8- Loneliness is beautiful


There are two types of love, first love is dependant that is the false love based on need. A clear case where it is said: ‘I NEED YOU, I LOVE YOU REALLY’ In itself, this phrase is contradictory because true love has nothing to do with necessity. And in the ‘I need you’ appears the intent to abuse the other.

It happens when you’re not prepared to be alone and you are looking to hold on to another to keep you busy because without the other gives you fear your own loneliness. And this is the love that exists in almost the entire surface of the Earth. Almost all are afraid of their loneliness and need to cling to other for security or self-confidence.

And when you use other persons, they becomes a thing. It’s not a person becomes a husband or wife and freedom is lost. You can not let the other be free, because if you let him be free, then you have to deal with your loneliness. And most people do not want to do that because most people still prefer to seek the wealth and happiness in others, before searching inside himself for sharing the wealth and happiness with others. And then, people cling to the other to possess it, willing to lose one’s freedom and turning each other into slavery. Love as the need to create the erroneous thinking that if someone leaves us, we will be unable to live happily. And in this way it supports a small range of sensations insignificant considering everything else that surrounds our lives. And when expectations fail, you lose the sense of life. And always fail the expectations based on this type of love because NO ONE REALLY CAN BE POSSESSED. How can you have a presence, a person? He or she is not a thing so you can never be its owner. He will continue in freedom Nobody wants to be owned, and everyone wants to be the owner. This type of love is pathological.

Make people neurotic and psychotic. must Be transformed into the love that is not a necessity but a state. Then you can love life with more wealth, love another person and yet release him. Then love isn’t possessive. But that love is possible when you’ve learned to live with your loneliness, when you can be alone and perfectly happy and don’t miss the other, only then you can love. Then the lover will say ‘I love you but I do not need you’. Loving is giving everything without expecting anything in return.


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