The act of dying. Part I: Introduction to the Act of Dying


In this life, man is prepared for many things: going to school, self-studies, is prepared for various eventualities, learn techniques and many other things. but, why man does not prepare well for death? Even preparing for things that are never going to happen. It learn many things that he won´t need. And meanwhile, man does not remember the fact which is inevitable that sooner or later it will happen to all of us and which no one escapes, which is the process of transition, the passage to another dimension of life that this is called death.

Addresses this issue as an aid to prepare, it will happen one day and can occur in a way not only quiet but smart. In some time you will not see death as it is seen today, as a game over, a breakup, unpleasant. and that is why many people struggle against death. They Do not want to die, or think about that fact. It is a subject that is taboo for some people.

Meanwhile it is planned as part of the development of humanity that individuals have a day which is not far distant, which is called continuity of consciousness. That is, they will be in this physical dimension, emotional and mental, where they live consciously and yet be lucid and aware in other dimensions of life.

This will be in the future, an exchange between the physical dimension and other dimensions of life. And when it comes, when the man with the consciousness can move from one dimension to another, from there the fear of death will disappear.

We can say in principle that the word death, is inadequate, since nothing dies, nothing is finished and there is even a law by which all things change but not finish. What happens is a change of dimension. Even the physical body that remains is in this dimension is disintegrated, and it’s particles, atoms, cells, will not disappear but they will change of state and will be transformed into another material. While the physical body is transformed through decay or through cremation, the individual’s consciousness with their bodies is changing on subtle dimensions.

In the future, through man physical eyeball, man will see the etheric body shedding from the individual’s physical body, and through the development of the inner vision, man will see in the astral dimension and other dimensions also, to where the bodies of men and consciousness are moveing at. Finally, as humans will make contact with one’s soul or higher self, you will see that this contact is also performed and prepared by the science of meditation. Through it we will feel or sense at any time the presence of any being, the one incarnated as a disembodied, an inner presence or an inner event.

Therefore we’ll not depend more of the physical presence of no one, and we’ll not depend on the eyes to see the physical body or to see the etheric body, nor is going to need more of this insight that comes from the astral or mental or other dimensions, because from soul to soul beings are always together and very aware. This union between people, whether embodied or disembodied, is real, only that the man does not perceive it because he lives very externalized and identified with the physical dimension. And as human lives far identified only with that, and it’s not sufficiently interested in inner things, they have difficulties to percieve other’s presences, a fact which fills more than the physical reality.

The subject of death is almost always related to fear. There are some very specific reasons why people are afraid of disembodie. The first reason known, is that individuals may have had an unpleasant or difficult experiences in previous incarnations at the time that disembodied. They may have been disembodied in past lives through painful process and that is stored in the subconscious. And although not consciously remember what happened, the subconscious emerge those old impressions of what happened. But when someone in a past life disincarnated smoothly, so simple and easy, these individuals usually have less suspicion than others to go through that process.

Another cause of people fear on this issue, is that most have terror of the unknown, the mysterious.

Some people have this experience prematurely long before the time comes to his real ticket to another dimension.They are being trained in a special way, are those who during sleep or meditation or during any experience, can pass through events that were included in the process of death. These individuals experience it at some point in their lives and when they return to normal consciousness are ready to move into other dimensions.

Another point that leads people to fear is doubt about his own immortality. As there is no certainty that the human being is immortal, self-preservation and conservation makes people do not want die because they have no certainty that continued after disembodied.

There is another human reason for the fear of death. Some people believe that if they disembodied, those who remain on Earth will feel bad about the lack or are going to need them. There are others who think they can not even disembodied because they are essential. While people suffer from this kind of illusion, fear holds them. Attachment to material life, the things of the earth, attachment to human life, the personality, the pursuit of comfort and the struggle for material goods, places the individual’s mind on things and causes difficult to accept the idea that there are other dimensions of life.

