18 – Walking over to Our Freedom

We should not worry about our concerns. Just be ourselves, be in calm without making ‘our being calm’ in a task to perform mandatory. Do not we worry about being calm, we don’t be unhappy about being happy. Only we must be aware that we are and keep this awareness latent. Do not say: ‘What now?’ for in the state of being ourselves there is no ‘now what?’ This pure state of being ourselves is beyond time, place or circumstance in which we find ourselves. We are timelessly and we know our worth, trust her and express living in truth, humility, love, peace and sacrificing our selfish desires and fears in every day that we must be in this blessed planet.

While these simple secrets wanted to be shared by many people, there were few people interested in them personally. Teachers, there are many; disciples brave, very few. Many are eager to learn, learning words is not enough. We can know the theory, but without the actual experience of ourselves as the core of our being, love and bliss impersonal recognition that everything good is within us, it all starts in us, who are creators of our own world and co-creators with God and that happiness is already in and with us -the mere verbal recognition is useless and fruitless-. We just need to try is to be, just be ourselves. The most important word is: try. Devote sufficient time each day to sit quietly and try to go beyond our own personality with its troubles and obsessions -selfish desires, supposed needs, alleged concerns, which are products of our reckless mind that while we impose its frenetic pace, we lose the harmony and inner peace blurring of what is truly important in our lives, dominating, tyrannizing and making us lose the true meaning of our lives- be conscious of Being, not as a verbal statement, but as a fact always present. The awareness that we are, will open our eyes to what really and truly are ‘pure love, wisdom and truth’. First of all we establish a permanent contact with ourselves and start observing ourselves to grow and become CENTERS OF LOVE IN ACTION. Evil is the shadow of inattention. In the light of consciousness of ourselves, the evil will dissipate and disappear. Any dependence on other is useless and unnecessary, since what others can give, others will take. Just what is ours at first, will be our last.

We accept no guide except the one that comes from our within. Even we separate from all our memories and all our past because we can lose our way. Although unaware of the way and the means, we can stay in peace and look inside ourselves because the guide will arrive. We’ll never stay without knowing which is our next step. The problem is that we can avoid it. The guides and the Masters will appear, but only that we’ll discover through our own consciousness and our own efforts, will be of continued relevance. Recall that nothing we perceive belongs to us. Only what comes from our heart, where is the depth of our being and our feeling and understanding based on pure love, are relevant and revealing. The words heard or read only create images in our minds, but we are not a mental image. We are able to perceive, understand and operate behind and beyond any mental image. Love is always impersonal; it doesn’t make distinction of any kind and becomes a selfless giving to others, serving in humility and joy to everyone and everything. From this it follows that living in love, understands in the depths of his being, that nothing and no one is separated from himself.

Whoever lives in love knows that he is one with the WHOLE, he is ONE with the universe, including all forms of life, animal, vegetable, mineral and human. Our concern for others, most of the time, selfish and oriented ourselves, because instead of being interested in others as people, we are only to the extent that they enrich and ennoble our own image, we transported to live in our biggest selfishness that is the concern to live for the protection, preservation and multiplication of our own body. By body, we mean everything related to our name, our way and our world-possessions, family, friends, country, etc..

Selfishness is to be attached to a form and a name. Who knows which is neither body nor form nor mind, nor the names or titles or possessions, or opinion that others have of itself. The person who understands that the physical body is just a vehicle or garment of our true self, which is in the depths of our heart and that is pure love, wisdom and perfection, to fulfil our mission on this Earth, which is of spreading to all around this love and light that already exist within us, can’t be selfish, since it has nothing to be selfish.

He may be selfish on behalf of ALL when you live for the welfare of all, realizing that well-being of all is his own welfare.

Being selfish means to covet, to acquire and collect on behalf of part -oneself- and against all -all forms of life-. In love there are no strangers. When no longer exists the centre of selfishness in us, all desire for pleasure and all fear of pain stop. One is no longer interested in their own happiness and that happiness exists inside of us to understand that beyond personal happiness is pure intensity and boundless energy which is the pure love within us that makes us be ourselves, be love in action, ie God in action and that He is within us. God = Love. So if God is in everything and everyone is also within us, and we live in love, we allow that the molecule of God exists in us is manifested in our world, giving us the greatest happiness and absolute freedom. Reality is behind words and beyond words, is incommunicable, it experiments directly and its effect on the mind is explosive -hence the words will never express the true reality reliably-.

What is religion? A bunch of words, a cloud in the sky. We live in heaven, not in the clouds, which are nothing but a bunch of words combined. If we remove the verbiage, we have the truth. Ie the true beliefs of a man are revealed through his actions. It could be that many people have beliefs, but do not act according to them. Play with them, feeling very proud of them but not act according to them and the truth is: ‘THAT WE DO, TALKS SO LOUD THAT DOESN’T LET OTHERS LISTEN WHAT WE SAY.’

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