The act of dying. Part 2: The Three Stages of physical death.


The act of disembodying it’s an universal ritual that also governs the planetary life and the kingdoms that exist in it.All the kingdoms knows this act, but only in the human race and in some animals there is the fear of death. All other realms, including plants, have no fear of death.

In fact when man disembodies, are following a universal law which is represented by well-known words, «Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.» When the law says «Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s» is referring to the physical return to earth from whence it came and restored the astral body to the substance collective emotional and mental body to the mind stuff of the universe. And he gives to God what is God’s, that is, restores the spirit, the soul is allowed to go to the original levels of consciousness, of which it came.

The soul knows when to disembodied, and this date is established even with the consent and collaboration with it.Therefore, it is called «death» as a decision, a determination. It is the result of the will of the soul. What happens is not always the will of the human side, is in tune with the soul’s will or is aware of it.

As the personality will be harmonized with the soul, the person may have a hunch or even have an intuicion regarding the approach of that hour. When this happens, the staff works with the process, prepare your things here on earth and will deliver to the gradual detachment.

The experience of restoring the physical, the emotional body and mental body to the terrestrial reservoirs is a very natural act in the life of the soul because it did many times. When the personality as human consciousness understands that process can work with him, making this transition instead of creating a series of traumas at the end of life.

When it comes to the soul disembodied, sometimes circumstances arise that show the man that will happen. The following describes the three stages that exist in any kind of disembodiment:

1 – The first stage begins when the soul orders the withdrawal of vital energy.

2 – The second stage is called «disengagement».This occurs after the soul orders the withdrawal of vital energy. Then begins a process that involves the physical body and the network of etheric energies.

3 – After that, the third stage comes, the leaving stage itself.When the soul actually makes one of those final efforts and partly to other dimensions of consciousness.

This process of disembodiment or the process of passage of our awareness to other levels has three stages.

When the soul orders the withdrawal of vital energy that animates the physical body, what you feel is an intense pressure on the feets that begins to rise slowly through the physical body and members are becoming heavy, cold and hindered. When the pressure starts to rise through the body, the first place which reacts is the breath, movement, sight and hearing.

When you start to feel a reaction in those sectors and the intense pressure goes up, you can understand that the soul has been already given the order to retreat. From that moment the subtle counterpart of the nervous system, which are called «nadis» etheric level nervous system, begins to organize itself to withdraw from the physical nervous system. The glands of the body begin to be injected into the blood a substance that affects the heart and then you get the feeling of not being identified with the physical body, except the heart region. It is then when very precise things happen, and when it starts the disidentification of the physical body you should not react to that, and not adhere to it. Then there is a kind of psychic tremor, and that tremor can be reflected in the physical, and through that tremor is perceived that the subtle nervous system is detached from the physical nervous system. At that time, if the individual don’t act upon and enters in a state of relaxation, this detachment is given without any pain and without any resistance. This is the first stage of the process.

then it begins the phase of the disengagement. This detachment gives the first signs of their presence in the physical eyes. You begin to feel the separation between the two nervous systems in the region of the eyes. There invades the individual a sense of helplessness, you lose control of what is happening and it’s like no one could avoid this process of disengagement. It is perceived that nothing can be done to prevent what is happening and that feeling of helplessness must be respected and should not react for that detachment not to happen. So if you can not resist the disengagement and if you accept fully this feeling of helplessness, events begin to happen very naturally and you can witness with confidence.

For example, at this point it is perceived that forces of nature drag the individual into a tunnel. It’s as if it’s being carried inside that tunnel to become more narrow and at that time would have to remember that this is the process and would need to go through it without fear and not to hinder this occur with maximum ease. At a certain point within the tunnel, there is a feeling of annihilation and the clear impression that he is going into the unknown. That must be accepted at that time quite calm, in the same way as just accept the feeling of helplessness. Here you have to surrender to the unknown movement, and what is immediately perceived is the inability of mental effort, which is no longer able to make any mental effort and can not spin more thoughts. Then we see that words are not articulated, is not got pronounce more words and then comes the feeling of utter loneliness. The individual is all alone in that tunnel. This is the first time in the incarnation is perceived that loneliness. There is an awareness that no one can accompany to that individual and this is a journey that must be done individually. So here they are aware that you can not take anything into this unknown region. At this point it is essential to be at peace and all thoughts on this part of the process are positive.

