1- Inner Peace For Our Facing Problems



Between different options for our apparent facing problems –and noted ‘apparent’ because the problems aren’t real, but there are situations and the things that people call ‘problems’ is the difference between what happens in their lives and what they want to happen in their lives. This are mental creations that show the inner need to discern between what happens to us in life and what they really crave to happen, we can choose to dodge it, taking away our mind from the situation that disturbs us or directly facing it to become aware of them without letting ourselves be overwhelmed by its apparent temporary effects on our current living situation.

There are situations solved or suffering to solve them by a proper positive mental attitude, we can really reduce its strength and level of suffering and anguish caused to us. In the other hand, there are some situations and suffering for which the act of taking a certain type of proper positive mental attitude, don’t reduce the level of distress and suffering caused in us, as well as people around us to successfully confront with them.

The tragic experiences of our lives make us strong inside, give us more independence and confidence in ourselves, bringing more wisdom, tolerance, patience, humility and gratitude for everything around us and to all beings around us. The success in our lives and in our future depends on one’s own personal motivation and determination or self-confidence. With the difficult experiences, our lives gradually acquires a deeper meaning and true, letting us see between the lines, but clearly, the things that really matter to us. With only observe those who have everything apparently during the course of their lives, we will notice, that often drown in a glass of water, losing hopes and faith and get angry about minimal things, for any inconvenience that seen the eyes of one who knows the experience that gives suffering, they are still a lower inconvenience.

I think the person who has known the experience of suffering and misfortune can tackle problems more strongly than those who have not known the pain and problems. And far from being masochistic, ALWAYS ONE LEARN MORE FROM THE PAIN THAN FROM THE PLEASURE, WHEN THERE IS OPPOSITION ONE ALWAYS GROWS. From this point of view, some suffering can be a good lesson for life.

Look at problems from different angles relieves our burden mental and emotional distress because each event can be seen from many points of view and can arise, many alternatives, provided that, stay

calm, faith and humility in us as well as for our environment and others, to recognize our mistakes and have the courage to ask for help with love, if necessary.

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