2- Be aware that learn to love and serve is the only one and real mission and the first step toward a life of happiness and prosperity


1.    In a kindergarten, a girl running trampled and breaks a bottle. The teacher gathers the pieces and inserted into a plastic garbage bag. She walked to the trash but before she wrote on paper: ‘CARE GLASS’, and taped on the plastic bag. She thought of the collector.

2.    A driver rams a pothole that is not visible in the pavement, can not avoid getting angry and insulting, then descends and sinks a pole with a sign that the well is visible. He has thought of other drivers. With small actions can help your neighbour does not have to go through the bad times that we’re already past. Contributions are small, good deeds that help us all to have a better life.

3.    When poverty enriched me the spirit and after the fall I got up believing. When in the midst of an uneasy dialogue I found the word I needed. When I realized that today I can find the meaning of tomorrow. When I realized that persons I want can count on me because I keep their secrets like mine. When I knew what I give is what later I’ll receive. When I accepted my mistakes and I did not change with my triumphs. When I decided to confront who I am, I found one morning in my mirror the reflection of someone who learned to accept yourself.

4.    In my neighbourhood there is an old man, who every day at the same hour, sits in one of the park benches reading the paper. One evening, while returning from work I met him at the door of my house. He had seen approaching in the distance, and I politely held the door. I, who had seen it, I ran to do not expect too much. When I reached told me: ‘No, do not run, which in any case we’ll reach the finish.’ I thanked him and I went thinking on his words. Why do we go so fast? Where have we left good manners?: We have much to learn from older people. We see them walk the streets slowly, resting, taking time, sitting in any park, watching, letting the hours pass. That wise man was right with many years of experience. Time always passes, and however much we run, we’ll get, sooner or later, we’ll reach the finish.

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