About the Ascension Secret Doctrine


We all belong to the confederation as the planet intraterrestrial hierarchies, withdrawals and planetary centers, are also part of the confederation, only that they have a mission in the world.Basically all hierarchies belongs to the confederation, as the human beings who work for the light. It is expected that more and more conscious human beings can achieve the operational side of the surface and be contacted by the hierarchies, to carry out the plan that corresponds to the planetary surface.

According to Blavatsky man needs the secret doctrine, as this information is meant to transform both our physical body, mental, astral and soul. When Blavatsky speaks of the soul sometimes means monad, and when he speaks of the monad means soul, so does the same thing with other things, like when talking about the constellations or stars, it did so only to understand the message those who were able to do it, dispersing the attention from those who should not understand, this is a technique that was always used and that is evident in the works of Blavatsky. the one who has eyes to see, will see, and the one who has ears to hear, will hear.

The Secret Doctrine is the meeting of lifting records available in the concentrates and Planetary Akasha, where cosmic files are saved to the planet, this happens at the 5th dimension, forming part of the records or files of the Holy Alliance.According to Blavatsky, these files mean the material aspect of God. This information can only be achieved through knowledge, love and wisdom, understanding can not be achieved through the intellect. Knowledge is information that comes to consciousness being available for deployment, the wisdom is to live at 100% that knowledge. This is something simple that is a reference to the difference between knowing and knowledge, these are two aspects or moments of the internal development of beings, which is reflected in an orderly fashion information in their minds and allows them to take an evolutionary step. Wisdom implies that one who can live entirely that knowledge, that’s when the knowledge becomes wisdom, which is sustained by love, love for the plan, cosmic life, the true evolution.

The knowledge of the secret doctrine lift will be greeted by a few and little, so it can be applied by those receiving the proper understanding, discernment and proper application, which would not happen if the information were descended all at once . Usually knowledge hierarchies are a few, who are prepared to receive, once that knowledge has been correctly applied by those who have received, it is then that hierarchies provide more of the same. Thus, for the descent of this doctrine in humanity, it should have applied some of the secret doctrine given above on Earth before, and that it is useless to humans evolution to receive knowledge if it is unable to put it into practice. Blavatsky says that currently, only 10% of humanity is partially able to receive this knowledge, although it is always possible that the conditions mutate in a way that more people receive it, or perhaps less than this percentage.

The information in the doctrine is found in Planetary Akashic Records. To channel and down to earth material plane was within the Temple of Ives in Omsará, and within the Solar Disc records, the same information into codes.Irradiation of this information within the world affects it positively.

The solar disk and withdrawals are large banks intraterrestrial with high quality information, to the extent that it comes into contact with them, if you have the attitude of reverence and love to invoke the energies of these places, we will respond by returning their lighting code, which will begin to enter our subtle levels, thereby preparing our cars for the next evolutionary steps.

As awareness develops, reaching monod levels and his seven monads together in the evolutionary process, they manage to acquire the status consciousness instruct others who are beginning their evolutionary path. These instructors are called Ascended Masters, they work on the planetary scale from 4 th and 5 th dimension, have the task of educate the ones who were their peers in the past.Thus, every time one of his disciples amounts, they are also moving in its evolutionary path. Blavatsky says that in this period of ascension of the planet many incarnate beings are about to step into the inner worlds, thus creating a major change and restructuring tasks at the most advanced. For them, the ascended masters and the evolutionary path is infinite, can be likened to a ladder in which each time someone moves a step, the other has the ability to move along with it. The basis of evolution and also the key and essence is to deliver the plan, the total delivery which allows beings to open the door to all higher spiritual knowledge and acquire the wisdom to drive it in the evolutionary race.

The Ascension’s Secret Doctrine is the most spiritual part of the secret doctrine. This work will be undertaken by Madame Blavatsky and other members of the hierarchy, as in the previous occasion. Your information will be reflected on the inner planes in the akashic records of the planetary body, so that in due time can be grasped by those who are able to handle it and can manifest in the physical plane.

The announcement of the fall of the secret doctrine was done by Oxalc, who is a «mental confederated doctor,» a Confederate hierarchy whose origin is Orion. This being is in charge of the process of contact with Earth for a long time, he has accompanied the most important instances in the world and has passed through the human experience to understand the human process more optimal on the planet and to assist humanity in a better way.

