12-If man wants, may change


Of course, that change is not immediate and time-consuming. To change and deal with our negative emotions is crucial to analyze and discern the thoughts that are useful, constructive and beneficial to our lives, especially those thoughts that soothe, relax us, give us peace of mind as opposed to those that create anxiety, fear and frustration. There are millions of thoughts and mental states, so there is very useful to discern between mental states harmful and beneficial. Once one recognizes the value of positive mental states, one can multiply or promote them voluntarily.

A negative thought is a state that causes distress or nuisance in our mind. The thoughts and negative emotions are responsible for our unhappiness and internal chaos or confusion.

Negative emotions are those who make in us, a certain degree of suffering, anxiety and doubt which in a long term, generate erroneous actions harmful to us and our happiness and integrity as human beings.

Our mental state must always be calm and even appear some distress, as is normal in the life of all human beings, the establishment of peace in ourselves, let the truth, love and light, which already exist in us, provide the right response to every situation that life presents us. Despite the impossibility of eliminating all negative emotions, if our basic mental attitude is positive, happy and peaceful, our mind and ourselves so we will not be disturbed.

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