11- The primary cause of a Happy Life Is Within Oneself

When you are mentally calm, you tend to be more honest and open. Therefore, the human feelings of peace, happiness, love and joy has more real value than the status as an academic or a material good can give us. It is vital that each one begins to recognize the enormous potential of faith, wisdom and love that exists within themselves to achieve a transformation or a positive change personal life. If the present moment shows us an apparent difficulty, then we’ll see the positive side of our situation. Both in overcoming our difficulties as in the cultivation of personal relationships of love and prosperity, our positive mental attitude is crucial. Even if you have good health, good relationships with other human beings and property used properly, THE MAIN CAUSE OF A HAPPY LIFE IS WITHIN YOU.

Our negative feeling of resentment and hatred, jealousy and fear, comparison and pride, along with our Ego is the main enemy that threatens our personal happiness. And the enemy is anything or person that directly or indirectly destroys our interest. Our interest is what creates our own happiness. They can invade our country, destroy our property, but all that is secondary factors to our mental happiness because our mental happiness is the spiritual peace. Only people who we know and who creates inconveniences offers a real opportunity to exercise tolerance and patience. Therefore, our enemies are our greatest teachers in the exercise tolerance and patience.



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