As mentioned, no one is able to spin thoughts therefore be careful that any last thoughts are the best, are the most positive, because the quality of these thoughts is what will determine the environmental external training in the afterlife. These thoughts are like a layer of one permanent atom in the organization of the future life, is going to attract all our material parts, our physical parts, because it is the physical permanent atom. And the last thought that clothed the atom, which is a very strong point of attraction for the elements of the next incarnation is going to attract the material it deserves.

This refers to the physical side, it means the environmental side of our life and not other things which are determined in the following phases. After spinning the inability to perceive thoughts, inability to articulate words and then have the feeling of being alone as individuals, to see that at that time can not take anything with you and that you can not share that experience with anyone, there begins the third phase of the physical disembodiment, which is the leaving stage itself.

Having lived through those feelings and sentiments, the etheric body, the power grid which so far kept integrated the physical body begins to be collected as if to concentrate to get the final push. Because this network of energy has to withdraw from the physical vehicle. At that time the physical body is much more concentrated because it carries with the astral body, mental body and all the other elements of Being, all other bodies of consciousness. He retires with all that psychic and spiritual material within it, leaving the physical body, to which greater attention was paid during incarnation.

Those who were always very emotional and did not control their emotions, have the exit door of the physical body, the solar plexus. Those who were mentally, who had a reflective life, they had a mind with controlled and organized thoughts go through your head. And right now that people know that they developed in philanthropy, in good will, are going through a point below the heart.

After the last heartbeat the individual will paint a retrospective, a vision of everything that happened in the incarnation that is ending. It is a synthetic vision which sees all life. There may be a reverse hindsight. Since the last act of life until the first, or you can take this view as if it were a single box, from childhood up to that point. And with this picture before, there is a very interesting experience, because at that moment is a lifetime elapsed from the point of view of the soul. Then they are clearly all faults, defects, all the consequences of actions, we understand the fundamental illusion of life or of that incarnation. In the literature, this is called «Court». There are certain lessons from the past that say that people go through a trial when disembodied, then to see life in a box with its consequences is when we understand how great was the enthusiasm and how many points remained deceived.

If the individual is in front of the box pretty quiet, if it remains impartial and let the effect of the test is firmly etched in the consciousness, that will be printed on the astral body. Then in the next incarnation will have a good quality astral body, it will be a perceived astral body, comprising his own illusion and all illusion of human feelings, the whole illusion of desire, in short, all the illusion of past life.

If this moment was lived with clarity, peace and tranquility can happen in that time by a strong maturation of the astral body and this is printed on the astral permanent atom. This is the permanent atom that will meet all the atoms to the future astral body, which will come imbued with the last check and an astral body that is formed after that experience permanent atom printed on your astral body, will be a much more balanced than before and when the lesson of the experience is well printed in consciousness, that is when the soul has the opportunity to withdraw more easily, because it sees itself and sees that illusion has fallen off of many things that life is ending. At that moment the soul can give one of his final push, you have more freedom, and suffers less resistance from the personality to retire.

This whole process of picture and vision of all these findings is given in minimal time, as if the time between one and another heartbeat. This comes after the last beat of the heart and is passed as if in hundredths of seconds. It is in those final moments where the call physical body consciousness or physical elemental tends to resist and not let the soul detach, since the physical elemental known that at the time that the soul follows the body, this will to begin a process of disintegration.

