The act of dying. Part 3:When the soul is freed


The soul has a very clear idea of ??when it needs to disembodied and if the individual during incarnation seek to know what plans and what is the will of the soul, if the individual spend more time and energy into this, feel the approximation of the transition time, and could help with that process and could maintain control of many stages of this transition which is called «death.»

Over time humanity is going to learn this technique and at the same time it will be prepaired for this during the embodiment and thus, this preparation may one day be part of education, talks, readings and studies in a natural way.

You have to take this first step, which it is to have death as a part of life. It is clear that fear about this process will make very difficult the hability of understanding and the behavior that should be taken before these facts of death.The attitude of the individual as the people around you is very important and it is critical to be familiar with this topic.

The soul after spending a period embodied needs to disembodied, because it needs to rest from its terrestrial experience, a synthesis of all the experience and then it needs to spend some time contemplating its next steps and visualizing what is its future. Disembodied, the soul can perceive a growing target and can perceive the task which is useful for a general plan of development, in which she can be inserted in a future incarnation. When the soul has these goals clear, while it is disembodied and in contact with the soul groups or soul group to which it belongs, after having clearer the next stage, the soul passes a period preparing its next incarnation. When you understand this process, we see that this is necessary and there is no such resistance to this transition and the necessary change of state which the soul does when it disembodies.

When the soul leaves the physical body and abandons or vacates the etheric body, as a consciousness enters in a sleep state and then it’s like to wake up slowly in that kind of dream and when awakening, it is contacting those areas of the emotional body, where the densest areas are, where the coarser feelings and grounds, and is then in touch with those feelings and that vibration. That period will be developed and slowly going up in level and contacting the superior qualities, with the noble side, brighter, with the best side of the feelings and emotions, and then it will make contact with the world of ideas, and depending on how were these ideas and thought processes during life, the individual will be in their midst. When you reach the highest level of ideas that are cultivated throughout life, we enter a period of unconscious rest , like a dreamless sleep. This is when the soul will be restored and all that being will be disembodied and will rest of the tasks and movements of earthly life that came to the end of its cycle.

Just as the principle of the process of incarnation, the soul leaves the physical body and he left the power grid of the etheric body, at this point after the bodies disembodied, the soul will have to leave what is called «emotional body» or «astral body» and if the feelings, emotions and attachments were not very strong during the earthly incarnation and all that emotional life was properly worked, that abandonment of the astral body will be very simple and quick, and done in less time that if the individual is attached to the land desires and memories. If there was a lot of emotional attachment and long involvement with terrestrial life, with things and people, the soul remains a longer period at the emotional level, in that vibration which is a reflection of everything that happened on Earth.

It is clear that the soul’s goal is to get out. The soul also aims to leave the emotional body. While people who are here on Earth thinks about the disembodies ones, forms a telepathic thread with these individuals that are already on another level, and the telepathic thread makes the disembodied feel so requested and its consciousness is attracted to this request which comes from people who is thinking about them here. it is harder to withdraw from the astral body and leave the body that continues in that dimension, producing and reproducing the facts of the earthly incarnation.

Therefore, in this period in which the individual finished disembodied from the physical body and is found at this stage of the emotional body out there in the other levels, it is very important not to seek contact with him and that we continue this law that is in the New Testament that says, «let the dead accompany the dead.» This is a law known who would follow for the greater good of the dead and for the freedom of those who have Higher Selves disembodied also the subtle bodies.

If people are not concerned about the one who disincarnated, even with the thought, that makes the neglect of the emotional subtle bodies and mainly easier rather than slow. At this point there is a misunderstanding by many people because the individual’s consciousness is doing its best to get rid of the subtle body. Here on Earth, those who claim to be loved ones or acquaintances who think of him or pray for him, send messages of feeling the missing of physical presence and this leads to subtle link that take longer to be resolved and the individual in the other planes have less freedom to follow their true path.

This is a very important point of reflection at the time of transition for those who remain in these dimensions, for those who attend or acquaintances from colleagues to those levels. Then after consciousness leaves the physical body and the etheric body and also manages to leave the emotional body, consciousness does the same with the mental body and it is only when she gets to leave this body, which is really disembodied.

It totally disembodied consciousness can be collected herself and begins to contemplate his own center, which is where the soul draws its own power, it is restored and can have very clear goals for their future on Earth.

The soul when it is free from the control of matter and disembodied happens when all those bodies, physical, etheric, emotional and mental, being free from those ties, is in contact with its own unity with all life and all beings she perceives within his own center. From that moment, the soul can do an activity that is very mysterious to humans, its contact with other regions of consciousness, with other levels where the soul will spend periods in their development process, which is inconceivable in the Earth.

This allows to see that the process of disembodiment is not limited to the output of the physical body or the etheric, since after burial or cremation takes place at other levels of consciousness continuing this process of detachment that is when consciousness leaves the emotional, mental, and then finally out in the center itself. Just as there is an organization and order, planning for each incarnation on Earth and everything that human beings have to live (when the soul already has some change) and for all that human beings have to experience in this embodiment, there is also an order and organization in all these cycles after disembodied soul.

So it is very important to be able to receive in life when it is coming now to go with the consciousness tuned into this new phase of life.

Therefore there is no death. This is an inappropriate word and as people are developed, this word will have no application.

Because there is this organization before and after the transition, and after the transition the soul has to go through other levels, another process that is related to other processes in other souls, would be discouraged cause the incarnation, for example through suicide , because suicide would be an interference with a rhythm that personality is not related. If the individual interrupts its life, not only interrupts this but it comes to other dimensions of life ahead of schedule, so can not always enter into the rhythm that had been prepared and ready for him because he came before. That is why, generally remains experiencing suicidal feelings or acts that he had at the time of suicide until you reach the date on which he should have disembodied and then start the process at other levels. Although there are exceptions to this, you can not judge any case.

In the case of suicide, no one knows what was your last thought and that is why you can not tell what may happen next. Suicide, in general, is an interference of the will of the personality in a plane at a higher rate. The suicidal when he incarnates, you will find a more difficult life situation that he left because he disrupted a number of processes that interference and thus their karmic process becomes much more difficult.

Another fact that is considered an interference in the orderly process of incarnations and disembodied, are the abortions, the provocated abortions.

A natural abortion may be an impossibility of the being that is incarnating to materialize. This being can not have more stamina to get an incarnation on Earth, and when given the natural abortion, it is because be had that intention, but to no avail. Too many people already have at this point the way to other planetary orbits or have their path set to other levels of consciousness, but they want to spend a longer period on Earth, though not always succeed. As experiments on Earth and would be completed over a long period and they should take another direction, this attempt to be born here almost always frustrated.

Another reason for an abortion occurs naturally, may be a karmic reason of the soul who is trying the incarnation or of those who wait. If the individual lifetimes caused abortions or sent back to beings who were seeking incarnation.They can go through the experience of being aborted, but this is a karmic balance that occurs to one who would like to embody and can not because in past lives did the same with another.

Raising an abortion is an act of the personality of those who are embodied. It is an act of interference in a process that perhaps had been organized differently. Those who have gone through this experience and after abortion have become aware that this is an interference, can be balanced and harmonized with this process again.



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