Psychology also cited as one of the reasons responsible for the widespread fear of death, is all religious teaching and speaking of the existence of hell. That teaching was spread over many centuries with persistence, so the idea of ??eternal suffering in hell is a thing entrenched in almost all human beings. In other words, is a kind of description of what happens in the lower astral levels, a dimension of life in which man enters after leaving the physical body. When during the incarnation man have elements of hatred, resentment, anger, selfishness, possessiveness, etc. man is leaved to lower levels of the astral dimension, where these forces have their field. That’s where you will find what is called «hell dimension» created by the own vibration of our thoughts or our feelings.

The man goes to the level at which it is drawn, which corresponds to their inner feelings, his own state of consciousness. Therefore, if you work during the life of pure feelings, there is no reason to be afraid of the lower astral, commonly called «hell.»

Man disembodies when he finish a task to which the soul is prepared to meet on earth, is not going ahead before time and rarely disembodies later. While this happens, it is not normal. In general when the task is completed, the soul has no more reason to stay here. Everything is in large part, predetermined, before the embodied soul and may also be linked to the needs of a group of people they are going to relate in that life.

The soul is in the fourth dimension, is the level where it is fully aware. There it will improve itself and see the new goals, and it can not always send this vision to our personality because it’s not always ready to receive and to be aware of all this you are viewing. At a certain height, certain personalities may even become inadequate to that which the soul could live on Earth. Where lack of an extension of fitness, personality can not follow the evolution of the soul, it can be disembodied because it need to build another more suitable to act more current through it.

Another reason for a disembodied personality is when their behavior and attitude begins to commit a future incarnation of the soul and creates a karma. When the soul is going to incarnate is like a prisoner and must therefore adapt to the limitations and conditions provided by the karma created by a person in a previous life. When you begin to create negative karma too negative, the soul can decide to disembody.

What happens in that period being disembodied, is similar to what happens during sleep, only that during this, the «magnet wire» or energy flow (which maintains consciousness linked to our bodies) is not broken. In contrast, during the dying process that thread is broken and the conscience has no possibility of returning to the body.

Two types of death in general are most feared by people: the violent deaths, and those occurring from cancer. Those disembodied in a violent death, often do not perceive what is happening. The being has an instantly feel of an impending danger, a sense of destruction, but it is very fast and the process is similar to an electric shock and since there, it is already at another level outside the body. Many times this is so fast that it leaves the body, and out of it he can look at what is happening in the physical plane.

This experience will balance many forms of violence committed in past lives or in the very embodiment of which is disembodied. By practicing this kind of energy throughout the past, all this violence is radiated into the universe. One part is worked by the universe, which assimilates and resolves. However, there is a party that issued against the same universe that can not be resolved by it. Then it returned the individual for him to transmute it. That’s why we do not always have the return of a violent act of the same species as that act was practiced in the past.  Sometimes, things that are emitted into the universe does not return immediately, depending on the time that the universe takes to receive them, work them, assimilate, adapt and then return them, and this is also related to many universal cycles.

The second cycle of disembodiment that people fear is death from cancer, which is a global disease. The concentration of human evil lived and practiced by mankind in all ages was transformed in this disease. When an individual goes through the experience of that disease, not only balances its own individual and personal evil but the evil part of a general balance. This desease also release all the light that exists in the center of each individual atom of the physical and even the light of the subtle counterpart of those atoms that exist in other levels of consciousness.

If the human had a clear understanding of what happens during this process, you may feel and receive during the process all the light atoms, all the light in your body to release. When you have the possibility of living intelligently with this disease or to understand everything that is happening in each cell, the human will see that a great deal of physical pain, moral pain will be resolved otherwise. You will see that within that process there is a deep learning and development opportunity.

When the individual changes his attitude and begin to live as opposed to practice acts of evil or selfishness, manages to mitigate this process.

As you work the detachment and do not get involved with material things, disembodiment can be easy and completly natural.

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