For the learning of this communication, there is a school. This information is provided from an orbital base in Celaenae. Intraterrestrial beings use telepathy as a tool of elevation. In this way they preserve the vibration that emits humanity. They lovingly tell vibration, but we say noise. Why their auras are so lighting not only by their spiritual exercises but also for taking withdrawals etheric energy.

On the planet there are reservoirs. They are the intraterrestrial retreats and surface stations that are on the intraterrestrial such as Figueira withdrawals. Hierarchies have tried to maintain the initial vibration that had these places since the genetic project began on the surface of the Earth and told us the intraterrestrial beings to study all the Gospels, the old and New Testament (not created by the man but he was watched by the prophets, which was written in the Akashic records of the planet)We say that they have read and studied before arriving. They come from other stars to know in depth the essence of humanity and the school. Sometimes, some on offer, have incarnated on the physical plane and have been our colleagues in times of the Lemuria and Atlantis, and now with us in retreats, in this final phase that humanity is living.

We have much to ponder.


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