A mental doctor is a hierarchy educated for a long time in reference to the development of everything related to extrasensory abilities, such as telepathy and other abilities of this kind, the creatures of the universe can come to develop.He says, to give us an idea of ??the instruction he has received that his training on these issues, is compared to a hundred years university in telepathy and extra sensory and mental development. It is part of the so-called confederation, known as the Confederation of the evolved worlds of the galaxy , part of the Grand Council of the Star, this is the universal goberment.

This local universe, to which we belong, is composed of nine galaxies. Andromeda galaxy is located in the center is a large spiral galaxy and the other eight galaxies circulate around one of those galaxies that circulates around Andromeda, the Milky Way. Our solar system is one of the outermost ends of the three arms of the Milky Way.

The confederation, called the Brotherhood of the Star, is the set of evolutionary consciousness that serve the evolving plan of the Creator.Aligned with the light forces which are working towards the development of the universal love. The Brotherhood of the Star has been represented in the great spiritual movements on the planet, for the six-pointed star with a triangle with the apex pointing downward, which represents the spiritual plane descending into the material universe and another triangle with the apex upwards, representing the universe of matter rising to the spiritual plane, joining the two in perfect harmony and sintony through the mental plane. This is the six-pointed star, the Confederated star. Thus, King David, who was a contacted one, perceived the star in his meditations and therefore adopted it as the banner of his people, from that time on Earth is known as the Star of David, but is actually a Confederated symbol, which the hierarchies used as signal representation at creating denser.Hierarchies, to communicate with humanity, manifest the presentation of this pattern as key and ID signal, this signal indicates contact with a confederated being. It is also a symbol of effective protection, since the forces working to darkness, are repelled to some extent, by the vibrational emanation that it radiates.

Oxalc is a highly developed mental being which vibrates in the 6 th dimension of consciousness. He Works for Humanity bringing information to the planet, guarding the human process and assisting in the evolutionary step of humanity.

Nothing is outside the mathematical calculation of the spirit from which all humanity remains ignorant because of the complexity of it and the current evolutionary status of human beings. Our Milky Way galaxy is divided into 24 quadrants, which applies in each of the 24 elders, and our planet is divided into 777 squares. Based on information provided by the Elder Brothers, the genetic blueprint of the Earth hopes that humans can achieve the 7 th physical dimension, the 7 th dimension in the cosmic mental plane, and also aspires to rise 7 dimensions on the spiritual plane. This is the mathematical analogy of the three sevens, the 777, because this is known in some schools as the number of perfection. Of these 777 quadrants, there are 77 colonies grouped monadic beings. The colonies representing 77 different lineages. Both the colonies and lineages, are governed by 77 ranks, each responsible for the colony which is in charge, and print to that colony his energy and education. Between the hierarchies assigned to this task are the 9 of Andromeda, who are the beings who govern our local universe, the great nine galaxies that comprise it. Are the 24 Elders and 12 Minors of Morlen. Morlen is what is known as Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, which in reality for the confederation is a star from an evolutionary standpoint, since there exists the council of the confederation of worlds in our galaxy evolved, here is based the government of our galaxy, which makes about thirty thousand years, moved from one of the stars of Orion to one of the moons of Jupiter, Ganymede, intending to observe more closely the genetic blueprint of the Earth and its Christos evolutionary development. This star is governed by a set of beings, called the 12-Minor Morlen, among which is a human being Juaquel name, who in one of his incarnations on earth was known as Moses.He is one of the twelve hierarchies that govern this moon-star, where there are very important issues for the global evolutionary process. There is also, in the center of the Central Sun the Ionistas Council, they also work with the quadrants of the planet and its lineages.One of 77 strains of the planet is ruled by Sananda, he organized the group of monads. This is part of the vast system of organization of the planet, this information is being dispensed increasingly by our elder brothers of the cosmos, so that man can become aware and begin to aspire to the cosmic life.

There are groups on the planet responsible for receiving all this information from our higher brothers, through the inner knowledge they may have access to that information. All this work is part of the process of Christification. Christic is to achieve unity with the universal consciousness represented by Sananda Christ. To achieve this process is necessary to empty yourself completely to make room so that his conscience and transforming energy can enter in universal instruments, as have other beings, who through their experience with the example, they have shown how to achieve it, this is the case of St. Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio. They went through and managed the process of Christification, becoming instruments , this is what it’s understood by Christification, which is far from the idea of ??being a martyr for Jesus passing through that experience for anyone else to have to go through it. Blavatsky states that in the process of Christification, man can achieve just being the sandals of Jesus, because Sananda is one, because the process is a bit different than any other since his mission on earth, which was to open the door to Christ energy in order to let it in the world. Humanity will be living a process of collective Christification, where it reached many beings thereby creating the condition for intangible energies immaterial rays can enter the planet through these channels, making them universal instruments for the implementation of the plan, this is what is understood as Christification level of humanity.

