The act of dying. Part 4: When the soul is freed

When the person becomes aware of abortion and then assumes to be an act that he wont do againt because he comprises the imbalance that this entails, it enters a state in which you need to restore the situation. In these cases it is not dwell on what happened or feel guilty for causing an abortion recently, but rather to perform an action opposite to that. For example you can help someone to live or help someone come to the embodiment, even helping the other. Finally, be aware of what type of event was held to act in a manner contrary to this act is balanced, acts of love of life, acts on behalf of one’s life or others. All this means that the act of abortion begins to balance.

Reflecting on this, we can see that in cases where pregnancy was unintentional or in cases in which the individual fully rejects this being that is embodied, we can agree to help and if that incarnation after incarnation continues rejection, you can «donate» this individual to someone who wants or is interested in adopting a being, not necessary to kill him. But in all cases, both in the legal adoption and the case of donation of beings with whom we already know in advance that is not going to live, should be regulated through internal consultations and It should not be in lightly or superficially only through decisions of the personality.

Another question that many people often have is regarding euthanasia. At the present stage of human evolution is a state which is not yet very aware of the will of the Higher Self. You can hardly tell if the higher self is already facing life in other dimensions and if the individual is living here for mechanical reflections or purely physical mechanism.Doctors do not yet have a meditative life, today euthanasia would be an interference, because today we don’t have yet the conditions to interrupt this process of disembodiment and to facilitate the departure of the Higher Self, because no one knows the will of this Being Supreme.

If you know the will and know that it would be a greate help to supreme willingness which is definitely trying to disembodiment, and is finding some difficulty or if you could see that the Higher Self is outside the body because it culminated in their process but there is resistance or a mechanical process of elementary physical, then euthanasia may be correct.

But in the future when individuals engaged in the process and knew how to meditate which is the actual process of the Higher Self, this could facilitate and shorten the suffering of the physical individual. That physical suffering can be mitigated by all means but it is not possible to cut the individual’s existence on this Earth. Similarly, it would stop interfering in the physical plane who is disembodied, it means keep artificially running into a physical body, because that would mean an action contrary to the natural movement and inner spiritual self, which would be the disembodied in that time.

Within this text can also refer to the donation of organs, one that is done after the disembodiment of the individual.Donating organs or receiving an organ donation is a matter strictly individual and can only talk about it in generic form. Each individual must find within himself, whether to donate or receive a donated organ of who is disembodied. 

When the Higher Self embodied, it takes many years to adapt to the physical body that was organized for him. Then when we do a physical organ transplant when an organ is introduced into the body of another body, the individual, and spiritual self has to redo this process of adaptation. In cases in which there was interference in cases where the transplant should not have been made, then the spiritual self rejects the organ.

When the medicine gets into another stage of development and more intuitive than it is today, these issues will not be a source of conflict or doubt. One of the changes that makes easy this transition called death, is that the acts and selfish way of living according to the human ego is oriented towards an attitude and a more selfless life and that includes the good of the greatest number of beings even from other kingdoms of nature.

Throughout the Incarnation, when the human being feels, thinks and acts according to his own property and its evolutionary process, will be increasingly identified with those bodies and those dimensions that leave during the transition process. Every time humans feel, think and act on the behalf of the groups of mankind as a whole, is to not identify with the material side and that will influence the final moments of the Incarnation. Being able to reflect on if you expect something in return when he does something on the other. If you are being selfish or being selfless, if you are leaving others free to decide and resolve their issues or if you are manipulating the affairs of others, if you control people or if you are identifying negative events in the lives of others.

These reflections helps the being to raise physicaly and ether, and this makes the detachment at times of transition at the end of the incarnation is more simple. While the individual’s energy polarized in the upper parts of the body, the etheric and physical detachment is simple. With all the human feelings directed towards altruism, emotional detachment from the body after physical disembodiment, it is also simple, and being the conciousness polarized in alturist service, the mental will aimed at leaving all beings free, makes the exit of the mental body easiest, and so this process of disembodiment happens smoothly.

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