Properly asleep and properly awake

When you go to bed and get ready for sleep, our higher self prepares all the energies that are available for him in the region of the heart chakra, and in its periphery is situated all the things that constitutes the automatic forces of the physical body, but the forces of the higher self and energies are channeled and gathered in the heart center, so that you can accompany these movements, internalize and depart towards a peaceful sleep, heading to deep with the higher self.To be harmonious, all the thoughts going through your brain, things that are going through the mind, all this must be transformed into something better, or modified, in a way that everything that happens in our minds, does not generate mental stress or emotional, so you can relax the mind and physical body. It is very important the position in which the task of relaxation is performed, each person must find the position that is most favorable, little by little, one by one, our vehicles physical, mental and emotional will relax as well as our counsciousness will be internalized, and accompanying the motion.

It is important that the last thought before sleep, is a positive thought, a thought of peace, harmony and is also a reflection of our aspiration, our intention to remain at the highest level of our consciousness. In this case we will have really done everything to have a good sleep, we will have done everything to go through quickly, the area of ??the physical brainl, etheric and also the astral and emotional.

If everything stay relaxed, if everything has changed before reaching the dream, we have a real opportunity to have a repairing sleep for the physical body, which stay relaxed and empty minded. This is the optimal state to enter in a dream.

If at the time of relaxation, the concerns of the day or the day’s events begin to come to mind, you can use the resource of the summary of the day’s events, starting with dinner and thus continuing to retreat to when we wake in the morning, it is very important to the summary that you must not get involved with anything of what happened in the day, as if you were watching a movie in reverse. The practical effect of this exercise is that every day spent stays in the memory of the brain and the mental body, like chapters in a film, the recapitulation in reverse, with a lot of equity, is like to unwind that film, thereby releasing the mechanism of memory. Many people when making the journey to the inverse of the facts, they sleep in the middle of the wrap, but this does not matter, as long as you have been meaning to do the exercise, because from the time the work begins, the intention is projected in the dream, and sometimes inside that dream, the person can work in the reverse summary, this shows the effect of the ultimate intention before sleep, affecting the subjective level of the mind.

The moment of awakening, it is also very important, since one usually sums up what happened during the night, more so of course those who are used to dream, recall and recapitulate the dreams.

By the morning at the time we are awakening
, there is a very short time of perception, at this time should be careful not to occupy the mind with the occupations and preoccupations of the new day, at the time, when we realize that we are waking up, we should avoid thinking about anything, not to attract any thought, if at this moment we remain silent, quietly, in stillness, without thinking about anything, we will perceive that we are seeing the body waking up.This is how we finish waking up with that consciousness, so it is important not to move the body, mainly the head, as any movement made with the physical body leads to the disappearance of dream consciousness, mainly to move the head . At the time of awakening is necessary to have the will to remain in quiet, physically, mentally and emotionally, remaining completely awake and still, there is a greater probability to observe if the memory is the memory of that rest’s dream . If you remember only a part of the dream, we must keep that part very much, because this can make the other parts of the dream appeal, to reconstruct the dream entirely. If only we remembered the end, it is better not want to remember at once how it started, but go back little by little to remember the beginning. Sometimes after waking up in peace and quiet, the dream can entirely emerge, in this case is not necessary to the recapitulation of sleep. Even after remembering the complete dream, is still very important to remain still and not make any sudden movements, because you may lose some sleep or completely, we should not worry if you do not remember any part of the dream or just remember a fragment, everything should be calm without getting nervous, because sometimes the complete dream is not good for our task, it is like we have an intelligent mechanism, is like if the consciousness of our body and our higher self memory gave him, only that part of the dream that really has a symbolic meaning, the part that gives us a lesson,
because sometimes the rest of the dream may be a mix, something that has no relevance to our evolution .

Once we have the memory of the dream or a part of it completely embodied in harmony and with full care, we must proceed to express it on a paper. Some people, when they sit on the bed to write, they lose all memory, so it is advisable to have a notepad and a pen handy, and make a habit of taking note of a summary and avoid losing the most important details, after scoring the basics, or the whole dream, we can review and try to remember a second dream, if this comes to mind. If you’re not
quite sure that you remember everything, if we do not remember well, or that something was distorted, if we do not remember it or is
in doubt, do not worry about it, now we can look back again, based on the annotations.If we managed to remember after
practice, after having risen, we must hold, calmly, without worry, the intention to remember, being receptive and willing to eventually receive a message, as this intention, work during the day, while we are doing something else, holding this intention, and you may suddenly remember a dream or an important detail, this is quite common, as also to be remembered a dream you have had a long time ago, because this material does not lose consciousness.Because of this, you have to constantly hold the intention to remember with a positive attitude, giving you the opportunity at any time. Events, or the extra corporeal activity of our higher vehicles, are not reflected in our consciousness at the time of the activity, they are recorded in the time we wake up, because of this, it can not be relied upon a chronological order of these activities.