It is essential not to create obstacles in the development of intuition, because intuition facilitates the channeling of intangible rays. A major obstacle to this development is the excessive use of the thoughts, one must set limits to this trend. Remain silent to achieve stillness of mind and establish a higher level contact with the soul inside, facilitates the development of intuition, because the soul is the ruler of this sense, no contact with the soul greatly hinders this development, the soul tune our intuitive channel. All the hustle and disharmony surrounding everyday life makes working with intuition a very difficult thing. All people have at some point and feel a sense of knowing what to do, but at the moment of perceiving this feeling, it appears the mental voice, logical and reasonable to contradict the Inner Voice, so the opportunity is lost to be guided by intuition. The more vacuum of the personality you are, the more committed to the spiritual development, and especially with the planetary rescue plan, the better chance of accessing the process of the soul exist for you, achieving so a greater harmony of soul and intuitive channel that we all have.you should pay attention to this channel, which we all know it works because everyone has had some intuitive experience, sometimes only notice of intuition brings us to what is apparently logical reason or conveniently organized and controlled by one. It’s only a matter of experience, but it is time that through intuition you can be in a better position thus achieving access to the information which in this way begins to desend, as the linear mind has no real resources to understand certain things. By not tuning to another aspect of being, the information can not be even understood. It may happen that when reading or studying something, five minutes elapsed, come to think it is boring or too complicated, or has no interest or understanding their benefit, this is because the concrete linear mind has no resources to decode the information received. Thus, the mind automatically, set aside. To establish a link with some of the things that will need to be available from the soul tune that, in this way, intuition begins to feel, to decode and to attract the hearts and minds of information, making it possible to feel, perceive and experience. This goes far beyond the thought process or the fact of receiving or assimilate much information.

We know the first 7-rays and in this new work is immaterial lightning talks. Intuition channels immaterial rays, they carry the possibility that bodies can access and dive into other dimensions completely different, where the life that lives in the hierarchy is available to everyone. The only condition to live this immaterial rays is to submit. The Master Akiuk set that to truly understand the word first delivery is to live another two words: Resignation and Sacrifice.These two words are more related to the concept that has the word delivery for hierarchies, ie, men grasp the meaning of these two hierarchies as the first. Many people claim to be delivered, taking a misconception of the meaning of this word, do not want to hear anything about a change in conduct themselves or make any sacrifice for behavior involution. The true meaning of delivery includes the resignation, sacrifice and self-emptying, because otherwise intangible energies can not descend through a channel. Not everyone can channel the energies immaterial for this task, a group of monads undertake self-emptying and thus can descend immaterial rays reaching the planetary surface. So everyone will be permeated by these energies. This is necessary because the world needs to step in evolution, it lives as always from material rays, through them it is organized, but to step upward must experience. For these energies can enter, it is necessary to open the channels which should be emptied and disposed for the reception. Our guides and teachers, who show us the way they have gone through this process, they were opened and emptied themselves completely to start channeling some inmaterial rays, this leads to the path of Christification. Now it is necessary for humanity that are offered to surrender, renunciation, self vacuum for intangible rays to fulfill their role in the world’s evolutionary process that have designated. The planet will channel these rays anyway, but need to find consciousness available to organize the evolutionary step that will provide. We are all part of this plan, because we are already aware and we have the information. is an obligation for consious beings of the plan, to effort themselves to create this condition.

The development of the soul through it’s embodied experience and the service provided by the hierarchies in these times, and all the tools that are awarded for the evolucion, is conducted so that the man really can transcend and unite to monad. Thus the soul will have the chance, with his monad, of joining their other six monads, thus achieving a step towards the process of avatar, something that is not achieved in the course of a single embodiment taking into account the slowness of man to obey the divine laws. But there is at this special evolutive plan of the planet, the possibility that some consciences, some souls, with its monad can melt through the delivery process in the path of ascension, bringing together the other six and being able to step beyond , a step that has not reached so far. The particular moment that passes through the planet gives us great opportunities to all, as humanity, a step that at another time would have been very different and much slower. To seize this opportunity, humanity should be encouraged to consciously live these processes, any human being of this or any group that will meet this process should have clear that what he is doing is on behalf of everyone because we all take the evolutionary leap, the humanity as humanity gives this evolutionary leap, not only this group of monads, this is the most important thing.The group or being that achieves this it does process a single target, but carries it forward to be the door to the human whole, so it is very important that all human work together, because if you do not live directly these processes is very important, at least, support, and we are all part of this task. It must be deprogrammed the crystallization of human individualism, since some players are not not mean in any sense that they are out. Every time we support internally or collaborate with any of these processes we are part of it, that’s what the conscience of humanity must begin to activate, to wake up and start living open to these new patterns, to be the door of achieving the new race, to which all are working.