Awareness of the body by a survival instinct which tries to retain the soul. According to the resistance of the physical body consciousness, the restitution process can last several hours or can last for days or weeks. Then you can have two types of coma, the one who is relatively quickly that you are not giving support to the basic physical and joins in an act of will with the part that is disembodied. If at that moment the soul that wants help from the coma is quiet, smooth and goes like a dream. But if instead of joining the life force that is leaving to other dimensions, and the individual is caught on the side of physical elemental which does not want to disembodied, will be doing the opposite of not wanting to work from and there the coma is not as tranquil.

The other point is that called «restore point», which has all the features described, but he retreats only the thread of consciousness that is attached to the head but not removed the thread of life that is linked to heart. This gives the physical body consciousness the opportunity to review many processes and to fight for life. Then when the soul restores the thread of consciousness of the head, health is reinstalled at the physical body because the physical elemental was stimulated by this threat of departure. This can happen in cases of physical bodies that are less healthy because the physical elemental is a bit lifeless, a little slow in their reactions. Then passing through the process of coma, he is led by his survival instinct to fight. That’s when the soul becomes completely restores the body and health.

Saw the etheric body as it leaves, the physical body is involving other bodies who are disembodied as well. Is wrapping to the soul and into this etheric body is the body of desire, the astral body tends to want to descend to Earth or tends to want not to go to other dimensions to which the soul is trying to carry because it is not elementary only physicist who tries to stop the process, but also the astral body, you want things to remain on Earth.

At that time in which the individual is outside the body, is the union of the physical and etheric force of attraction and is the union of the astral or emotional body with the Earth, this being either the physical body.

If the physical body is cremated, it disappears the possibility of real union, from the moment the physical body is cremated and disintegrates, the astral body does not have anything specific to draw him because fire is used in the cremation, repels one aspect that creates forms, including the aspect that creates forms, our astral or desire body, and that rejection caused by fire waiver of that contact. Completely destroyed the physical body more quickly break those attachments. More easily the soul is withdrawn from both the etheric body and the emotional body and mental body in successive stages.

When the individual is beginning to realize that you are entering another kind of time and in another kind of space, you should stay in front of it with great calm and a lot of equity, without panic, without reacting, simply open to know this other form in which time passes and this other mode in which there is space. This will produce a better quality in our future quality etheric body, and etheric body of the future is critical, both for the health of the physical body but also to higher soul prints, which are printed on the physical brain in a future incarnation.

In dreams there are many experiences with different space and time. In dreams you see things happen in seconds that would take years on Earth and on the contrary, we can sleep for a few moments and dream of things that happen over long periods. During the stages through which it passes in the act of leaving, in all these stages, it is essential to remain calm and have peace, remain totally impassive, neutral, impartial ahead of everything that is happening, both to be in the illusions extensive in life, like being in front of the experience that time does not exist as we think and be very careful about the last thought. Therefore the need for very peaceful, very quiet and little stimulation around us.

When you start these steps to leave the physical body, any movement around any application, any manifestation of the people who are nearby, all that disturbs the quiet need, the need for tranquility and peace. It is the need to be totally focused on the process is developing and not having the attention directed toward external things, to things of the earth, to people, events, circumstances that the soul at that moment wants to leave.

It can really help a person who is disembodied if kept around her an atmosphere of calm, if not requested his attention to Earth, to his personal life, to those levels that the child is beginning to leave.

Thus, this process of returning the terrestrial bodies, terrestrial bodies understand the physical, emotional and mental, is like a renewal of energy and not a death because the soul needs an experience out of these bodies after a certain time in these known dimensions. The soul will now need to renew their full potential, you will need a rest period for this earthly incarnation, you will need to summarize this incarnation, to assimilate the experience and after this synthesis, it displays the next steps. It needs some time to reorganize disembodied including its own incarnation on Earth, if there is a next incarnation shortly.

Outside the body, the soul will go through a renewal process that can, when the time comes, attract new packaging for its next incarnation. If we were identified with this incarnating core, which is the soul or higher self, if during the incarnation the individual is identified or identification for incarnating the spiritual core, this process will happen fairly easily because it will understand their need for renewal and therefore his need to go through a time of such bodies and those known dimensions of the Earth.



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