When the body starts to sleep, in the firsts two or three hours, consciousness is going
through exactly the etheric zone, crosses the physical area and entered the emotional zone, therefore, the dreams of the two or three hours have less symbolic value, there from emerge the projections, or remains of what happened during the day, there are the projections absorbed during the day, and they starts to loose at this time, then one comes into contact with it, or with emotional influences or collective mind, which penetrated into our aura.From this period of two or three hours, consciousness, begins to deepen, and dreams begin to have
more value, until consciousness, comes to the bottom of the unconscious, at that moment, we enter what is called the deep dream, in this state of consciousness very essential things happens to us, we are re energized and contacted with our
inner world, our inner reality, from which we extract all the energy to get through the following day, if we can not reach the deep sleep, we would not get enough energy to sustain our lifes, you must reach deep sleep, so that in those brief moments, we can collect enough energy to sustain ourselves.The continuity of life does not depend on external things, it really depends on this energy that we find in these times when our consciousness enters the deep sleep. After a deep sleep, you can enter another kind of dream, because the first sleep period is a time of recollection, here begins another experience, another movement. We left the deep sleep and are back out, bringing the experience and its results. when we are returning from deep sleep, consciousness goes back through the mental, astral and etheric then, until in the morning, we return to the physical consciousness. It is very important, make the mental, emotional and etheric bodies have had a relaxing asleep, not just to get to the deep sleep faster, but also so that at the back of this, these levels can be found clean, relaxed and in harmony .

When the information is printed on the mental and the emotional use the material found there, so that when the inner experience is brought, it uses the material that already exists in the mind, all that this record and lived for this embodiment, it will use the material to which the mind is adequate, including the cultural and social context, in the same way, acting with the material in the emotional vehicle, and finally, the same occurs with the etheric material. The etheric body can give
more body to these impressions, it can make them more real, and if the physical brain, sleep well, there are optimum conditions for information to be translated into it, but not everything is recorded in the brain, although we are not
aware, this movement was in the inner levels, on the astral plane, on the mental plane, the etheric plane, in the deep plane.A deep sleep, although one is not conscious when awakening, affects, and produces many results, so, our higher self, will worth about that, even though we may not be conscious. Upon waking in the morning, we will receive the benefits of this experience, especially if the deep sleep was very helpful and even more helpful is it the conscious self, has achieves an awareness of the experience, because in this case, the personality can work better, and the outer personality may actually take these messages and not just act on the subconscious level.

It can also happen in the morning when awakening, to receive an instruction of what should be done about a situation that we had to solve during the day or in the course of our lives. Whoever has the tendency to have this kinds of manifestationt, the best, for this to unfold, is that when we know that we face a situation to resolve, we can clearly state this, surrendering completely to the unconscious, as if we deposit the problem into our inner world. After the delivery of the situation at the unconscious level, we should not think about it, so this mechanism is developed, and frees the mind from the stress of the problem and the solution comes in the morning, determined through this mechanism, implemented by the upper inner reality. There is a time during the day, called nap when you can do this same work, on a smaller scale, over this period can also state the issues and present them to the inner world, you can do it like questions or stating the situation to resolve.

It’s good to have a basic schedule for sleeping, and set a pace that is beneficial and facilitates the process.

When sleep is interrupted abruptly, either by an alarm clock, or by some external action, consciousness has to return abruptly to the body, and this virtually eliminates the possibility to remember and do the work in an orderly manner.

the clock is used due to ignorance of the possession of a conscience that serves us, if we ask, to our higher vehicles, the ones who does not sleep all night, staying active, if we asked our consciousness to wake us up to certain time, our counscioussness will wake the physical body up, greatly outpacing the benefits of using the alarm, that disharmony our first consciousness, in physical reality, forceing us to a more extensive alignment of our vehicles.

When someone asks us to wake up, when there is a reason why we should wake someone, this must be done with some care, remembering that the individual’s consciousness, is outside the body, because it is prudent to wake the person in a way that the consciousness can enter gradually into body.

Everything or most of what we do in the moment before going to bed, for example, sitting in front of the TV to watch a newscast or a TV show, this is transferred to the dream, not just this material enters the dream, but we are linked with the quality of mind, with that mental level we absorb. Suppose that before going to sleep, we watch television, read a book or have a conversation, immediately after falling asleep, we tune in our dreams, with that quality, with that vibrational pattern, either in the mentally, emotionally, or in the etheric. So it’s very important what we do before going to sleep, if we carefully select the energies wich we will have contact in the moment before going to sleep, choosing those that cause us the state of peace, harmony, or happiness, when we enter the dream state we will take these energies and join an experience related to the energy we carry.

Levels, where one goes during sleep and what happens there, is something you must give to the higher self, because it is the superior being, who drives the consciousness to that place, is the superior being, who brings energy and leads to the cardiac region, is he who guides us in these experiences.


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