Regardless of race, anyone who has the opportunity to live their delivery, to experience the emptiness of itself and its offering to the plan, no matter who is tall, short, black, white, yellow, if you are rich, poor, whether healthy or ill, those are specific mental coordinates of humanity, have nothing to do with reality, it is very important that this is present in the knowledge of all.

Blavatsky conveys that is important to form contact groups. Hierarchies have goals to reach for us, we set goals for humanity to work with the planetary and universal process, because although the man does not understand it in its breadth, there are many human experiences that hierarchies are other stars as an example, as an instruction. One might ask, what example could mankind give as an instruction for other stars? Human beings have an almost unique feature in this universe and that is unpredictable, the man may have the most vile thoughts and feelings while the most loving and most employees in these polarities, in those extreme moves all human consciousness and all human learning. It is not wrong to form groups of contact, the danger is what individuals do with this, or in what they want to convert a contact group. First it must be a service group which does not expect anything for itself, that has nothing to gain or lose, that does not aspire to anything, working in a vacuum of self and delivery, try de-program, detach the common life, that the play of energies the stress of ordinary life there is clarity and prevent discrimination in the contact process. Therefore, in order to ensure minimal transmission of information, the channels that are offered to work as a contact group should leave the realm of common life, planetary energies, because it does not allow a channel to have a monadic or certain contact with our superior brothers, because there are many planetary level energies in opposition, this has been transmitted by the hierarchies. Thus they try small groups of beings, groups that because of karma or dharma are committed to work together in recent times,can live these processes and be more present. For some it can become unthinkable, and say, Why me, if I live a common life, I can not have contact with the hierarchy? This is possible, but is not considered as a channel that has certain guarantees for the hierarchy to convey certain information. The hierarchy over their experiences with the civilization has been able to organize contact groups into three types, the first type is called support groups, they are guided by signals from the hierarchy, they support certain planetary processes. The second group is called the Mediation Group, who are contacted to perform a specific task in a particular place and at any given time, serve the plan from that place at special moments and punctual. Finally, there are Contact Groups, these beings live a life dedicated solely to the service of hierarchy, certain patterns of living life to ensure contact, they live a training, formation and preparation. They are small, due to the effort involved in staying detached and impersonal, his mind empty and available twenty four hours a day. At this point global channels are needed that can provide certain guarantees to all due to the large amount of information available, there is much information that humanity understands according to its internal situation, this is not bad, because everyone does their best effort, but that is is not the best for everyone, as it is sometimes very difficult for someone that takes place in the world today, in the rush of everyday life,to keep a faithful contact. Thus, our history, all we know, from the books studied in school, are all interpretations of the information that has been available. All the Masters who are now assended, had to live the vacuum process themselves to be great channels, when embodied in general, most were never understood by the people around them because they lived on another frequency . The real contact groups, which are few in the world, trying through emptying themselves, through their compromise, dedication and preparation, to be, first of all, a service group that serves humanity to be the bridge between the hierarchy and all of humanity, like many we have known throughout history.

Maria, known as the mother of Jesus, is a hierarchy. Her name now is known as Mainhdra consciousness.In its passage through the world like Maria, reached a series of initiations that took her to live a great evolutionary step, which then further developed in other stars, in other civilizations, for development to perform one task at a universal level. The mother is a universal consciousness, the feminine aspect of creation and Mainhdra is who represents the local universe, the feminine aspect.

There are some intraterrestrial withdrawals, which have taken more functions, so call them as hierarchies planetary centers or centers of love, as is the case of Mount Shasta and probably during these times, with so many moves, many Withdrawals take on more functions to render in some way, planetary centers. The connotation of intraterrestrial retirement is not restrictive, is not it less, but it has different functions, is like those who have a compromise with the plan, every time we take more work, more things to do, with withdrawals and planetary centers it is the same. So little by little they move its appearance and the scope of its task, this is what will happen to us all at the end of time.

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