17- Material And Spiritual Goal For All Beings Of Light In This New Age Of Aquarius



Give rise to the light and love that already exists within you in your own heart and darkness, fear and doubt will disappear immediately. They will vanish from their lives as if they never existed. To transcend the daily chaos in the lives of each one of us and the worldwide chaos. To evolve and create in all places and with all forms of life, UNIT, order and beauty, we must go out of ignorance, fear, corruption and deceit, arrogance and cunning, abuse of the rights of others and selfishness, envy and jealousy, criticism, and the gossip, greed and violence and all that pollutes our minds and our lives preventing us from expressing the truth, love and purity that already exist in our own heart.

Thus, the intelligence take the place of ignorance, and love take the place of fear, ignorance and fear are the root cause and the psychological essence of all evil, the darkness will disappear and the truth, love and the light come into our lives, and consequently the world. Group work in this Age of Aquarius means coordinated simultaneous action or spontaneous, by numerous known and unknown individuals from many communities and nations, in which each individual will open your mind to truth, light and love, allowing the light of God flow through them in each of their shares. Simultaneously, these same individuals will open their hearts to live in love everything and everyone, allowing the love that pours from the heart of God to the heart of every human being radiated to all humanity and all over the world, allowing a result, the evolution of the planet and the Human Race. When truth and love appear in the thinking, feeling and actions of a human being, come into it, the clarity and courage, that on entering into alliance, made to appear the innocence, that has nothing to do with naivete. Light and Love, Wisdom and Innocence, Clarity and Courage, Freedom and Constructive Power.

These and dozens of attributes put in action in everyday life, are those that distinguish and differentiate currently and in a distant future those light beings who live for a better world, – therefore the true children of God – from those dark beings who live only to feed their egos, – the dark beings in sheep’s clothing- . Therefore, as the Great Master Jesus: ‘By their fruits you will recognize them’. The Material Goal is that all those who love their fellowmen and serve the Light and God, have always present in their minds and hearts the defeat of totalitarianism, that is the malignant process involving the imposition of ideas – a method that can be used by nations, businesses and churches throughout the world. The material goal is to defeat all that violates human free will and keeps humanity in ignorance. This applies equally to any system set -Catholic or Protestant- , which imposes its will and concepts on their followers. Currently, totalitarianism is the foundation of all evil, is at the basis of all systems of government, education, home and community.

Just look at yourself only as you are, pure and full of love and wisdom, and reflect further on what you are. Violence and love describe their attitudes toward others. If you know yourself, everything you do will be fine, otherwise, everything you do will be wrong.

Everything happens as it should happen. As the world itself is a miracle. Anything we perceive is an image of our own inner state. Deeper into ourselves, seeking in ourselves we can only find what is true and eternal destroying in peace what is false existing around us. The destruction of the false is not violence. Before you can accept God, we must accept ourselves, which is even more difficult and unpleasant because, at the beginning, when we begin to discard the mask and shells with which protected us, what we find is often not pleasant. Yet we must put all our courage and move on. Honesty, humility and quietly observe ourselves, will help tremendously. Reflect on ourselves without criticism, without guilt, without reproach, in quiet and in love always remembering that we are not what we see, that we are love, wisdom and truth. That we are beings of light. The Mind must be free from desires and relaxed. That comes with understanding and not by choice, which is not another form of memory. A mind that understands is free from desires and fears. Meditating, this means paying attention, become fully aware of current life situations that are disturbing or painful. Observe it from all angles and watch how they affect their lives and in their actions, in his opinion and his way of thinking. Then let them go in peace.

Time is endless, but limited: eternity is to open the moment of now. We don’t find it because our mind is always jumping between past and future.

It does not stop to focus now. But this can be done relatively easily if you wake up the interest. The seriousness awakes interest, which is the sign of maturity.

Reaches maturity and keeping the mind clear and clean, living life with full awareness of each moment as it happens, examining and dissolving with the correct behaviour -based on humility, love and truth- desires and fears as soon as arise.

The correct behaviour generates bliss. Ignorance causes distress. From understanding flows happiness.

The spiritual goal is to establish the Kingdom of God, the presence of love, truth, peace, light, joy, perfection, prosperity, cooperation and harmony among all human beings and all life forms existing the planet. One of the first steps towards this is to prepare the minds of men, to accept the fact that the appearance of Christ, -which means the emergence and manifestation in the daily lives of men of truth and love existing in the same man- is imminent.

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