4- Phrases for the reflection

Sometimes it takes much longer, eliminate defects to acquire one hundred virtues

Blessed are the meeks who dare to give advice, they will be wise at the expense of errors.

Each Virtue only needs a man, but the friendship needs two.

Tell to the person who envies me: ‘Do you know whom offend? You are disrespecting to God, because all I have I owe to Him. ‘

It is better to acquit a guilty person than to condemn an innocent man.

The failure is nothing, if one has done their best. Failure? I have never experienced failure, the only thing that I have experienced were temporary setbacks. I do not feel discouraged because the misguided attempt discarded is another step forward.

A terrible death awaits one to whom everyone knows and die without knowing oneself.

There are certain things we use to get up happier.

Integrity is tell the truth to himself. Honesty is telling the truth to others.

The man whose will has been engulfed and has been merged in the Divine Will never will fail,

Kant wrote: ‘Over my head Heaven, Under My Feet, Responsibility.’

Faith is believing in what we can not see and their reward is to see what we believe.

Darker is the night when the aurora is closer.

Never consider free at the person who lives in fear.

Forget the offense is having memory.

For the Wise there is no truth bitter.

The person who does not risk anything, even more risks.

Corrects the friend in secret and praise him in public.

You learn a little with a win, but much in defeat.

Learn from the advice you give to others, because you teach best what you most need to learn.

A good repentance is the best medicine for diseases of the soul.

Several times a day we laugh at our shortcomings when we see them in others.

Winston Churchill said: ‘I spent over half my life worrying about things that would never happen.’

Xenocrates wrote: ‘I have often regretted having spoken, but never for having silent.’

I am a spy for the life, I study everything and spy all around.

Zweig wrote: He who hesitates loses the occasion.

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